The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 16

The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • The simpsons go to israel.

    This was terrible. It was the worst episode i have ever seen of the simpsons. Compare this episode to one from say season 6 and you will see why. In fact this was awful for season 21 standards. The episode opened at some random meeting and flanders (who was really anoying in this episode) asked the simpsons to come with. This episode had a very limited amount of funny jokes. They were cringeworthy too. The tour guide was an idiot. He screeched, you could not make out what he said and was the most unfunny character ever.

    You know an episode has serious problems when they think it's funny to have the tour guides daughter kick bart in the crotch numerous times. This was the most unfunny thing i have ever seen in the show. It was actually just a stupid attempt to fill time.

    Then homer thought he was the messiah. They could have done something with this but did not. They then thought it would be hilarious to ruin the idea by having agnes(who by the way appears to be in almost every episode these days) and dr hibbert have it too. Stupid.

    Then they gave us a very unwelcome scene where lisa kicked bart in the crotch. The writers are idiots. Can any male actually laugh at that? Then they closed the episode with a very unfunny mall joke.

    I wish this poll had negative numbers
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