The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 12

The Lastest Gun in the West

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2002 on FOX

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  • Bart tries to help a washed up cowboy.

    This episode is in essence the weakest episode of the whole season, and yes I am including gump roast. I just dont understand it. This episode started off amazingly in the first act, and then got progressively worse. Dont get me wrong this episode isnt horrible, but it definately wasnt of the great caliber of this season or previous seasons. It had a couple of gags that were funny, but it really was just a downer. It wasnt horrible, but it could have been much better. You can give it a watch, but its not an episode that is a "must see."
  • terrible


    a better episode would have been bart's conflict with that dog that hates him for no reason. this is easily one of the worst episodes of the series, if you ask me. some of the parts made me chuckle a little, like bart's good luck before he met the dog, and Ralph telling milhouse to be quiet after he says he'll be the 'dominant one', but the rest is painfully unfunny. the painting being liquor joke? the picture homer shows of Bart (This would actually have been funny had Bart say something like "Cowabunga", but to have him say "That's grotesque"? i dunno. this may however be nitpicky though). i watched this with a friend, who also likes simpsons, and we were both pretty appalled. i was kind of embarrassed actually, because neither one of us really found anything funny and we were both bored beyond belief. definitely one of the weakest episodes of the show, if you ask me. one of the few times i have to give an episode an F

  • Horrible!

    This was a poor episode, it usually has a good plot and comedy, but not this time. I thought it was one of the most boring episodes I've seen. I think the Simpsons writers could have done better with the plot. I wish they can make this episode better. It wasn't as original as I thought it would be, I never stay tuned to watch it since it's really bad. The other episodes aren't as bad this one, this is the worst episode the Simpsons writers have ever made in the entire series, it's not like them to write badly, and it was.
  • Worst Episode Ever.

    When Bart keeps getting chased by a dog, he runs into a former western star's home, and he befriends the cowboy. He soon gets him on The Krusty The Clown Show, but after the show, Bart and Homer discover that hes an alcholic. They try to get him to quit.

    This was an extremely dumb episode. I hated every minute of it. The dog started chasing Bart for NO REASON. This episode goes down in history as one of my most hated episodes. Along with Saddlesore Galactica, and Simpson Safari. But Simpson Safari is a masterpeice compared to this awful episode.

    Overall Grade: 10%/F-
  • I don't know...

    I have been going back through all the past seasons trying to see how I feel about episodes after rewatching them. I love the first 9 seasons of course after that it's sporadic episodes that are worth watching. I rewatched season 12 recently and thought it fell pretty flat over all. So far season 13 has been hilarious and well written for the most part. I however did not like this episode. John Swartzwelder is my favorite simspons writer. I can watch an episode and guess when he's the writer. More than any other Simpsons writer he GETS the Simpsons! I did not get that feeling while watching this one. He is also responsible for a couple of the worst Simpsons episodes and this is one of them. I gave it a 6 because I do feel that when you are on the air long enough to have almost 500 episodes, they're not all going to be winners!
  • Not what were used to seeing out of the Simpsons...

    Bart befriends an elderly cowboy who was once a Big Screen Legend, a la John Wayne. The cowboy becomes Bart's new idol, and soon all of Springfield's children are renewing their interest in the Old West. Of course Homer is jealous of Bart's new hero and tries repeatedly and unsuccessfully to win Bart back. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa help the cowboy regain his fame by booking him on Krusty's show. Unfortunately, the cowboy is a drunkard and when a bad bout of stage fright kicks in, he turns to the ol drink. He's subsequently humiliated when he's forced to admit he's an alcoholic. Down, but not out, the cowboy redeems himself by restoring order at the scene of a bank robbery and lassoing the robbers with his classic lasso trickery.
  • What was the point of this?

    All this episode did was take up valuable space. The first act was pretty funny but the last 14-15 minutes were very flat. It doesn't make sense that Bart would suddenly have another hero, and then all of a sudden, he's an alcoholic, then he saves the day at the last moment. This episode lacked good plotting and memorable jokes. The one-time character was not very realistic or believable. For a Swartzwelder written episode, this was well below average and I expected better. Other than that, at least the episode didn't fall apart and become downright bad like The Bart of War.

    Grade: D-
  • This episode goes downhill. Not impressive at all.

    Well, that run of great Simpsons episodes stopped short! This episode was awful, there were no good or funny jokes or gags in there at all!

    We start with some completely random storyline about a dog who is after Bart for no reason. Okay, this is funny, but after seven minutes it stops dead and a different story sparks up. I don't mind normally, if there is a good link, but this was very weak.

    So, Bart meets a cowboy and starts admiring him. Homer gets upset which is more like the 'old' Homer from earlier Seasons, but this gleam of hope is overshadowed by so many flat jokes.

    Suddenly, the cowboy (I can't even remember his name!) reveals he is an alcoholic and so the family try to get him to quit. He does, just in time to save the day at an armed robbery.

    But then, he goes off and we see him moving around in his house for the last minute of the episode, which was just a time-filler, really. Oh, and then the dog from the beginning makes another appearance in the last few seconds. Crap, or what?

    It is a few days since I saw the episode last, and I can't remember any good jokes from the episode. I'm struggling to give it any marks at all, but I guess I'll have to.
  • the first act was really the only good part

    the dog continuously attacking bart was hilarious especially how he managed to get on to the bus but the rest of the episode didn't seem very entertaining, though there are a few good jokes such as homer wanting to be bart's idol and putting a poster of him which is clearly not his best picture in bart's room. the revelation that Buck McCoy is an alcoholic wasn't funny and sort of ruined the mood of the episode except when he actually shoots krusty which i found enjoyable the first time i saw it. But the best parts in the whole episode by far is the dog scenes though the guest star did make the episode bearable.
  • Not a bad Simpson episode.

    This is certainly isn't one of my favourite simpsons episodes, however i still wouldn't turn the channel if it was shown again. The Simpsons continue to get guest starts as Buck McCoy stars in this episode.

    In this episode Bart Simpsons meets Buck McCoy thanks to a dog, who continues to stalk and attack Bart. Eventually Bart runs into Buck, and Buck saves him. Bart then starts to learn about McCoy's past, and find out that he was a Western Superstar who had his own series. Bart then begins to make Buck his idol, and the Western theme craze hits Springfield!
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