The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 19

The Sweetest Apu

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 2002 on FOX

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  • Solid episode...

    When Homer accidentally catches Apu cheating on his wife in the Kwik-E-Mart, he struggles to keep the news to himself. He eventually tells Marge who forces him to confront Apu. Apu feels ashamed of his infidelity but still doesn't have the courage to tell Manjula. Unfortunately for Apu however, Manjula discovers the security tape from the store and kicks Apu out of the house. Marge and Homer desperately try to get the couple back together and secretly invite them both over to the house for dinner. Manjula finally agrees to take Apu back, but only after he completes a list of activities she sets out for him, which obviously includes breaking up with his mistress. She eventually lets Apu back into the house, but she says it'll take time to get back to where they were.
  • Apu cheats on his wife.

    This is another episode that I really enjoyed watching because it was very entertaining. This was a plot that was bound to happen. With the pressures of raising 8 kids, and making an arranged marriage work, Apu was bound to have cheated on his wife. I really enjoyed the way they approached this episode, and the way that Apu must make it up to Manjula was funny. Maybe its not the type of episode that will keep you in stiches, but it was entertaining nonetheless. FOr sure give this episode a watch if not for anything else, but for its civil war reinactment!
  • Get out of my shop... and please come again...

    I just love Apu! He is such a funny character of the Simpsons. I love his accent! It makes me laugh every time i see him!
    In this episode, Apu cheats on his wife after Homer telling him: 'I think she likes you'... Homer is just sooo witty!
    But once he sees Apu and the squichy Girl making out in the Kwik-E-Markt, Homer goes back backwards all the way from the shop into his bed... and on to his dreams! This little music right there was so damn funny!
    It was also funny to see that Marge could tell what Homer thought only be hearing him gasp!
    Very funny Apu episode!
  • pretty funny

    there was a civil war reinactment at the begining (funny sceen) so homer buys a keg of beer thenit gets dammaged so he takes it back to the quick-e mart that night and finds apu cheating on manjula with the slushie (or somthing simmilar) lady so marge finds out buy looking at homers eyes and manjula finds out by looking at the store security tape footage and sepparates from apu she then is going to file for divorce so she goes to a lawyer but hes weird so she dosn't file for the divorce then in the end apu and her get back together, peace dawgs, juanito
  • I really liked this episode. Give it a watch for sure.

    To be honest, I was dreading this episode. Apu's character has been shaken about so much over the last few years, what with him getting married and having eight kids, I really thought this was going to be another "we're running out of storylines" type episodes from the writers.

    However, this episode was excellent. Apu was still as funny as he has always been, and with Homer involved it gave it that edge (like the episode Homer and Apu).

    Great moments included the civil war re-enactment, with Barney finally drinking beer; Homer walking backwards from the Kwik-E-Mart to his house, and then dreaming about walking backwards; Homer & Marge's attempts to get Apu & Manjula back together; and finally, Homer's walking backwards on the ladder at the end.

    The only thing I didn't like was Homer saying "penis." It's not that it wasn't funny, it just doesn't belong in The Simpsons, the same as the "mummy boner" from DABF05 or Homer talking about someone's wiener in CABF18. That's what I watch South Park for.
  • Apu cheats on manjula

    this episode was terrific especially the war re-enactment and homer's excuse for the dents in the keg was that they were already there when he got it. the walking backwards scene was hilarious too. manjula expecting apu to urge her to have sex and automatically saying not tonight was a good stereotype of married life. one of the funniest, and possibly my favourite scene in the episode was when the two couples (homer and marge vs apu and majula) were playing badminton and everything that homer and marge said could be considered a double entendre. the list was funny but not quite as good as the rest of the hilarious episode that is The Sweetest Apu.
  • This episode isnt meant for people who don't understand LOVE!

    This episode, like what the notes say, is in USA, TV-14. I watched the episode last year and I wasnt as shocked or disgusted. The goiod points of the episode was Homer's silliness and I believe his nosiness improved his smartness.

    I believe another reason this episode was rated TV-14 in the USA was because Apu wanted to kill himslef on a rope. That could actually be a bad influence to younger kids even to eat a lightbulb! I think Manjula is too demanding but thats women for ya.

    Overall, the episode did work out quite well in the end and I was happy that Apu and Manjula got together happily. Too bad i can't even think of something bad to say about this episode!