The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 9

The Strong Arms of the Ma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Otto thinks that a muscular Marge lifting the bus is just a hallucination caused by the pot he's smoking. Being a regular drug user, Otto should know that pot doesn't cause hallucinations.

    • When Marge came out of the restroom there was writing on the wall that said "El Barto."

    • The beginning of this episode reuses old animation from "Flaming Moe's" during the "Eye on Springfield" opening. That footage was 11 years old by then!

    • Before Marge picks up the jukebox to slam it into other people in Moe's Tavern it wasn't playing anything, but when she went over to it, it started playing music.

    • Regarding Marge not being able to whup the mugger in her first confrontation like she did Snake, let's not forget he was armed with a gun. I believe Snake only had a knife so Marge wouldn't have been as scared.

    • When the family is eating dinner at the Air Hockey table, there are no goals on the ends of the table (where Lisa and Homer are sitting), except when there's a close up on Lisa. There is no goal when there's a close-up of Homer talking about "Cheers".

    • Ruth was in prison because of what happened in the episode "Marge on the Lam"

    • Homer packs lots of boxes in thecar, but when Marge drives the car, the boxes disapear.

    • When the lady smashed the piano saying "support the arts" her lips don't move.

  • Quotes

    • (Homer has set up a 'play' in the house to look just like the Kwik-E Mart to help Marge get over her agoraphobia. All is fine until Milhouse announces he is a robber and Marge screams and runs down to the basement).
      Homer: Marge?
      Marge: I'm gonna sleep down here tonight.
      (Homer goes back to the living room)
      Homer: Listen kids, your mom is going to be living in the basement. But, with our love, she'll get better soon.
      Bart: (in Apu's accent) What if she doesn't?
      Homer: Then we'll have to smoke her out!

    • (Marge has asked Apu to let her use his bathroom to change Maggie. He brings her around the side of the Kwik-E Mart to a door marked 'High Voltage')

      Apu: Don't worry, that sign is just a rouse... like all high voltage signs.

    • Marge: I do miss being a lady.
      Homer: And I miss being your knight in flabby armor.

    • Bart: Why didn't Mom make our lunches?
      Homer: Your mom has a lot of stuff to shave.

    • (Marge talks to her family on a walkie-talkie while they're at church)
      Marge: Amen. Over.
      Bart: Breaker, breaker, Bart man to shut-in, the big guy's asleep, please advise. Over.
      Marge: Whack him with the hymnal. Over.

    • Ruth Powers: Steroids aren't drugs, they occur naturally in the body, like sweat, or tumors!

    • Marge: What to do now? Too crazy to go outside, not crazy enough to have imaginary friends.

    • Bart: Ew! Mom, I think Maggie fudged her Huggies!
      Marge: Bart, don't say it like that, you'll hurt her feelings. (she sniffs) Geez, Louise! How did you turn cinnamon applesauce into THAT?!

    • Bart: There is no way all this junk is gonna fit in that car.
      Homer: Now, don't worry. This is what all those hours of playing Tetris were for.
      (Homer crams all the items and his family into the car as video game music plays.)
      Homer: Perfect!
      Marge: But there's no room for you.
      Homer: D'oh!
      ("Game Over" sound effect plays.)

    • Moe: Uhhh, listen Marge. Ummm how can I put this delicately?!? I don't got enough booze in this place to make you look good.
      Marge: (breaks jar of pickled eggs and holds shattered glass to Moe in extremely threatening manner): Maybe death will stop your yammering!!!

    • (Marge hits Disco Stu with a record player)
      Disco Stu: Disco Stu should have Disco Ducked.

    • (At the Simpsons' "Kwik-E-Mart")
      Lisa: I'm a magazine rack!
      Homer: Look, I'm the first to admit it, I don't write good parts for women.

    • Moe (after Marge leaves): Well, there's only one way to recoup my losses.
      (Gasses up bar and lights it on fire)
      Carl: Whoa, Moe, wait a minute. Don't you have to buy insurance first?
      Moe: Aw, crap.

    • Bart: Aye carumba! I'm off women forever.

    • Homer: Ready for a real work out, Marge?
      Marge: Mmm hmm.
      Homer: Good. Can you wax the car?
      (Marge hurting Homer)
      Marge: Ow, ow, ow! Kidding, I'm kidding!

    • Homer: (solemnly) It's all my fault my wife got mugged.
      Chief Wiggum: Well, there you have it. Case closed.

    • Otto: Man, what am I smokin'? Oh, yeah. Pot.

    • Nelson: Ha-ha! Your mom changed!

    • Marge: I didn't sacrifice my period for second place!!!
      Lenny: Heh heh. I hear that!

    • Ralph: (coughing up mace) Even my boogers are spicy!

    • Body building competition marquee: WOMEN'S BODY BUILDING FINALS -- FIRST TWO ROWS MAY GET OILY.

    • Church Marquee: No outside eucharist.

    • Homer: Do you think you could give me a lift home?
      Wolfcastle: Sure. I'll carry you in this giant Snugli. I used it to carry Rob Schneider in the movie 'My Baby is an Ugly Man.'
      Homer: Ahhh…your heartbeat is so soothing…
      Wolfcastle: Shhhh…time for sleep, little fatso.

  • Notes

    • The lemon tree from "Lemon Of Troy" now grows in the Simpsons' backyard.

    • This is the fourth episode of the series (the scene where Marge starts taking steroids) that uses a music tune from Popeye. The others were "Brother's Little Helper" (when Bart sings his Ritalin song at the end), "Jaws Wired Shut" (the scene where Homer rescues Marge from disaster at the demolition derby), and "The Old Man and the Key" (when Grandpa's Viagra kicks in when he's about to make out on his date).

    • Pamela Reed returned as the voice of Ruth Powers, who last appeared ten years ago in "Marge on the Lam," the "Thelma and Louise" spoof.

    • This is the Simpson's 300th aired episode. The 100th being "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song," and the 200th was "Trash of the Titans."

    • Blackboard Joke: The school does not need a "regime change".
      Couch Gag: The family enters the living room but instead of the couch there is a standup with a picture of the family sitting on the couch, with holes where their faces should be. The family members go behind the standup and stick their faces through the holes: Lisa becomes the face for Homer, Homer becomes Marge, Maggie becomes Lisa, Bart becomes Maggie and Marge becomes Bart.

    • When it shows Marge's anti-drug bumper stickers, her licence plate reads EABF04, the production code of this episode.

    • The stone head in Marge's basement room was the Olmec head given to the family by Mr. Burns in the episode "Blood Feud."

  • Allusions

    • The man who mugged Marge was wearing a hat closely resembling Goofy, the popular Disney character.

    • Marge drinks the Roids in the style of Popeye when he ate spinach. The musical notes played during it are similar to the ones played when Popeye would eat it too.

    • The name of the restaurant that Marge and Ruth are eating in is called Let's Hear It For The Soy. This is an allusion to the "Let's Hear It For The Boy" by Deniece Williams.

    • :
      The music played after Marge destroys Moe's tavern is from Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings".

    • Lenny: Hey look, a cyborg hand!
      The cyborg hand is similar to the one seen in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a reference to the similarity between Rainier Wolfcastle's character and that of Schwarzenegger.

    • :
      When Marge beats up the guy that robbed her earlier in the episode, it was just like when Sonny beats up his brother-in-law in the 1972 film, "The Godfather."

    • :
      Marge drinking the steroids a la Popeye eating his spinach, hence the "Popeye" musical cues.

    • :
      The theme that was playing when Homer fitted everything into the car was the theme of the 1985 Russian hit video game 'Tetris'. Also, Homer fitted the objects as shapes from the game.

    • :
      The scene where the mailman breaks his glasses is a spoof of "Time Enough at Last," a classic Twilight Zone episode, starring Burgess Meredith.

    • :
      At the end of the episode, just before the usual end theme music, the first few bars of the theme from the 1976 film "Rocky" are played.