The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 7

The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1997 on FOX

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  • Apu is enjoying his new found bachelorhood when suddenly He is called to go through with his arranged marriage.

    A very funny and enjoyable episode that changed a charecter forever. Favorite moments are Homer being the god Ganesh, Homer at the old folks home, and anything with Manjula's mom. Jan Hooks is always great as Manjula and the charecter design on Manjula is great. I liked the Bachelor auction great use of all of Springfield in there I loved Moe's description of a perfect woman and krusty was great as usual. I really like that Apu has a wife it suits him good episode Season 9 is doing great so far. Great job Simpsons cast you've done it again! bleh