The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 2

The Parent Rap

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2001 on FOX
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The Parent Rap
Abandoned by a prize seeking Homer, Milhouse and Bart go for an unintentional joyride in Chief Wiggum's squad car. In juvenile court, Milhouse gets his case dismissed; however, when Bart goes up before Judge Snyder he is just about to get out of it, when the judge's vacation starts. The replacement judge isn't a pushover and citing Homer's negligence she orders that Bart and Homer be tethered together. The pair attends school, work and Moe's together and begin bonding. Frustrated by the whole situation Marge cuts the tether and is caught. Judge Harm decides that both Bart's parents are unfit, so she has Homer and Marge put into stocks and put on public display. Homer and Marge break free and retaliate, only to get caught. When brought before Judge Harm they are about to have the book thrown at them, when Judge Snyder returns from vacation and declares that boys will be boys and dismisses the case.moreless

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  • Wow, this eppy was hilarious!!

    Bart and Milhouse go for a joyride in Chief Wiggum's car. Then they are taken to juvenile court, Milhouse is free to go, but Bart is about to get out of it when Judge Snyder's vacaition starts. The replacement is no fun at all! Just a mean serious lady. She orders Bart and Homer be tethered together. They both start bonding when they are tethered, but when Homer and Marge are goibg to make love, Marge says she can't take it anymore with their arguing, and cuts the tether rope in half, but gets caught. Homer and Marge are both ordered to court and be put into stocks. Then after, they both decide to get revenge on Judge Harm. But Homer throws a cinder block aiming at her head, but instead hits her houseboat. The next day, they are about to get it, when Bart and Judge Snyder step in and save them, Bart by giving some speech about his parents, Judge Snyder by coming back from vacation, and declaring boys will be boys, then the case is dismissed. One of my fave parts was when Lisa said to Snake, "That's my brother!", and Snake's like, "Umm, did she just say she was a dude?" XD XD Another funny episode! Wanna see it again!moreless
  • One of the funniest half hours that I have ever seen in my whole life...

    When Homer makes Bart and Milhouse walk to school, the boys get into trouble and are arrested for stealing Chief Wiggum's squad car. Milhouse gets off but when Bart comes to the bench, Judge Constance Harm (Jane Kaczmarek) takes over and lays down the law. She holds Homer responsible for Bart's deeds and sentences he and Bart to be tethered together.

    Marge finally gets fed up with the punishment and cuts the rope. Only now, she and Homer get brought back before Judge Harm and have their heads and hands locked up in old-fashioned wooden stocks. Not being able to bare the punishment any longer, they break free and decide to get back at the judge. When the plan goes awry, they accidentally sink the Judge's houseboat and are once again brought into court. Just as Judge Harm is ready to bang her gavel, Judge Schneider comes back from his fishing trip and declares a verdict of "boys will be boys," dismissing the case.moreless
  • Pretty good

    When Bart is caught joyriding in a police car, he is sentenced to court, where Judge Constance Harm says that Bart needs more parental supervision, so she tethers Homer and Bart together. They are both sick of the tether, as is Marge, so she cuts the wire. Judge Harm then makes Homer and Marge wear old time head and arm restrains. Homer and marge decide to teach her a lesson.

    This was a pretty good episode. I loved the baseball scene, Homer's night terrors"Ahhh. Ahhh. Cobras!", and much more. This episode was a great start to a great season.

    Overall Grade: 85%/B+moreless
  • good

    bart is punished by the strict new judge in springfield for joyriding chief wiggum's car. but homer is also punished, and the two are tethered to each other, spending more time with each other. when marge fights this she too is punished, so homer and marge need to come up with a way to teach the new judge a lesson.

    it was an enjoyable opener to the 13th season but it did not really make me laugh a lot, the plot was OK but i didn't laugh as much as I would have liked, so i give it a C+/B-moreless
  • A new judge punishes Bart and his parents.

    Well this is another one of my favorite episodes of all time, and this is surely the best episode of season 13 by a mile. This episode is utterly hilarious. Bart and his father's antics in this episode is what makes this such a funny story. I love when we find out the judge had a sex change, and Homer's night terrors. This episode is just purely cleverly written and well executed in the way the writers approached this plot. Definately watch this episode because you will not be disappointed. Not only is it the best of the season, but one of the best of the series IMO.moreless
Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner

Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma Bouvier

Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, and others

Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and others

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, Various

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith

Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Lou, and others

Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell

Charlton Heston

Guest Star

Jane Kaczmarek

Jane Kaczmarek

Judge Constance Harm

Recurring Role

Marcia Wallace

Marcia Wallace

Edna Krabappel

Recurring Role

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Agnes Skinner, Brandine Del Roy, Dolph and others

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Homer: Hey, knock it off! These pants cost $600.
      Moe: Really?
      Homer: Yeah, they're Italian.
      Moe: (Points a gun at Homer) All right, hand 'em over.
      Homer: Moe, what the--
      Moe: Yeah, I rob now.

    • Homer: Say, is that our house!?
      Bart: I don't think our house has a steeple.
      Homer: Oh yeah. I forget things sometimes.

    • Judge Harm: Grand theft auto!?
      Bart: It was an accident, ma'am!
      Judge Harm: Don't spit on my cupcake and tell me it's frosting!
      Homer: (Angrily) What did she say about cupcakes?

    • Bart: You there! Put your hands up!
      Ned: Me? Okay.
      Bart: Now, drop your pants!
      Ned: But my hands are up!
      Bart: Hula out of them!
      Ned: Alright, officer.

    • Judge Harm: Well, I thought Dad was the probelm, but apparently Mom is no prize pig herself. It's a miracle poor Bartholomew isn't robbing banks and chasing sweet Lady H.
      Bart: I'm a latchkey kid.
      Lisa: You are not!

    • Bart: Come on, Dad. I got to go to the bathroom.
      Homer: Oh, I just got comfortable! Use the bottle.
      Marge: No, I don't want you using the bottle. That's what hobos do.
      Bart: Come on, Homer!
      Homer: No!
      Bart: Mom!
      Marge: Aw geez, Homer, just take him to the bathroom.
      Homer: Fine! I don't know why we even have a bottle! Somebody tell me!

    • Bart: The town keeps getting bigger. Will there always be enough electricity?
      Homer: (Laughs) Ah, son, you know that's none of your business.

    • Officer: Sir, you are not a size 4.
      Homer: I used to be! (Starts crying)

    • Judge Harm: You have got a boy here who is crying out for adult supervision!
      Homer: I couldn't agree more. Perhaps some sort of court-appointed babysitter or au pair?
      Judge Harm: Sorry, bub, that crow won't caw.
      Homer: It won't?

    • Homer: I love our court days.
      Marge: It's about the only thing we do as a family anymore.

    • Milhouse: If we're late for school, we'll miss our free federal breakfast.
      Bart: Big deal. It's just saltines and fig paste.
      Milhouse: Ew, saltines!

    • Judge Harm: (to Bart) According to this, your father was driving you to school. Then where was he when you stole the police car?
      Homer: Uh, your honor? I was chasing the KBBL Party Penguin Price Patrol.
      Judge Harm: You abandoned your son to win forty dollars!?
      Homer: And a Blue Oyster Cult medallion (Takes out the medallion) Cool.
      Judge Harm: And that was more important than keeping your son out of trouble?
      Homer: Your honor, if I may sing a little bit of, "Don't Fear The Reaper", I think you'll agree that--
      Judge Harm: I'm familiar with B.O.C.!

    • (Homer, tethered to Bart, enters Moe's.)
      Moe: Hey, hey, no kids in the bar!
      Homer: Since when?
      Moe: Oh, the heat's been on since them Bush girls were in here.

    • (Lisa comments on Homer being tethered to Bart.)
      Lisa: Creative sentencing is common these days. That's why Bill Clinton is our new mailman.

    • Judge Harm: Not only that, you are horrible parents, you're also violent criminals. I'm going to have you two locked up 'til frogs do fractions.
      Bart: Your Honor, may I say something?
      Judge Harm: Well, it is highly unorthodox, so no.
      Bart: Please, your Honor?
      Judge Harm: Oh, I can't resist that look. You remind of me when I was a little boy.
      Bart: Your Honor, it's not easy being my parents. I'm always screwing up in school and getting in trouble with the law. But if I grow up to be a halfway decent person, I know it will be because of my Mom and Dad. Everyone else might give up on me, but my parents never will.
      Lisa: Thats my brother.
      Snake: Did she say she used to be a dude?

    • Kirk Van Houten: Judge, please don't send my boy to juvie. He's just weak, both morally and in the upper body.

    • Judge Harm: I hereby order you to be tethered to your son.
      Homer: Tethered?
      Judge Harm: Tethered. Report to room 5.
      Homer: Room 5?

    • (Marge has cut the tether and triggered the alarm and Judge Harm's image appears out of the tether.)
      Judge Harm: That's right it's me, Judge Harm, through the magic of fiber optics.
      Homer: Hey, hey, hey, h-how about that? Huh, huh?
      Judge Harm: Quiet, tubsy. You violated my order.
      Homer: But Constance, it only happened because--
      Judge Harm: Hey, hey, if I want a cock and bull story, I'll read Hemingway.

    • (Watching Judge Harm on television.)
      Marge: Of course she's never had children, look at how high and firm her breasts are!

  • NOTES (2)

    • First Appearance: Judge Constance Harm

    • Blackboard Joke: Nobody reads these anymore.
      Couch Gag: The family jumps off of a sailboat, and when the camera pulls back it is revealed that the family jumped off the sailboat from the portrait above the couch. The family lands in the couch soaking wet and Homer turns on the TV with a remote control.


    • Wedding Bell Blues
      The song playing on the radio in the beginning of the episode is "Wedding Bell Blues" by Laura Nyro, though Homer changes the lyrics slightly.

    • The Parent Trap
      The title of this episode is a parody of the title of the 1961 film, The Parent Trap.