The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 21

The PTA Disbands

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1995 on FOX

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  • Strike

    The teachers have a strike. So, local Springfielders become teachers, including Marge to Bart's class. Now, Bart eneds to find a way to get the teachers to come back (because the strike was his fault).

    A decent episode, as usual, it wasn't the best but it wasn't terrible. I do not know though, it seems like something is missing when I watch this. It's not as funny as other episodes from the season and it does not have a great plot, I did not think. It was overall OK, my grade for this episode is aboit a B or so
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons the school princiable skinner cuts the buget once more and then the teachers get tired and go on strike beacause of it so in the meantime there on strike people from the town have to come in to be the teachers. while the pta goes over the buget . and so bart is tired of the new teachers so he decides to find away by talking to skinner to get the teachers back this was a good ep i thought and it had some funny scenes in it and that is why i gave the show a 8.5
  • Amzing episode with some of the funniest quotes I have ever heard...

    When the teachers' union reaches a dead end in its negotiations with Principal Skinner, the teachers strike, forcing the Board of Education to come up with a creative way to keep the school running. The only plan that's in place is to have highly intelligent robots teach classes, but since such robots don't exist, the Board enlists PTA members for the task. With Ned Flanders as Principal and Marge as a teacher, the school functions normally, for a time. Bart realizes that without his old teachers, school just doesn't work for him, so he devises a way to bring the teachers' union and Principal Skinner back to the negotiating table: He locks Mrs. Krabappel and Skinner in a room together until they can agree on the contract.
  • Great Season 6 Episode

    It was awesome. I laughed a lot. The PTA disbands is a great episode, so I gave it a 10. Watch it. (Well, it's barely on TV) But, Season 6 has some great episodes. And this is one of them. Highly recommended episode. A Must see. It's not my favorite Season 6 episode, but it could be my fifth, or something like that. I hope this gets the over all rating up to 9.0! If it doesn't, then the 8. 9 would be close. Anyway, watch it, it's hilarious, and I reccomend it to anyone who likes The Simpsons. Thats my review for the episode, "The PTA Disbands"
  • Odds say I like this episode Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

    Another great installment of The Simpsons, involving the teaching staff of Springfield Elementary. As they battle for their rights, the school is on strike, and all the kids are loving it, except Lisa. After a discussion with the leader of the PTA, Ned Flanders, they decide to get teachers from around the neighbourhood, even Marge, and Bart hates it. After coming up with a plan with Milhouse's Booksmarts and Bart's ability to exploit booksmarts, they lock Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel in Skinner's office. They come up with a plan to bring convicts into the school and lock them up.
  • The teachers go on strike, Marge helps out.

    The school is struggling financially and the teachers are tired of Skinner\\\'s penny pinching. The cafeteria food contains ground-up gym mats and newspapers, which according to Skinner contains necessary roughage and essential inks. Bart takes advantage of the situation and play Skinner and Krabappel against each other. The teachers goes on strike.

    While Bart runs around town causing problems, Lisa begins to stress out from the lack of rules and grades. Marge actually has to hand her a piece of paper with an \\\"A\\\" on it to soothe her.

    The PTA meets and goes to its all-purpose contingency plan, using people from the neighborhood to teach. After Bart is able to get rid of the first few subs, Marge comes and Bart\\\'s plan backfires. Bart resorts to locking Skinner and Krabappel in Skinner\\\'s office until they come up with a plan. The school is able to reopen when they rent out their cloak rooms to the over-crowded prisons.
  • bart's dream/lisa's nightmare come true: teacher strike!

    bart gets up to a lot of pranks in this episode from the construction site to the bank to, of course, operation make strike go longer. this episode is very good with gags such as jasper getting his beard stuck in the pencil sharpener and lisa asking mrs hoover what they'd be learning in class if the teachers weren't on strike and the guy jumping out of the window because he thought the PTA had disbanded. the first time i saw this episode i could relate to it because i'd always wanted the teachers to go on stike (anything to get out of school).
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