The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 16

The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • Awesome episode

    So funny in so many levels if you have been to israel and taken a tour
  • The Simpsons go to Israel

    Ned Flanders invites the Simpsons to come along on a church retreat to Jerusalem. While there, Homer fails to grasp the importance of the city until a crazy tour guide takes them around the city and opens Homer's eyes. I liked/laughed at most famous person in the world gag, Krusty in the strip club, The bleeping from the tour guide, Flanders yelling about Porky Pig, and maybe one more. The rest, however, was boring. To be honest, that tour guide was really annoying. Everything from him (aside the bleeped lines) were not that funny in my opinion. This explains a lot of negative reviews at nohomers,com. Overall, a poor episode of the Simpsons. 4/10
  • The simpsons go to israel.

    This was terrible. It was the worst episode i have ever seen of the simpsons. Compare this episode to one from say season 6 and you will see why. In fact this was awful for season 21 standards. The episode opened at some random meeting and flanders (who was really anoying in this episode) asked the simpsons to come with. This episode had a very limited amount of funny jokes. They were cringeworthy too. The tour guide was an idiot. He screeched, you could not make out what he said and was the most unfunny character ever.

    You know an episode has serious problems when they think it's funny to have the tour guides daughter kick bart in the crotch numerous times. This was the most unfunny thing i have ever seen in the show. It was actually just a stupid attempt to fill time.

    Then homer thought he was the messiah. They could have done something with this but did not. They then thought it would be hilarious to ruin the idea by having agnes(who by the way appears to be in almost every episode these days) and dr hibbert have it too. Stupid.

    Then they gave us a very unwelcome scene where lisa kicked bart in the crotch. The writers are idiots. Can any male actually laugh at that? Then they closed the episode with a very unfunny mall joke.

    I wish this poll had negative numbers
  • simpsons has stooped to the lowest level possible

    one of the most racist things ive ever seen (and ive seen a white supremecist rally), i was actually disgusted to watch this, the only funny part was homers rant over going to a country with no pork and a desert with no casino, but as the show progressed the purpose seemed to be to shove as many negative israeli stereotypes in the episode as possible, such as the little girls comment "Without groin kicking, its not krav maga"

    for frak sake, arent half the writers on the show meant to be jewish? how can they possibly think that episode was appropriate
  • Simpsons in Israel.

    Ned Flanders invites the Simpsons to come along on a church retreat to Jerusalem. While there, Homer fails to grasp the importance of the city until a crazy tour guide takes them around the city and opens Homer's eyes.

    The only funny part of the ep was at the beginning when Homer was on the slip and slide thing. Flanders was talking to Lovejoy and he said " I sense a but coming..." and then Homer yells, " Here comes the butt!" and goes crashing through the fence. That was probably the funniest part of the episode and one of the very few funny things about this episode.

    Overall it was not that funny and I think that they could have done better, so I would give this ep a C-.
  • The Simpsons re going to Israel!!!

    Homer interruptes Ned's bible group and then later invites the family to Isreal. Homer "Sure, I want to go to a war zone on a city with no pork in a desert with no casinos"

    At Isreal, the tour guide was not funny, his voice was awful, and his daughter or something kicking Bart on the groin wasn't funny. Just Bart's : "You don't fight like a girl or a Milhouse" wqas. Then we have a tour and Homer, fed up, escapes on a camel into the desert. Of cousre Ned goes to save him. Back in the hotel, after a veggie-epiphany, he thinks he is the messiah - and tries to unite all faiths by making them realize that they all love chicken. This felt like a little rushed and none to fresh and it wasn't very good in "Trip episode" Standarts
  • The Simpsons visit Israel :))

    So first of all, the story line was very weak, eventhough "visiting Israel" has a great potential for a funny episode. For example- when Homer decided he is the Messiah, they could've done something funnier...

    Anyways, except for the weak story line, thhis episodes had some funny jokes, and generally- I like it that people laugh at Israel. As an Israeli, I think it's funny how people from aboard see my country, And that's why I gave this episode a 7- because I like Israeli jokes.

    By the way- the tourists guide had a terrible Hebrew accent, and he wasn't a typical tour guides. The Israeli tour guides are old and nerds :P lol just kidding. So the episode was nice but they could've done something much better :D
  • The Worst Episode Ever Aired

    This episode was just painful to watch. It was so bland, boring, and just plain not funny, it just seemed to drag on and on. This is the most lifeless episode of the show. This beats out all previous episodes of the show i originally thought were my least favorites. This makes those look like A+ episodes. This was just not funny at all, and if this isn't the worst episode by the time the show ends, then that's gotta be one of the saddest things I have ever heard/seen. My overall grade is definitely an F, please never be shown again
  • This is the best episode of the Simpsons I have seen in while.

    This is the best episode of the Simpsons I have seen in while. There are some great Homer situations and quotes. The episode is kind of irreverent as expected with this show (but still pretty safe). One of the best exchanges between Homer and Flanders I have seen was in the "Tomb of the Unknown Savior". The only reason I did not give this episode a 10 was that the story line was a little weak (but was much better than the episodes I have gotten used to on the Simpsons lately). The ending was a little abrupt and the animation ended on a pretty weak joke (Homer: "They have malls on land?")
  • Ned Flanders invites Homer to join him on a trip to Jerusalem, hoping the trip will cause Homer to experience an epiphany. Homer soon proves to be a less that ideal travelling companion. Until...

    This episode had a chance to be great. However, it just feel flat for me. There weren't enough funny jokes for me to say this episode is worth your time. There are some good sight gags, but not enough to lift this episode out of mediocrity. The thing that hurts the episode the most is Sacha Baron Cohen's unfunny and incredibly annoying guest appearance. In this episode Cohen sounds like Borat after one to many mocha lattes. Everytime he appeared on screen I was tempted to "mute" my television. The whole "Jerusalem Syndrome" thing was another bomb. Skip this episode.
  • Ned Flanders has lost all hope of saving Homer from Hell when he suggests a trip to the Holy Land for his whole family. Homer and Bart do their usual thing and the antics are mildly amusing.

    Such a wonderful premise and the story itself was not poorly conceived, but after a string of a few good episodes this one sort of doesn't deliver.

    It seems to have the pieces to really do well, but the whole Bart's bad and Homer's irreverent and crazy just didn't make this episode work.

    The best thing about this episode was Flanders. Flanders losing it a few times and then getting kicked out of the most sacred place in the world because of Homer. Classic stuff for poor old Flanders.

    Maybe they should have really kept the whole episode about the Flanders/Homer relationship. In the end that was the funniest part. Thanks for reading...
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