The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 7

The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1997 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show apu has a aranged marrige and its to women from india name manjuila bart apu has not seen her in ages becasue it was aranged when they were kids. and she has not seen him .so apus parents are coming and so apu makes aplan with homer so marge pretends he is apus wife and homer is not married. and so he can excape not being married to manjula . at the end majula finds out and they are married at the simpsons house and it was a good wedding with elephants and everything. such a good ep
  • Apu Gets Married

    Apu enjoys living life as a bachelor, but he gets a sign in the mail from his mother that it is time for his arranged marriage to Manjula. Apu is terrified, and takes Homer's advice and uses Marge as his wife. But Apu's mother finds out the truth and the wedding is back on. Apu is extremely timid, until he meets Manjula and thinks she is really hot. They get married and look forward to years of happiness.

    A good episode, Apu episodes are generally good I think. Some real funny parts and a sweet story, overall grade is B+
  • Apu gives in...

    Watching this average episode I remembered the story of a friend of mine who almost got married to an indian guy. His mother didn't want him to marry her and she already had a spouse prepared for him. Now watching this episode, it is a confirmation of the customs in the indian culture.

    This episode is not so good as episodes from the previous season, but it is still very strong and remains at the same level than the other in this season. The elephant in the last part of this story is probably the only exaggeration in this episode. I like that.
  • Apu is enjoying his new found bachelorhood when suddenly He is called to go through with his arranged marriage.

    A very funny and enjoyable episode that changed a charecter forever. Favorite moments are Homer being the god Ganesh, Homer at the old folks home, and anything with Manjula's mom. Jan Hooks is always great as Manjula and the charecter design on Manjula is great. I liked the Bachelor auction great use of all of Springfield in there I loved Moe's description of a perfect woman and krusty was great as usual. I really like that Apu has a wife it suits him good episode Season 9 is doing great so far. Great job Simpsons cast you've done it again! bleh
  • an episode in which we will never forget because a new character is being introduced into the story!!!

    Apu's mother writes him a letter reminding him of his arranged bride and that he must marry her soon. When his mother comes to town, Apu enlists Marge to pretend she is his wife. Meanwhile, Homer has checked himself into the Springfield Retirement Castle, enjoying the leisurely days and free meals. After a series of farcical encounters with Apu's increasingly suspicious mother, Marge and Apu reveal the truth. Apu's arranged marriage is back on in spite of his reservations. But when he meets Manjula, his bride-to-be, Apu is smitten by her beauty and her good taste in movies. The two are married and live happily every after.
  • Apu enjoys bachelor hood, only to get an arranged marrage.

    So in this episode Apu gets auctioned off to 5 woman because he has some fine qualities as a bachelor. But only to have his mother send him a letter with a flower in it to show that his arranged marriage is ready. He trys to avoid it by saying that he is married to Marge, but that fails miserably and he ends up getting married. He actually likes this girl stranger he gets married to. So in the end everyone is happy. I thought this was pretty average, but the occasional funny-ness always makes me happy. So thats my review.
  • A Season 9 eisode to never forget!

    I loved it. Apu got what he wanted-a wife. Well he was nervous, but now he has a wife, Manjula. I loved it when Marge had to pretend to be Apu's wife, taht was halirious, and of course he was caught, lol. That Ganesha suit was also funny. (Apu really likes Ganesha, huh?) and I laughed my head off and rolled on the floor. This episode is a great Season 9-er and a fabulous hit. I hope to see it again. It's a very nice episode with Apu married and everything okay in the end!
  • Apu's arranged marriage

    Manjula, apu's bride-to-be, arranged by apu and manjula's parents appears for the first time in the simpsons at te worst possible time - just as apu starts to enjoy bachelorhood. there are great jokes like homer forgetting to ask marge to pretend to be married to apu even though that's why he rushed home. this episode has many memorable scenes, in particular the wedding between apu and manjula which would open up windows for many more episodes to come over the following scenes, like the birth of the octoplets and apu cheating. the two nahasapeemapetilons is hilarious and pivotal to the series.