The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 11

The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1997 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons marge goes to a bussiness convention and she sees all the diffrent bussiness and her partner join with tacos and she picks prezzels she starts out bad and thing is homer wants to help so he gets ahold of the mob to run her other competion out of town and when marge finds out she is mad .and her other parners come around with the chineses mob and they get into a huge fight in the simpsons yard and also things start to happen and they make up homer and marge this was a good ep i thought
  • The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

    Marge starts a business vendor selling pretzels. But when nobody wants to buy her pretzels, Homer tries to help her: by getting the nob to sell. But when Marge refuses to pay Fat Tony, he and his henchmen show up at the Simpson home, but get in a fight with a Japanese mob. All else is normal when Homer apologizes and Marge forgives him.

    A good episode, sometimes boring in places, I think, but it was still pretty good and had some somewhat funny scenes and jokes. My overall grade would be a B+ or so. Good, but not great
  • Homer asks for the mafia's help with his wife's pretzel business.

    Marge buys a pretzel franchise after being voted out of the Springfield Investorettes for being too conservative. They strike back by parking their felafel van next to her pretzel wagon. Marge tries to hand out free samples at a baseball game, but they are hurled at Mr. Burns instead of being eaten. Homer asks Fat Tony for assistance. Soon, orders for Marge's pretzels pour in while the felafel business fails mysteriously. Her sales skyrocket and Fat Tony attempts to collect all the profits. Marge refuses to comply, and Fat Tony and his goons arrive at their house for a showdown but are headed off by the Japanese mafia who are sent by the Investorettes to rub out Fat Tony. This is just another example of the Simpsons comedy at its best. One of the best of the season. Loved the mob fight at the end. A must see!
  • Marge goes insane, once again.

    The Simpsons are such a crazy and wild bunch. Homer, Bart, Lisa, heck even Maggie, show us this reality to be true. But Marge? We consider her the lever that keeps the family in balance. Nevertheless, tonite we find Marge going insane and I don't mean talking gibberish and making spit bubbles, I mean serial killer insane. I think I prefer the kind of absurd things the rest of the familty does. Pretzels are not very tasty either, so why all the fuss? I think it is the fact that Marge is under such a great pressure at home and this simply was a way to release all the tension.
  • Hilarious Japna vs Italy mob style

    When Marge tries to start her own business, she finds herself involved with Fat Tony and his legitimate businessmen friends, who act as her silent partners. Marge tries to open a Pretzel Wagon franchise after meeting Frank Orman, The Pretzel Man, at a small business convention. The pretzel business is a bust until Homer enlists Fat Tony to lend Marge's business a little muscle--financial and otherwise. Marge's business takes off, but Fat Tony wants a fat cut of the profits. The only thing that can stop him from forcibly taking the money is the Japanese mafia, who come to Springfield and whup Tony and his buddies.
  • The best ever episode

    This is the best episode fat tony and his gang are back the japenense mafia with the crazy little one and the best part is when homer tricks fat tony and tells him "forshame fat tony you only did me a favor for you to get one back foreshame i am dispointed"
  • Fat Tony helps out the Simpsons. in this ep, but of course betrays them.

    Nice. Marge decides to sell pretzels! And none are being sold, due to a pitta bread stall ran by Marge's friends. Luckily Fat Tony helps out to sell loads fo pretzels and gts loads fo money and boy is Marge happy until he says technically he owns 100% of the money earned, but Homer gets some guys to teach Tony a lesson. A fun ep to watch and well-written, The Twisted World of Marge Simpson in enjoyable and very good. I never imagined Cletus to have all those children. You'd need a big brain to remember all of them. A funny story and some funny scenes, I loved it a lot. And it ends well too.
  • only homer simpson would think that the only way to save his wife's pretzel business is to enlist the mafia's help.

    marge getting a job as a pretzel vendor is a very creative idea and homer helping her out by getting gangsters to ruin other businesses is even more genius or, if refering to the character of homer, not so genius. this episode had some great jokes and a great plot with some great scenes including cletus using 200 "1 FREE PRETZEL" vouchers for his family.
    the twisted world of marge simpson is a great pun for an episode referring of course to the pretzel, which twists. homer caring for marge shows his soft side but thinking that the way to do that is to use the mafia shows his stupid side. homer wouldn't be the character he is without these two qualities.