The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 4

There's No Disgrace Like Home

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 1990 on FOX

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  • It's weird watching this episode after seeing many newer episodes.

    This episode wasn't my favorite either and it is for a particular reason: the earliness installment weirdness in this episode. To be honest, when I saw the episode, it felt nothing like the Simpsons was today. All but Bart was OOC. Homer had Marge's (and to a lesser extant, Lisa) personality, while Marge and Lisa were vice versa. Mike Reiss stated this in a commentary (no, I don't have the DVD, I got it from a source). That is one of problems with the episode, but the boring parts, as usual in season 1. I didn't liked the whole scene where the family are hurting each other with those electrical things and it went on for a bit long. There are some funny moments like Burns calling Bart "brat", Marge drunk on punch, Homer praying about the picnic, Barney talking about Homer's family, Itchy and Scratchy, and Homer drawing an airplane while the others drew him. So, are there's gonna be my first perfect episode of the season in its 13 episode run? Find out and hint, it won an award for the first time. (NOTE: This is my least favorite episode of season

    Score 6/10
  • Wh-wh-wh-what ev-ev-ever you do...

    You should never do shock therapy. That scene was just classic. This really shows that even in the first year, The Simpsons were on a roll.
  • A far better episode than the last one

    I've only seen this episode once, but I found it far better than the last one The plot was strong and the comedy was much higher than the last one. Overall, great acting and great lines along with a great story made this episode definitely worth a watch!
  • Superb


    The episode begins with Bart and Lisa in the living room, pushing and shoving each other, while having an argument. Homer quickly rushes in to break them up. He tells them to get the bad behavior out of their system, because they are going to Mr. Burns' company picnic, and he doesn't want his family to embarrass him in front of Mr. Burns. In the kitchen, Homer admires all of the gelatin desserts that Marge has prepared for the picnic. Homer is hoping to earn brownie points with Mr. Burns because Mr. Burns commented once before on how he liked Marge's gelatin dessert. The Simpsons drive to Mr. Burns' mansion and each family member carries a dessert in their lap. As they arrive at the mansion and walk up to the front door, Homer reminds his family that they need to behave and show him some love and/or respect. At the front door to the mansion, Mr. Burns greets his guests. The kid in the family ahead of the Simpsons, makes a smart aleck comment, and Mr. Burns orders Smithers to fire the father of the child. A nervous Homer and the rest of the family make it through their greeting with Mr. Burns without incident.

    Overall, a funny episode

    9.5 out of 10

  • homer is embaressed by the famaly at mr. burns picknik. so he takes them to a famaly doctor (marven mungroe) to bond them and ends up with a new tv.

    a ok episode that is the 2nd best episode in season 1.
    i quite liked it but bart the genoral is a bit better.
    i have it on tape so i know evry detale.
    marven mongroe is a bit well ruder than usuale.
    even said his famaly see him as a trole but in the end there all happy.
    the thing is i dont think they got a new tv just re~bought there old one as sean in futcher episodes.
    it is very very good for all simpsons fans age 8 to 80 mabe 90.
    not to funny but has a song about wine in it.
    overall its a very good episodes.
  • When will I learn? The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle...they're on TV!

    Bart and Lisa are fighting over who loves Homer more. Homer tells them to get it out of their system now before they embarrass him at SNPP's company picnic. They head to the picnic, which is held at Mr. Burns's mansion. Upon arriving, Homer tells his kids to show him love and respect. Mr. Burns and Smithers are greeting employees. Burns fires an employee because his son makes a smart mouth comment about having to go to the picnic. Homer manages to get past meeting Mr. Burns, but as soon as they are outside, Bart and Lisa run off and Homer chases after them. Marge dumps Maggie off in the daycare and goes off to drink punch with the other employees's wives. Homer manages to catch Bart just as Smithers announces that all fathers and sons are required to participate in a sack race with Mr. Burns. Smithers gives Mr. Burns a head start, but Bart decides to go for the win. Homer stops Bart just before he crosses the finish line, allowing Mr. Burns to win. Meanwhile Marge gets totally drunk off of the punch. Soon Mr. Burns orders everyone to leave before he releases the hounds. As the Simpsons leave, they see a family that is totally happy and perfect and Homer starts wishing his family could be more like them as he drives home. The next night, the Simpsons are stuffing TV dinners into their faces while watching TV. Homer is appalled by their behavior and makes his family eat at the table. When Lisa says that all families are like theirs, Homer decides to show them other families to prove her wrong. They see a creepy happy family and a father who orders his son to get the shotgun when he hears the Simpsons in the bushes outside his house. They then go back home, but Homer, feeling depressed, goes to Moe's Tavern to drink beer. There, he finds out that the families he spied on called the cops on him and he also gets into a fight with Barney. Homer then witnesses a TV commercial for Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center, promising familial bliss "Or double your money back". Homer calls in for an appointment. Next day, Homer has a family meeting and tells them they need $250 for the appointment. Marge says they don't have that kind of money, but Homer decides to use the kids's college fund. They only have $88.50 in the college fund, so Homer decides to pawn the TV, against the family's wishes, for the rest of the money. At Dr. Monroe's therapy center, it is soon revealed that Homer is believed to be a stern authority figure. Dr. Monroe decides to let the Simpsons wack each other with his aggression therapy mallets, but this accomplishes nothing. Dr. Monroe decides a more drastic measure will be needed: electric shock therapy. He wires the Simpsons to electrodes. They are to shock each other until gradually they learn not to hurt each other. Soon the Simpsons start shocking each other like crazy and nearly blow out power for all of Springfield (Which Mr. Burns notes). Dr. Monroe is furious and declares that the Simpsons must go. He gives them double their money back like the commercial promised. The Simpsons are overjoyed, and Homer decides to buy a better TV with their $500.

    This episode introduces police officers Eddie and Lou (Lou is yellow in this episode instead of being black), Itchy and Scratchy, and Dr. Marvin Monroe. Smithers also becomes yellow in this episode, after being black in "Homer's Odyssey". We also get to hear Homer say "Mmm..." for the first time in the series (He says "Mmm...marshmallow" in this episode). Every one of the Simpsons but Bart is out of character in this episode (Homer is the one who cares about the family, Marge is carefree and the one who drinks at the picnic, and Lisa is as bratty as Bart), but this is forgiveable as it is one of the first episodes. In spite of that, this is the first episode of the Simpsons I would honestly give a 10 to, as it has a good plot and the electric shock therapy scene had me laughing for hours. The Simpsons continue to improve throughout their first season, and this is (In my opinion) the best of the first 5 episodes.
  • Pretty good episode

    During a family picnic, Homer realizes that The Simpsons are the worst family in town. He sees all the other families love and care for each other, but The Simpsons are just goofing off. He decides to take the family to Doctor Marvin Monroe, for some shock therapy. This dosn't go well, but the family gets double their money back because the therapy failed. This was a pretty good episode. I thought it was a lot funnier than the past episodes, and the animation I think is a little better. I loved seeing the family shock each other, and making the power go out.

    Overall Grade: 85%/B+
  • There's No Disgrace Like Home: Homer is embarrassed by his family so enrols them all in a family bonding club.

    There's No Disgrace Like Home

    This was a big improvement over the last episode. This one had a fair amount of jokes not laugh out loud jokes but a few funny moments and a good plot that was well executed. This is probably my favourite season 1 up to this point. It may not be up to other season one classics (Krusty Get's Busted, The Tell-Tale Head and Life On The Fast Lane) but it still delivers some laughs (Mainly in the 2nd act) Over all this episode was good but not great but it shows signs of more better episodes to come

    Score: B-, 3.5/5, 7/10, Good
  • homer tries to fix his family

    in this ep of the simpsons homer and his family are invited to the plant cook out and he sees the way other family act and looks at his in discrace . so he tries to do everything he can to change them. he tried to get his family to eat right at the table and they just woof there food down like crazy. second he take them to go vist a family but they boy in the house say dad i herd something and they get chance by the dad with a shot gun. then he decided to take them to a doctor marvin monroe which it fails becasue they just want to zap each other and it turns into comedy homer final learns that you really cant change who you are as a family
  • Homer- responsible parent?

    This is an entertaining episode in which Homer is embarrassed of his family during a company picnic, and thinks they need professional help. So they all go see Dr. Marvin Monroe. They do a series of tests but nothing works, it would seem, to make them a happy family. But since he couldn't fix them, they are offered double their money back. So some good came out of it

    This is a very interesting episode and really funny. With many other season one episodes it isn't perfect and the animation is off at times, but this is a strong offering for the very first season that was produced.
  • Homer tries to make his family better but ultimately fails.

    When Homer compares his family to other families while at the company picnic, he realizes they're all better than his. Peeking through living room windows on other houses in their street, they see happy families sharing quality time together. Homer decides to take his family to the Marvin Monroe Family Therapy Center. When standard methods prove useless in civilizing the family, Marvin resorts to shock therapy... which also fails. Resigned to the fact that the Simpsons are uncurable, they are given double their money back.

    There was nothing in particular I hated about this episode. I just felt it was an average season one episode. Nothing special and nothing horrible at the same time. Some funny jokes but its not a series classic.
  • A good episode, but not a great one.

    There's No Disgrace Like Home is alright, but certainly not something I'd brag about. Let's just say it's an alright episode for the beginning of the show. Basically Homer hates him family and decides to get therapy. This is a pretty good plot, and this episode somehow uses it, but not to it's full potential. At the end they remain the same, but there's a happy ending: the therapist guarantees your money back multiple times if his threapy dosen't work. I felt that was pretty funny irony. There a few other OK scenes, like the shock therapy one and the joke about how cheap Marge's ring is. This episode's pretty average.
  • Great example of early Simpsons developing

    I think the keyword is developing. While I'm glad the show grew beyond the concept of this episode, it is an excellent example of what The Simpsons was at this time. "There's No Disgrace Like Home" is probably the episode that's most conceptually similar to the Tracy Ullmann shorts. Homer is the most concerned about the family (not to mention angry all the time), Bart and Lisa are both bratty and smartmouthed, and Marge has not had her character pegged down. Some who started watching the show at a later time probably will be bewildered by the characters actions in this show, but if you look at it for what it is, it's one of the best of the first season.
  • A big movement for the simpsons.

    This is simpsons when they were pulling serious meanings to episodes. No problems with that. I like this episode for the plot and how Homer and his family connect. Its reasonable hard to talk about this episode for me. Its so simple yet the meaning is dug deep.

    Even though I haven't rated it so high its the best serious meaning episode in season 1,2,6. Later on in this series some more abstract ideas start to play in. The pictures of homer is funny when he says he wasn't paying attention, and bart and lisa in the electric shock therapy.

    So once again i'm struggling to review this episode. The next episode is very good though so they'll be lots to right about.
  • A great iconic episode.

    The best from series one, I would say. The company picnic is hilarious for so many reasons. The "Jello joke" is very funny. Where Mr. Burns is reading the name's for the simpsons. I'll just say a few lines from the card. Mr Burns says "Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and... Brat." Bart replies "It's Bart sir". Homer shouts "Dont correct the man brat!" Marge getting really drunk for having a little bit of punch and then her song. The therapy session with the ability to shock eachother is a scene which everybody remembers. And finally the happy ending. Great. One of my favourite episodes ever
  • decent simpsons

    This epsiode reminds of the first episode. The Simpsons go to Mr. Burns picnic and homer realizes the arent a good family.So he sells the Tv and to get money to see a fmaily therapist. They end up shocking each other in electro therpay.SInce the therapist couldnt help thmethey get double their money back and get a better tv.

    This epsiode is memorable because marge gets drunk and they shock each other. It isnt a funny episode but has a good plot. It shows how real families are. I give it a 7.5 it is a better epsidoe of the first season.
  • Homers disgraced with the family? Homer!

    My Favourite Quote Section:

    Homer: You know, Moe, my mom once said something that really stuck with me. She said, "Homer, you're a big disappointment," and god bless her soul, she was really onto something.

    My why i loved this episode section:
    Homer again shows emotion he's upset with the family he wants them and himself to have the best life they can have so much he gives up the thing most important to him His TV but what i loved more is he did go back to normal at the end a great start and a great end.

    Better or Worse then the last Episode:
    Im Going to say Better as it was the same until the shock scene and the ending they left me in stiches.

    Ahh Goobras

    Screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders
  • I think Iconic is a better starting point

    This is an episode that really launched a series. While the first couple of episodes are great this one has what has to be one of the most memorable season one images. The family strapped down to chairs shocking each other in a "therapy" session. Would any of us done anything different if we were in their shoes? This episode is pretty interesting because it reverses the roles that we have become accustomed too. We see Marge making a fool out of herself in a drunken stupor while Homer tries to hold his family together. Imagine in a season 10 episode where Homer would consider selling the TV for even his own triple bypass, unthinkable. Yet here we see Homer looking to achieve the perfection he sees in others while his family brings him down. Or to see Homer scrap it out with a surprisingly coherent Barney. It's a refreshing role reversal that works well and should be considered by the writers to be brought up again to break the monotony of the later seasons. Homer's prayer during supper where he instead decides to gossip about his family is classic while in a very "Homer" moment Marge offers the solution to being the worst family in town is to move to a bigger community. On a side note it is also refreshing to see Homer and Marge in goofy outfits that to no surprise never returned. This is definitely a worth while episode to see how the character progression has happened throughout the ages and just for a change of pace from the progressively dumber homer of the future.
  • Homer is displeased with his family after they embarras him at the company picnic and he goes to Dr.Marvin Monroe to help solve his familys problems.

    1.4 There's No Disgrace Like Home

    I titled this episode "out of charcter" because of Homer and Marges attitudes.Marge was drinking a lot of wine and was acting crazy, and you can see Homer acting that way in Season 2's "War of the Simpsons". Even though, I actually did enjoy this episode ecspecially when Homer stopped Bart from crossing the finish line so Mr.Burns could win. The part when the whole family was shocking each other was a classic Simpsons moment, that everyone should remember. A funny part is when the Simpsons are looking inside at other families and Bart says "the dad has a shirt on" and Lisa says "they're using napkins".

    All in all, I liked this episode but it wasn't amazing.

  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    This not-so-funny addition to the first season of The Simpsons was.. well, not so funny. Also, the plot wasn't that great either. It wasn't well written. But, I did find the episode to be slightly entertaining and it did keep me watching. One dislike I had about this episode was the setting. Most of the scenes were at night, and that just made the episode seem more boring and didn't bring much light to the episode since it's okay.

    Well, after Homer Simpson sees that his family is not perfect, he tries to fix that. He sets up an appointment for a therapist that he had to pay by going to a pawn shop to sell his TV. Well, after it doesn't go so well and his refund is double like the commercial for the therapist says, Homer is back to normal and decides to buy a bigger TV and ignore the fact that his family isn't the most perfect family in the world.. like Ned Flanders.

    This episode was a pretty okay episode. But, I just didn't find it hilarious or funny. Maybe it's because I got used to the humor or because it's just an old episode of the Simpsons, but this episode wasn't just something as great as I wanted it to be.
  • Who put Marge's brain in Homer's body?

    In this episode Homer seeks professional help for his family after a company picnic at Burns Manor proves to be a real eye-opener.

    I guess that the writers were still working out the characters at this point because here Homer does things that Marge would be more likely to do in later seasons. Likewise, Marge exhibits a few characteristics more associated with Homer. Nevertheless, the episode does demonstrate the fact that Homer cares about his family. Of course, while Homer's trying to be responsible he fails to see that he's just as dysfunctional as the rest of the family.

    The shock therapy sequence in this episode is classic. I gotta admit, though, it's pretty bizarre seeing Homer marching off to the pawn shop with the TV while Marge suggests pawning her engagement ring instead.
  • One of the best episodes from Season 1.

    In this episode, Homer is embarrassed of his family after a picnic is held at his boss' home. He is determined to make his family "normal" with the help of Dr. Marvin's Family Therapy Treatment, but the Simpsons family eventually learn of their family identity.

    There are some great laughs in this episode from the "Family eve's dropping" scene to the memorable "Electro torture" scene. It's quite humourous (and weird) to see Marge get drunk and for Homer be the "leader" of the family - the roles and the personalities of Homer and Marge are almost completely reversed in this episode.

    'There's No Disgrace Like Home' is one the funniest and one of the most entertaining episodes in Season 1 and quite possibly one of the best episodes of The Simpsons so far. A highly recommended episode!
  • Psychotherapy seems like the last resort available to the Simpsons' family

    Continuing with the episodes with a moral that have plagued the first season of the Simpsons so far, this one has been my favorite until now. There are a couple of jokes that are so very good which is something I had not seen in the show so far. It is very odd to see Homer trying to save the family when he is actually the one who is usually wrecking it for the rest of the members.

    The story telling is the strongest point of these episodes because you are always trying to figure out what is coming next and there is never a dull moment.
  • After the family embarrasses him at a company picnic, Homer becomes convinced that something is wrong with them and he sets out to "fix" his family.

    There's no disgrace like home: "This episode i can say is well written. The plot was alright. This episode marks the debut of dr marvin monroe. my favorite scene in this episode was when they go to dr marvin monroe's office and the family is set up in electrical chair like. The scene where the family each other was priceless. Barney and Homer fighting in moe's tavern was funny. The part where marge gets drunk and sings an opera always cracked me up. shes a pretty funny drunk. overall i recommend people to watch this one."

    Favorite Quote: "You can't talk that way about my kids! or at least two of them." -Homer
  • Meh.

    After an embarrassing experience at his company picnic, Homer begins to wonder if his family is too dysfunctional. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie attend family therapy sessions with Dr. Marvin Monroe, an unorthodox psychotherapist who uses shock therapy to "cure" them. A topsy-turevy first couple episodes for the Simpsons they really have not found their groove yet. However, once the good episodes start coming this show will be unstoppable. A meh type of epiosde at that. It was funny at some parts, and a little blah at others. Not to worry Simpsons fans the Simpsons will pick up their episode quality as the years go on.
  • Thought a classic episode in itself, now looking back at it, it's nothing like any of the other episodes.

    This episode is one of the series' most memorable shows ever, particularly the end scene when the Simpsons are all shocking each other. Any one who's any one knows about that scene. Of course it does have some big, big, BIG differences about it. For one thing, Marge is the one the embarrassed everyone by getting drunk! How often does that happen now a day? Or Homer not wanting the family to watch TV while eating dinner. Since when did he care?! Or probably the weirdest aspect of them all, the face that Homer J. Simpson actually willing pawing off his own TV set for money! What the Heck?! It's enough to make you ask "Who is this guy and what has he done with Homer Simpson?!" This episode is the one that has the character most out of character then any other show. But still a great classic!
  • A Topsy turvy episode

    This episode was very out of character. Smithers is white again in this one, previously he was black, Lou was white! Marge has a drinking problem (totally in this one)and shovels the food with the kids...Lisa behaves like Bart, and Homer being the most competent Simpsons and the one thing I can't take it is that Homer willingly pawns the t.v. It is so weird watching Homer doing everything to get the family straight. The only character that seems to be normal is Bart. In this episode, we also get to see the first scene Itchy and Scratchy, first time appearance of Dr. Marvin Monroe. It has funny scenes which I love like Marge getting drunk, and the family shock treatment.
  • This is one of the first episodes that made me a huge fan of this wonderful series. It's so good to see Homer so concerned about his family and how much they embarrass him.There are hilarious sequences from the beginning to the end of the episode. Brill!

    This is most definitely one of my favourite episodes from series one. The first scene is just hilarious; Bart and Lisa arguing over who loves Homer the most. He gets all soppy until it becomes clear that they don't want to love him at all. This is just one of the many fantastic scenes in this particular episode. The phrase " start as you mean to go on" comes to mind as this is just the perfect beginning to a fantastically written and of course hilarious show. The sequence at the end with the therapy mallets is another hight point of the episode.
  • A typical Simpsons episode. The main theme is family relationship. Homer whants to have a better family...

    This one is an interesting Simpsons episode, wich is one of my most interesting themes - the families and their life in America (Springfield). The Simpsons go on Mr. Burns picnic, where they must prettend to be a normal family, but the thing is - they aren't. After the picnic Homer is dissapointed when he sees one of his colegues family, and how they live in peace. Then, after some time he sees an advertisment wich says: "Make a happy family" - it's a doctor who resolves family problems. Homer gives all his money just to have a good family but the doc somehow cant "fix" them. He gives him double money. All the family is happy, and celebrate with a new TV...
  • One of the first Simpsons episodes ever made.

    Here is my review for an old episode of "The Simpsons". It's called "There's No Disgrace Like Home", and I decided to make a review for it after getting this episode on a video I recently bought at a store. Anyway, it is about The Simpsons going to a company picnic at Mr. Burns' mansion and they have a crazy time there (Bart harassing the swans, Lisa playing in the fountain, and Marge getting drunk from the alcoholic punch they served there). As the day ends, Homer begins thinking that they are the worst family in Springfield because of how they act. And so, after seeing an ad for Dr. Monroe's Family Treatment Center, Homer decides to sell the TV so he can get enough money for family therapy. On their visit, they meet Dr. Marvin Monroe, and he tries all kinds of family treatments on them, but they almost end up getting fried when he has them use shock therapy on each other. And so, he ends paying them back double (as his ad said on TV), and they decide to get a new TV. This episode is very good to watch if you grew up to "The Simpsons" like I have. It's very funny and original.
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