The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 9

Thursdays with Abie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • Boring ep

    Grampa bumps into a human interest columnist who becomes fascinated with Grampa's life and writes a series of columns about Grampa's adventures. I thought this was a mediocre episode. I still remembered the parts and I was really bored of watching it. There isn't that much funny parts. But I laughed at a few parts such as Homer having a Computer Brain, the conversation with Chief Wiggum and Lisa, etc (since I forgot). The main plot wasn't really my favorite here and I wish it was done better. Overall, a mediocre Simpsons episode. 5/10
  • Abe gets interest in his stories of a reporter.

    One word to describe this episode would be boring.

    Some moments were just dumb. Why did the reporter get hit in the head with a glass bottle of homer to not even react but passes out to falling boxes? That is cringeworthy.

    The other plot was unwelcome. Once again they used agnes skinner for a part. She is in every episode these days. Shes not funny anymore. either was her line.

    the plots were both a snooze fest. The sub plot was unbearable for most part. There was hardly even a joke worth remembering. the only slightly amusing parts were with nelson. Overall a very weak and bad addition to a mixed season

    the Simpsons go to as water park and Abe is left alone in a bench. He is approchead by stranger Marshall Goldberg, who has a mystrious interest in Abe's stories. But then it is revealed that Goldberg is a journalist, and wants to make abe's sotries a weekly column. The column is a success and Homer is heartbroken becuase Abe never told him those stories, and tries to win back his attention. On the process, he discovers that Goldberg plans to kill Abe in a train and win a Pulitzer price making a biography about Abraham, so he goes to that train and together with his father, beat Marshall and is re-united with his father, back at home, Grandpa lets Homer tell his first story. It was about Godzilla. And the Rolling Stones. And him being born 4 times. And him being a professional disgressor. They A story was pretty good, and had a little heart. now to the B-one. Bart is left in charge of Larry the lamb (the classes plushie) for the WKND. Nothing to special, but it had this great lines between Wiggum and Lisa: Lisa: Chief, my brother fell in the storm drain!
    Chief Wiggum: I'm strictly an above the ground policeman, what you need is the sewer cops.
    Lisa: Fine, what's the number?
    Chief Wiggum: Lisa, you're old enough now that I can tell you the truth. There's no such thing as sewer cops. It's just something we tell the kids to feel safe.
    Lisa: What about Bart?
    Chief Wiggum: Well if you miss him, you can yell into a toilet.

    Overall, a solid 8 IMO.
  • Great episode for the most part!

    In this episode, Grandpa Abe gets his own newspaper article by finding a reporter at a splash park. On the other be-half of the story, Bart takes home the class stuffed animal lamb. This episode I must say was full of a lot of really good jokes. Such jokes included the splash zone part and how it showed Bart in the kitchen frying the lamb on the oven. Seeing Homer's dad have another episode was pretty enjoyable, and it's not something that you see everyday. The end was quite entertaining when Homer saved his dad when Homer found out the new's colonist was trying to kill Abe the whole time for fame and fortune. And the end turned out to be hysterical. Homer told his first story tell about Godzilla. This episode started off a little slow in the beginning, but for the most part, it was a very enjoyable episode for me. Go Simpson's!