The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 13

The Joy of Sect

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1998 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons there is a cult that comes to springfield and they are having others sign over everything they own to the leader and they come to homer and they cant program homer like they did theo others so homer signs over everything to the leader and homer thinks the leader is good and stuff but . turns out no one has ever seen the leader really. and they work and homer gets deprogramed by marge and homer gets the group to dispand and they find out the leader was really taken peoples money nad they take him down. this was a good ep
  • The Joy of Sect

    Homer is brainwashed into joining a cult, and the cult expands to other Springfield citizens. Marge tries to save her kids and Homer because she was never brainwashed. In the end, they are all saved, and the cult leader turns out to be a maniac who just wanted money.

    This was an interesting episode on cults, and I think, for the most part, it was handled pretty nicely. It had some good jokes and an overall good plot. I can name two hilarious jokes off the top of my head. My overall grade for this episode is probably an A+
  • Homer gets brainwashed?!?! You need a brain for that first!

    Ahh! what a great episode! Me being a christian, I enjoy all the episodes that criticize in sucha a good way anything remotely related to God. I know they are critizicing cults which are by defintion destructive, but I can't help but wonder if they are also antagonizing regular world religions. The way Homer buys into this new "religion" is so pathetic. After all these years going to a boring sunday service and getting the same messages over and over again in his head not learning one thing and now just by sitting for a couple of hours in a room watching a movie, he is completely converted, is hard to believe. But that's the way this show is, illogical.
  • Homer joins the family in a cult and It's up to Marge, Reverend Lovejoy, and Willie to get them out and reveal the secret.

    A great episode it figures Homer would do something so stupid. One of my favorite moments from the Simpsons ever. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na LEADER Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Leader Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na LEADER Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN oh wait I mean LEADER. Delivery from all voice actors was excellent. I also enjoyed Reverend Lovejoy and Willie in this episode and Marge was kick - butt for her family in escaping the Movementarians scene. Awesome job on to the next episode review!
  • ANother one of Homer's crazy schemes delivers amazing humor once again!!!

    The Simpsons join a religious sect called The Movementarians. The sect worships an all-powerful leader who claims that he will take his followers to the planet Blisstonia, where they will all live lives of uninterrupted happiness. Everyone takes to the Movementarian lifestyle, moving to a compound and working for the leader. But Marge is incredulous and flees the compound. Now free, she hires Groundskeeper Willie to kidnap her husband and kids and deprogram them. The kids return to their unwashed minds, but Homer appears to still believe in Movementarianism. He goes back to the compound and surprises his Movementarian friends by denouncing the leader and proving that his spaceship to Blisstonia is a fake. Because of Homer, the Movementarians disband.
  • Homer joins a cult

    Homer joins a cult and just watch the episode go from there! I thought only Homer could be stupid enough to fall for this, but actually most of Springfield joined the leader's cult. (Maybe theres something in the water in Springfield?)

    This is another highlight from my favouite season of the show.

    Homer as usual is the most brilliant with lines like "Homer no function beer well without." and after seeing the promotional video for the cult he says "Wait, I'm confused about the movie - so the cops knew that Internal Affairs were setting them up?"

    Also the sequence where he kept asking how much the "free" weekend costed.

    A brilliant episode!
  • nanananananananananananananananana leader

    this simpsons episode is hilarious with the cult that all springfieldians end up participating in except marge who figures out that something is wrong. there are great scenes in this episode like the hoverbikes and homer's resistance to the cult because his brain isn't big enough to understand what the cult was trying (or pretending) to offer. i love the line "there is no spaceship. he's taken your money to build... one hell of a spaceship! this is a very different type of episode, very silly but still funny for the same reasons. the plot and gags were both well written.