The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 6

The Great Louse Detective

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2002 on FOX

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  • Homer becomes the target of an assasin. The Springfield PD is forced to turn to a heated enemy to save Homer's life.

    The episodes featuring Sideshow Bob continue their winning streak. The episode benefits not just from Sideshow Bob's appearance but from some solid sight gags and some very clever dialogue. Surprisingly one of the funniest moments was the results of Bob's plan to lure in the assassin with the dummy of Homer. When that scene first began I did not think it would work. It actually produced some good laughs. The scene where Homer lists all of the people who would want to hurt him, with Marge's happy assistance of course, is another highlight. Like every mystery, this episode contains a clear indication of who the assassin is. Marge provided that in the aforementioned scene which is all well and good. The final scene of the birds shocking Bob ended this episode on a positive note. As I have stated here there is a lot to like about "The Great Louse Detective". Just all the more reason why you should check it out.
  • Ah! Bob

    what i liked- the Frank Grimes' references from s8's Homer's Enemy, Homer and Marge listing off people who would like to "do Homer ill", "These are Homer's friends and family. They don't want him to die, they just want him to suffer", the end of the episode, Bob singing to Bart, the end to act one (hence it's the 'title' of this review), all the times Bob was shocked, and probably a lot more i can't remember. Easily the best Post-classic Bob episode, and arguably his last episode I can even say is 'good'. A+
  • Frank Grimes JR. tries to kill Homer

    The family is invited to a free weekend at a health spa. Homer is locked in a steam room by somebody trying to kill him. The police hire Sideshow Bob, someone with experience, to find out who is trying to kill Homer. They invite him to stay with the Simpsons. Bob follows Homer through the course of a normal day in order to find clues. Whilst at Moe's Tavern, a bullet just misses Homer in a second attempt to take his life. Homer is elected King of Mardi Gras and rides around on a float. When the brakes on the float are cut, Homer is saved by Bob. The killer is found and revealled to be Frank Grimes Jr, wanting revenge for his father's death. Bob and Homer chase him into a corner and the Police arrest him. Later that night, Bob confronts Bart and attempts to finally kill him. He realizes he can't do it as he's grown accustomed to his face. He sings a song before exiting out the window. A good parody of the Silence of the Lambs. (One killer used to try to catch another) Maybe not the best sideshow bon episode, but it was pretty funny. Watch it.
  • Good episode, but not as good as other Bob episodes.

    During a trip to the spa, Homer gets locked into a sauna put on MURDER level. Cheif Wiggum lets Sideshow Bob free, to help Homer. Bob gets to live in their house, but only with a shock bracelet. Soon, Homer is voted king of Mardi Gras. He is fully exposed to teh town, so the killer get kill him. The killer is soon revealed to be Frank Grimes Junior, Frank Grimes(who Homer drove insane)son. Junior wants to get revenge on Homer, who caused Grime's death. However, he is caught. In the end of the episode, Sideshow Bob tries to kill Bart, but he realizes he's grown accoustumed to his face.

    This was a pretty good episode. I loved when the spa worker was drowning in Homer's flab. I also loved the song Bob sang, and when Homer went parasailing to impress Bob. However, this episode wasnt as great as other sideshow bob episodes, but its still good.

    Overall Grade: 80%/B
  • Sideshow Bob helping save Homer?

    Homer comes in with the mail. He uses the George Foreman mail sorter to find out what's good and what's bad. The bad pile is then grilled into a patty, which Homer eats on a bun. In the good pile is an invitation for the family to spend a free weekend at Stagnant Springs Spa.

    Marge enjoys a mud bath and neck massage from turtles. Homer ducks in for a steam. A mystery man sneaks by and turns the steam room thermostat from "Invigorating" to "Murder," and bars the door shut with a wrench. Homer begins to sweat profusely, then passes out. Later, Krusty opens the door. A prune-like Homer falls out.Marge and Homer tell Wiggum about the attempted murder. He says they need someone who can understand the twisted mind of a murderer to solve this case, so Sideshow Bob is freed from prison. Bob starts on the case by following Homer around during a normal day. Homer smashes his car and yells at a tow truck driver. Bob tells him not to make any more enemies. Later, at Moe's, it doesn't seem like Bob is over his Bart-killing lust. A hand sticks a pistol inside the door and shoots at Homer, hitting the pickled egg jar. We see a tow truck outside, then hear it start - sounding just like the tow truck from before - and drive off.At home, Bob makes a dummy Homer and ties it to a line, which makes it look like Homer is walking around the yard. They'll sit and wait to see who the killer is. That night, Moe attacks "Homer" with a baseball bat. Then Patty hits him with a cinder block. Then Willie jams a hoe in his neck. Then Reverend Lovejoy repeatedly kicks him in the crotch. Then the real Homer tackles the dummy and begins punching it, saying, "Once I kill you, everyone will think I'm the real Homer." Bob thinks Homer should lay low to avoid the killer. At that moment, people come to his house and inform him that he's been named the King of Mardi Gras. Marge says that means he has to ride around on a float all day. He'll be a sitting duck.Bob says the only reason he won is because he was set up. Somebody stuffed the ballot box. He ignores them both and hits the parade route.

    Bob wonders how Homer's float is moving if he never heard the engine start. Wiggum says it's running so quiet because some mechanic tuned it up before the parade. Bob begins to piece everything together. The wrench. The truck starting outside Moe's. The greasy smudge on the spa invite envelope. Homer's run in with a tow truck driver. It turns out that the brakes have been cut on Homer's float. The float races downhill, straight for the Museum of Swordfish. Bob tries to save Homer by shooting himself out of a cannon on the pirate float. In midair, he grabs Homer by his feet and lifts him up right before Homer's throne is impaled on a swordfish. They fly away on the Duff hot air balloon. Another gunshot rings out. It hits Duffman. They look for the shooter. It's a man on stilts. Homer and Bob drop from the balloon and steal stilts from Jimbo and Kearney. They begin chasing the shooter. They corner him in an alley. It's Junior, Homer's mechanic. He removes his mask to reveal that he's Frank Grimes, Jr. The police show up in time to arrest Junior Grimey. Before heading back to prison, Bob tries to kill Bart, but can't. Instead, he breaks into a song about how he's become accustomed to Bart.
  • Sideshow Bob helps out the Simpsons.

    This is the first episode that was digitally animated (just thought I'd let you know.) While Homer is using the steam room, someone sets the heat to "Murder" and nearly kills Homer Simpson. He must use the help of the psychotic criminal named Sideshow Bob to locate his killer. At the end, they find out that the murderer was Frank Grimes Jr. and he is arrested. Some of the funniest parts were all those people attacking the fake Homer and then he attacks himself too, and the very end when Sideshow Bob is singing. While this is a very good episode, Sideshow Bob has become too nice and less funny compared to back then.

    Grade: B
  • Sideshow Bob is back in town!

    Great episode! I always like the once with Sideshow Bob. He gives it a funny and exciting story.

    This time he's out to help the Simpson-family, especially Homer, 'cause someone is trying to kill him. Sideshow Bob's gonna live in with the Simpsons, under supervision of an electric buzzer. When he just try to look strange or less, the Simpsons can 'buzz' him. When Marge did it, it was funny: the buzz-button was broken... LOL

    The story is well written and so are the jokes. In a long time I was enjoying to watch The Simpsons!
  • I agree with Batista25Animal! This episode is great.

    Another excellent Sideshow Bob episode. In this one, he is released from prison to help the Simpsons catch a murderer who attempts to melt Homer in a steam room. They are given an electrocution remote and whenever you press it (Homer: You don't even have to point at him!) Bob gets zapped. LOL! Sideshow Bob finds out the murderer is a local mechanic who's son was that geek who died in 'Homer's Enemy' and ideshow Bob saves Homer from him. This was yet another perfect episode, and alsmot all of them are. Sideshow Bob is at his best. Especialy in the end he sings that song 'I've Beocme Accustomed To Your Face' I loved that.
  • bob tries to help the simpsons? it could happen

    After the last sideshow bob episode where he supposedly gets the death penalty, bob is surprisingly fit, though no less crazy, as he tries to find homer's attempted killer. this episode has many great jokes including the shocker and bob's plan to find the killer backfiring when the dummy of homer is smashed repeatedly by the whole neighbourhood, including homer. the twist at the end was confusing to me the first time i saw the episode because i hadn't seen "homer's enemy" but i loved the episode all the same. bob attempting to kill bart at the end showed he wasn't completely good so ther is still a chance of him coming back as a villain in the next sideshow bob installment. this is the eighth one so far and the writersare still coming up with creative and humourous ways to bring Kelsey back.
  • Awsome episode!

    Finally, an episode worthy of a review! The Great Louse Detective starts off well, and just keeps getting better and better. What I found very surprising is that it was good despite being yet another Sideshow Bob episode (the eighth, in fact). A big pat on the back to the writers for this one.

    Okay, to start: Marge vacuuming. Scenes with Marge in are never funny unless they refer to housework or her strange habits. Anyway, the Simpsons get invited to a spa weekend and after some funny scenes, such as the woman sinking into Homer's back, someone tries to murder Homer. After another funny scene with Wiggum, Sideshow Bob is released into the care of the Simpsons' home to help Homer find the killer. From here on the episode gets funnier and funnier.

    The best bits included the dummy that everybody tried to kill, Moe and the pickle jar, and Sideshow Bob reminiscing with Apu. I thought ending and flashback bit was a great twist, and the ending of the episode with Bob singing was good. Definitely a great episode all round.