The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 17

Three Gays of the Condo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on FOX

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  • superb

    What I liked: "He's sleeping in the pantry!" "With a gay roommate, we can walk around naked!" "Way ahead of you" (Homer walks out naked), "That was the best kiss I've had tonight" (and then he thinks to himself "or was it?"). Amongst other things.

    This episode had a lot of gay jokes, but what do you expect when the episode is centered on gay characters? Not all of the gay jokes were funny but a lot of them were, and as such, I think it is fair that my final grade for this episode be a B+/A-. Not the best episode of course but it was still really good.
  • Some episode this is this episode is too mess up man

    In this episode Somehow Homer leaves Marge because Homer was so drunk and stay with Marge at that time because she was pregnant with Bart. Then Homer meets these to guys and stay with then at their Condo only to find out that thoes guys are 100% gay guys and Homer did something that LMAO it was so stupid-fuuny to me and then it all adds with one of the gay guys kisses Homer thats not right man. Then somehow this episode won an emmy for what cause of this episode I don't get it man or do I or maybe its all mess up man
  • After having another fight with Marge, Homer moves into a condo with a couple of homosexuals

    Well its no wonder that this episode won an emmy because its simply just fantastic. It was very funny to see Homer have to adapt to having gay rommates, and the best part of the episode had to be when Homer was kissed by a gay guy for the first time. All that aside, I loved the plot behind the fight between Homer and Marge, and Weird Al as a guest star was just the icing on the cake. Especially that parody of the song Jack and Dianne at the end of the episode. Great music, great jokes, great plot = great episode.
  • Homer is a Homo good but strange.

    Homer and Marge have a fight when Homer realizes Marge married him because she was pregnant with Bart. He decides to leave the house and tries moving in with Milhouse's dad. After not being able to sleep, he's eventually taken in by Karl, his old assistant. It turns out that Karl has a flamboyant lifestyle which Homer gets a heavy dose of. Homer tries to get back together with Marge, but he screws it up and goes out drinking – heavily. He ends up in the hospital where he and Marge reconcile. Homer realizes that Marge loves him and that's all that matters. He moves back home.
  • Homer the homo

    the episodes starts getting personal when homer is searching for a puzzle piece and finds a personal paper on the the back of the grand opening of moes poster. about how her first night with homer was.Homer is so devestated that he decides to live with a two homosexuals. when he does he starts gaining there personality traits marge attempts to gain homers love back but his his new homosexual ways get the best of him so he declies. but the problem is noww that one of them is attracted to homer but now he has left bolth marge and the duo of homosexuals and he had almost died alchahol poisoning he then realizes that marge cares for him and makes up with him
  • I thought The Simpson's S14 was the worst..but this episode proved me wrong.

    This episode was flawless. I was expecting the usual dull and unintelligent humour, but this episode has nothing more than the old clever humour from their early days.

    This episode was funny as usual, and had a great plot. I thought the idea of Homer..actually I won't spoil the plot.

    I will hopefully try to watch every Season 14 episode, because if they're from the same production code as this, there's a small chance that they might be as great as this.

    I recommend this episode, for it's great humour, great animation and dazzling plot. As I usually say, theres always at least one good episode in a season.
  • Great....Awesome!

    In this episode Homer finds out that marge intended to break up with him before they got married and he moves of with these two gay guys and one of them likes homer! Then Weird Al guest stars and does a parody of that song you know "let me tell you a story about Jack and Diane" except he sings it "let me tell you a story about Homer and Marge" and it is hilarious i tell you! Its really funny because Homer was going to get back with Marge at a restaurant but then Homer was late the gay guys offered him some margeritas and he drank a bunch and was late. It was a funny episode.........
  • Odd yet funny

    This episode had so many great jokes such as homer believing margarita is mexican for marge and the jigsaw mystery aswell as the nurse stealing sponges. this episode also shows that homer has evolved since his homophobic days in "Homer Phobia" and may in fact become one of them according to the disturbing joke towards the end. I doubt this will occur however because the plot would be too repetitive. this whole episode is a laugh a minute and even when marge is yelling at homer, the speech is funny. The episode also guest stars Weird Al Yankovich which is a great scene and good parodical song. This episode shows just what a typical simpsons episode looks like when pulled off correctly.
  • Homer gay?

    This is a really silly episode, but importantly it is quite funny at the same time.

    Homer and Marge fight after he found out that she hated them when they were younger. So he moves out - and then he moves in with a gay couple.

    In the end Homer and Marge realise how much they love each other and blah, blah, blah! But when the gay guys think Homer is gay I started wondering myself.

    Its an original episode and one I really enjoyed.
  • Three Gays Of The Condo

    This episode is quite funny. The Simpson family are doing a jigsaw puzzle and find a missing piece but Homer find more than the missing piece. He finds out a secret from the past that Marge hated him when they were younger and Homer moves in with a gay couple and Homer didn't mind them. I think Homer is actually gay himself.