The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 8

The Fight Before Christmas

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on FOX

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  • Homer: Marge is MIA? Oh! She changed her name!

    Okay, a storytelling episode (sorta) based on the dreams of every member (sans Homer), so I'll review each story individually.

    Bart's: So he wants a dirt bike from Santa and plans to kill him. So he boards the polar express (powered by weed) and gets to the North Pole. There he starts working as an elf and quickly becomes VP. He goes to see Santa, who tells him he is broke, so Bart changes his intentions and deicdes to let it go. After he leaves, Santa revelas he is a millionaire playboy.

    This segment was the best of the bunch, with great sight gags, like Bart melting the snowmen & the weed trip.

    Lisa's: So she dreams about life during WWII. Marge is on the field while Homer stayed at home. So when Homer brings home the Xmas tree, she doesn't want it becuase her mom left when they were getting a tree. Then they are told MArge is MIA, so she goes crying around trown until she gets vto the tree store, where Wiseguy tells her he kept the tree for a whole year. Lisa takes this a sign of hope so she brings it home. The segment ends with vMArge killing Hitler.

    This segment was my 2nd favorite, t had good jokes, and the ending was really badass.

    Marge's: So she sends a letter to MArtha Stewart to get the perfect home, and she decorates the house, but in the way, destorys the family's holiday spirit. MArge them tells her that, and she goes away. When she waks up, the family takes her to have breakfast (to a jew restaurant).

    The worst segment, It has nearly no storyline, and it's not that funny.

    Maggie's: Puppet segment! So the simpsons are going to Hawaii, and Burns srops by. Homer had told him he had a neck injury, and then when he confesses Burns takes it as an Xmas miracle. Then Moe's GF Katy Perry comes along and they sing a Xmas carol. The episode ends with Moe kissing Katy Perry's vagina.

    This was a funy segment, because of the silly 4th wall breaking jokes.

    Overall: Fun special. Worth rewatching sometime in the future. 8.5/10.
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