The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 22

The Otto Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1992 on FOX

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  • Average episode

    Eh, it was an average one. But here are some parts I like/funny parts: Skinner yelling at Ralph to shut up, Otto not knowing what the new lock and evicted sign was, Otto and Snake trashing the concert, Homer forgetting Milhouse , and milhouse being stuck in the chairs, Bart throwing the frisbee at the guy and the guy was not able to realize it (Rock n roll really does brainwash ya!) Overall this was an average episode, but It had good laughs.
  • great


    Otto being able to drive the school bus is revoked because he does not have a driver's license. He ends up being kicked out of his place, and so he moves in with The Simpsons. Good luck, Simpsons family!

    good episode. I liked how rough Otto made it for the Simpsons, like scaring Lisa with stories for instance. I liked the joke about how little Otto had in his apartment. "If something is hard, it's not worth doing". Good episode with some good laughs. B+/A- as my final grade.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons the school bus driver auto loses his licence he must get it back so bart invites him to stay at the simpsons and he must try to get his licence back we learn how auto lives whens he stays there and the family asks selma to help him get his job back working for th bus school bus driver. and this also featured spinal tap

    this was a great ep ithought that was about the school bus driver auto for once. and it had some laughs in it . so that is why i gave it a 85
  • A great episode

    The Otto Show is where Otto looses his licence taking a wild short cut so the kids won't be late for school, he moves in with the Simpsons after being evicted from his apartment. He tries to get his license back and is helped along by selma so Otto can gloat to Homer that he could do it. This was a very good episode one of my many favorites of The Simpsons series, very funny. This was the first really good season from the simpsons, not by the comedy but by the story lines, they were all very good episodes even when they weren't that funny and that is what makes a show good
  • Another great episode; finally an episode centered around everyone's favorite bus driver Otto!!! :}

    Bart and Milhouse attend a Spinal Tap concert, but it turns into a comedy of errors and degenerates into a riot. Nonetheless, Bart is impressed by the aging heavy metal band and wants to become a rock guitarist.

    Homer and Marge decide to buy Bart his own electric guitar, but Bart struggles to learn how to play it. The next morning on the school bus, Bart asks Otto to show him how to play, and Otto-with the bus still stopped in traffic-wows his passengers with an impromptu concert. However, Otto loses track of time and is forced to drive recklessly to school. In the ensuing chaos, the bus runs Spinal Tap's bus off the road (causing it to catch fire and presumably kill Spinal Tap), and turns over onto its side in the town square. Numerous people call Springfield Elementary School to report the accident, earning Otto a reprimand from Principal Skinner. However, when Officer Eddie asks for Otto's driver's license to complete his report, he is forced to admit he doesn't have a license. Otto loses his job, and Skinner takes over his route. Skinner finds it hard going because he is not as aggressive a driver as Otto, and ends up being trapped at a busy intersection for the entire day.

    Things quickly go downhill for Otto. He fails his driver's test at the Springfield DMV (not helped when he mistakes the examiner, Patty for a transsexual), he is unable to find a new job, and he is evicted from his apartment. Bart finds him living in a dumpster, and agrees to let him live in the Simpson's garage. Homer and Marge disapprove of this, and Bart tries to convince them that Marge in fact has agreed to let Otto stay, presenting a tape recording where she did so; in reality though, it features Bart doing a poor impression of his mother. Marge is not fooled by this (although Homer is), but reluctantly agrees to let him stay.

    Otto makes a nuisance of himself as he becomes comfortable laying around the house and playing his guitar. Homer soon loses his patience with Otto and demands that he be sent on his way. Marge and Bart, however, encourage Otto to give the driving test one last try. Otto goes to the DMV to take the test, but Patty doesn't want to give him a retest. Otto explains he has something to prove to Homer, which quickly changes her demeanor out of spite for her brother-in-law. Despite performing even worse in his second test, Patty grants Otto his license anyway, allowing him to regain his job. As Otto drives off into the sunset with the children singing "Hail to the Bus Driver," Skinner remarks, "Yes, hail to the bus driver, bus driver man."
  • It's okay.

    Eh, it's okay. On the notes it says that Otto's name might have been "Otto Mechanic" and I thought that would have been pretty cool and really funny, but they didn't, and it was Otto Mans. Otto Mans? I don't like it. I'm sure alot of you agree that "Otto Mechanic" would've been better, funnier, and more creative.

    The Otto Show. It makes it sound great. But, for me, this episode didn't live up to expectations. It was still good, though, just nmot as great as the title sounds like it would've been.

    So, if you are a first time viewer, (which you probably aren't) don't watch this ep, watch another better one.
  • Otto's just wearing his underwear. The Otto show is funny for all ages. It's my favorites. This is the first time that they had a show. Like Ottoan Idol. Is he really a idol of Ottoan Idol? Too sily.

    The Otto Show.

    Otto's just wearing his underwear.
    The Otto show is fun for all ages.
    It's my favorites. This is the first time that they had a show. Like Ottoan Idol.
    Is he really a idol of Ottoan Idol?
    Too sily.
    He rocks. and jammins. Do you want to watch it? Watch it.

    P.S. The Otto show is fun for the whole family and children of all ages.
  • Otto looses his job and moves in with the Simpsons.

    After attending a Spinal Tap concert, Bart announces he wants to be a Heavy Metal rocker. Homer and Marge encourage Bart to follow his intrest and they buy him a guitar. However, no matter how hard Bart tries, he isn't very good. Bart brings his guitar on the bus and Otto plays it. Realizing he is late, he rushes the bus to the school and he wrecks. Realizing he doesn't have a driver's license, Skinner suspends Otto. Otto goes to get his license, but fails when he asks Patty if she has always been a women. Not having any money, Otto moves in with the Simpsons' garage. Homer later kicks him out and he goes back to get his license. When Patty realizes he hates Homer, she makes sure he passes.
  • Otto crashes with the Simpsons.

    Bart is impressed with a Spinal Tap concert and wants to play guitar. Otto tries to teach him but is soon fired from his job because of it. The Simpsons allow Otto to stay until he gets his bus driver's license. Otto finally does after he finds he has something in common with one of the "Terrible Twosome": They both hate Homer alot. This was a somewhat entertaining episode. Otto is finally given some personality and the writers use it. However, Otto is not of the characters that is strong enough to base a full show upon and it shows.
  • The Spinal Tap scenes were the best

    For the first half of this episode I loved every minute of it! Bart goes to a Spinal Tap Concert and Homer being a terrible parent has no idea of the mayhem going on inside and then forgets about Milhouse.

    This Is Spinal Tap is one of my all time favourite movies and The Simpsons really did them justice.

    Once Otto became involved the quality dipped a little, but I kind of expected it too. But the Otto storyline was still a very good one.

    I loved it when Otto said Homer had a chicken wing stuck to his face for 3 days. I just thought that that was "Pure Homer."
  • The Otto Show

    This is my favourite episode of Season 3. It is entertaining and funny and it is real enjoyable to watch. I have this episode on my Season 3 box set. I liked all the episodes of Season 3 but this one was the best. As I said above it is real entertaining.
  • patty bouvier and otto mann's one thing in common: their hatred of the bald, fat man known as homer simpson

    homer once again has great advice in this episode (if something's hard to do then it's not worth doing!) but a worse role model has finally been found: otto, the new roommate of the simpsons: loud, obnoxious and irresponsible, otto isn't exactly the best person to be around kids, scaring lisa half to death with a scary story. the gags in this episode are great from bart's recording of the conversation with "marge" asking if otto can stay in their garage to the trademark otto lines. the skinner line of "otto. that's one palindrome you won't be hearing for a while" cracked me up aswell. the ending was perfect for the episode, otto only getting his license back because he hates homer as much as patty does. otto not even wearing his own underpants was a stretch but ended up being a great joke by skinner later in the scene.