The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 7

The Great Money Caper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2000 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • (Marge is more focused on her Long Island iced tea than the magic show)
      Lisa: Mom, you're missing a great show!
      Marge: You don't know what I'm missing.

    • Homer: Lies got us into this mess, Son. From now on, it's honesty all the way.
      (at Home)
      Marge: You were carjacked … in the church parking lot?!
      Homer: Absolutely. We had stopped in for a quick prayer, when -- Bart, would you call him a crazy man?
      Bart: Definitely … well, crazy about carjacking.
      Lisa: What did he look like?
      Homer: Um … let's see … he was … foreign … and he had…
      Bart: Wild, bushy hair -- like an animal!
      Lisa: Anything else?
      Homer: Well, he seemed like a loner -- kept to himself, mostly.
      Bart: And, he said if we went to the cops, he'd come back for Maggie.
      Marge: (gasps) Oh, dear! We don't want that!
      Homer: Any who, the whole nightmare has really made us sleepy. Let's hit the hay.

    • Bart: Why are we still grifting? The car's paid for; doesn't that balance out the universe?
      Homer: In a way, but I also remembered some other stuff, like my bike that was stolen in third grade. Plus the baldness.
      Bart: Okay, I'm sold.

    • Lisa: I don't know, Mom, I think they're up to something.
      Marge: Sure looks that way, but at least Bart and Homer are spending quality time together.
      Lisa: It that a Long Island iced tea?
      Marge: Oh, this? Hmm, I think it is! (Drinks it) You're a pretty girl. (Pats Lisa's face)

    • Kent: Oh, excuse me.
      Bart: (pretending to be blind) What happened? Where's my cake? It's alright, isn't it?
      Kent: Um….
      Homer: What have you done, you clumsy little ox?! That cake was for your deaf sister!
      Kent: Sir, it was my fault--
      Homer: No, no. Don't protect him. (to Bart) You'll work off that cake in the acid mines!
      Kent: Oh, no, no! I'll pay for the cake.

    • Marge: What are you doing? Why are you frosting that old throw pillow?
      Homer: I could ask you the very same question.
      Marge: Mmm ... should I just back out of the room?
      Homer: Would you?

    • Bart: But wouldn't that make us con artists?
      Homer: Well, yeah, but … God conned me out of 6,500 bucks in car repairs.
      Bart: So … in a way, we'd just be balancing out the universe.
      Homer: There you go! We'd be stealing from people we know! It's just like the seasons!
      Bart: Sounds good. Want to eat my fat?
      Homer: I think you know the answer to that. (gulps down Bart's steak fat)

    • Homer: Come on, pony up, Flanders. The kid's not turning tricks for nothing.
      Ned: Oh, no. I could never support the black arts.
      Homer: Black arts?!
      Ned: Yeah, you know, magic, fortune telling, oriental cooking…

    • Questo: And for the lady, a Long … Island iced tea.
      (pulls the drink out of his jacket and sets it in front of Marge)
      Marge: Oh, they ought to call that a "Large" Island iced tea! (only she laughs) No, "Long" is better.
      Lisa: Are you really gonna to drink that?
      Marge: Well, maybe a sip; I don't want to offend our mentalist.
      Questo: (thinking) If she doesn't like it, I'll just die!

    • Questo: Hello, I'm Questo. I'll be your waiter and mentalist for this evening. I'm receiving a drink order… something foamy… is it a bee--
      Homer: Beer! Yes! How did you know? (Homers stomach bursts from his shirt onto the table)

    • Homer: Let's all hit the hay.
      Marge: It's 10 in the morning.
      Homer: I guess you haven't heard of chloroform.

    • Magician: I'm Diablo. What's your name?
      Marge: Marge.
      Diablo: Okay, Marge, and who's that gentleman you're with?
      Marge: That's no gentleman, that's my husband.
      (audience laughs)
      Lisa: Wow, Mom got a laugh!
      Bart: I wish she drank every day.

    • Bart: That's not an FBI badge!
      Homer: Colgate Cavity Patrol!? Awww...

    • Abe: Call me Mint Jelly, 'cause I'm on the lamb.

    • Ralph: (covered in fake blood) I look like cable TV!

    • Homer: A good son would come through for his dad.
      Bart: Yeah, and a good dad wouldn't miss his son's Little League games!
      Homer: I told you, I find them boring.
      Bart: Well, I showed up for all your stupid interventions!

    • Bart: Dad, you gotta buy me that magic kit!
      Homer: (Ushering Bart out of the store) I would son but we already left the gift shop--
      (He realizes they've walked into the gift shop extension.)
      Homer: D'oh!

    • Marge: How was the magic show?
      Homer: What in the hell are you talking about? Oh, right, the magic! The magic was great. It's really the way to go.
      Lisa: How'd you do your act? You left your magic kit here.
      Bart: Or so it would seem!

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: The nurse is not dealing.
      Couch Gag: The couch is underwater. The family wearing scuba gear swim to their usual places on the couch, the camera pulls back revealing they are in a fishbowl.

  • Allusions

    • Bart's book, A Child's Garden of Cons, has a similar title to Robert Louis Stevenson's book A Child's Garden of Verses.

    • Episode Title
      The title of this episode is probably a reference to the title of the 1981 Muppet film called The Great Muppet Caper.

    • Kent Brockman: Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
      Kent Brockman says this phrase, used by various anchors on the "Weekend Update" segment of Saturday Night Live over the years.