The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 7

The Great Money Caper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2000 on FOX

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  • good


    if you made the ending something that wasn't so rushed, this would have been a better episode. there were some laughs, like the various cons bart and homer pulled, "so the whole town was in on it?" "Willie Wasn't!", and it is a nice episode, but the ending is really rushed and not funny. I don't care about rushed endings if i find them funny, but in this instance it just wasn't, so it lost some points for me. characterization was good and like i said, there were at least a few funny parts, but the ending is just rushed. so my final grade is going to be a C+/B-

  • Homer and Bart are con artists.

    In this episode, Homer and Bart become con artists after Bart gets a magic set and begins to perform magic on the street. So when it does not work out, Homer leaves Bart stranded which makes Bart a charity case and people start giving him money. Bart and Homer start working this angle and get advice from someone who wrote the book on grifting - Grandpa Simpson. When they get busted for conning the old people at Grandpa Simpson's nursing home, they try to scam their way out of it and Groundskeeper Willie ends up taking the fall until he decides to shoot some of the people at the courthouse. Which is when Homer and Bart realize that they were being conned too.

    I don't know why everybody thinks this episode sucks, I thought that it was really funny. One of the best of season 12 which has alot of good eps.
  • Bart and Homer become can artists.

    Bart gets a magic set and with it he and Homer try street performing to make money. When it doesn't work out, Homer leaves Bart on his own, fending for himself. Being abandoned by his father makes Bart into a charity case and people just start giving Bart money. So Bart and Homer start working this angle and then get some advice from the man who wrote the book on grifting, Grampa Simpson. When they get busted pulling a scam, they manage to scam their way out of the situation; but Groundskeeper Willy may wind taking the fall, unless Homer or Bart confesses their guilt.

    I never understood why this episode was hated. I always have loved this episode since I saw it the first time. The whole idea was hilarious. As for the ending, it felt more like the ending of Missionary Impossible which was no problem for me. A must see!
  • Random. Very random.

    Random is the only way to discribe this episode. That is all it is. Random random. A russian fish plops onto the Simpsons car. To get money to fix it, Homer and Bart scam people.

    Bart and HOmer were really out of character. It was also never explained about everything. Thej ury was there why? But they don't explain it at the end like they should. They just all go surfing.

    A bit of randomness doesn't help this episode. Thankfully, it is in much lower doses these days, but it killed an episode that could have beeen oh so very funny and clever.
  • Bart and Homer become scammers. Do I need to say much more??

    Bart becomes obsessed with magic after the family attends dinner at a magic theme restaurant. On the way home from the restaurant, a sturgeon falls from the sky onto the hood of the car, crushing it like a can. When Homer gets the bill, he takes Bart on the road with his magic act in a desperate attempt to raise some cash. While the act proves a failure, Bart manages to score some big money after Homer abandons him. Knowing a good thing when they see it, Bart and Homer begin conning Springfield's citizens out of their money using a series of confidence scams. However, when Grandpa Simpson joins them on the biggest heist of their short career, they run into trouble.
  • Totally crazy, but so hilarious.

    This episode is like a beating from the comedy monster. As soon as you see where the fish fell from, you know that this is a "crazy one". There is no lesson, just joke after joke after joke, and they're damn good jokes. This episode goes to show that the difference between good Simpsons episodes and bad Simpsons episodes isn't whether it's realistic or not. It's whether the jokes are funny and good or cringeworthy and Leno. Also, I love it when they cheat to end a story, like "Das Bus" and "Missionary Impossible", and this one's got a whopper. Surf's up, everybody!
  • 7.9
    Well, here's an interesting twist. Whenever I refer to the downfall of Simpsons writing, I cite two episodes: This one, and the Mr.X one. The writers so clearly ran out of steam at the end that they put in non-sensical garbage as a filler and a concluder. Upon rewatching this episode, despite the poor ending, this is actually quite a funny episode. Homer and his endless parade of get rich quick schemes goes back to basics with some simple grifting scams. Much like many other of his scams, Bart is a sometimes unwilling partner. At the end, Marge and Lisa get a massive con of their own going on to teach Bart and Homer a lesson. All in all a fine example of what the Simpsons can do.
  • This episode was funny verry funny! it made me laugh!

    it really was! yeah, I liked it because it was the simpsons, and everyone loves the simpsons! yay! simpsons rule, i like the part when Homer grifted it was cool! yay it was the coolest thing ever done b the simpsons! it was so damn sweet. Bart is funny. yeah!
  • homer and bart become con artists

    this episode is hilarious especially the cons that bart and homer pull such as the "cake" and "dog for sale", "i'd like to buy your dog", "oh, he's not for sale". the final setup is great especially the fact that they thought they got conned themselves and homer's face description of the car thief actually turning out to be a springfieldian (groundskeeper willie) which was lucky. the fact that willie wasn't in on the setup and unaware that he was firing blanks was hilarious as was homer saying "when the time is right" after willie gets crazier and crazier. the end "surf's up" before lisa could explain why the town did it was a funny ending, probably better than if she had explained it. definitely a classic.
  • clever but rediculous

    As you can see from the trivia on this episode, it is chock full of absurdities. But that is what makes it great. I don't expect consistency from the Simpsons, it would be less funny if it was consistent.

    The most absurd aspect is that Willie wasn't in on the final set up. But the whole set up hinged on Willie grabbing the gun and firing it rather than go to jail. Good thing that's just what he did!

    What was up with Michael Jackson?!? In some of the trivia, people call him the mime or weird guy and say he reminds them of Michael, but I think it was definately supposed to be Michael and the joke was on his brothers, an insult about how much bigger Michael is over his brothers. I thought this was a great gag, and was made even more funny because it was so unrelated to anything else