The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 22

Trash of the Titans

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

We see early on there is a boardroom meeting going on; the CEO wants to get out of the holiday slump to make some money. After some debating, he wants to introduce a new holiday, something warm and, "Love Day", only not so lame.

Some time later, we see the Simpson family is celebrating the newest holiday, "Love Day". The family celebrates with a series of 'love-themed' items and once it's time to clean up, Homer takes all the "Love Day" decorations and presents and throws them in the trash. Homer seems to fill the trash can to the brim, which means according to the family, "you top it off, you drop it off." Homer continues to deny; "it isn't filled until it's spilled".

Some time later, the trash has been piling up considerably in the can, but still isn't falling. Finally, when Homer tries to hide his newest addition to the trash can, he knocks it over and must finally take the garbage out. Homer soon finds he's too late; the garbagemen pass by the house and he is stuck with the garbage for another week. Homer starts to heavily insult the garbagemen, but gets a nasty surprise when they stop the truck and come back...

Re-entering the house with his clothes stuffed with trash, Homer announces his 'good news': he just got in a fight with the garbagemen and their service is officially cut off. He states that he would prefer to live in a dump than let snooty garbagemen run the world. Time goes on, and nothing, whether it is a request from Ned Flanders, potential disease, vermin, or Marge asking him to apologize, is going to make Homer fix anything.

One morning, Homer wakes up expecting to see the gigantic pile of filth he's created and living in, but is surprised to discover every last inch of trash is gone. At the table, Homer is boasting to the family about his victory over City Hall. He goes on and on until Marge finally spells it out that the trash is gone because she wrote an apology letter and forged his name. Feeling like he had lost his dignity, Homer vows to get it back.

He goes to meet Ray Patterson, Springfield's Sanitation Commissioner and retracts the apology letter. Ray Patterson is a generally decent person, but Homer takes this moment to make his new goal clear: thinking he could do a better job, he wants to 'shake things up' and become Springfield's new Sanitation Commissioner.

Homer begins his campaign through various means, including a drive-by campaign, a campaign at work, and interrupting a U2 concert to make his voice heard. Problem is, people don't seem to be warming up to him. At Moe's, Homer complains to Moe about his unsuccessful campaign. Moe gives Homer the advice to come up with a campaign that would appeal to the lowest common denominator. Just then, Homer gets an idea for a campaign...

The next day, Homer is standing before a crowd. He takes this time to announce his trash clean-up philosophy: "Can't someone else do it?" His plan would involve the garbagemen going around doing each and every last unpleasant chore for the town. It seems to strike a chord with the public. Finally, in a last debate, Homer continues to mock Ray Patterson. Ray Patterson, finally fed up with Homer, gives the citizens a choice: rely on him for dependable service, or go with Homer's wacky new idea. Homer wins in a landslide.

Homer gets sworn into office, and when asked how he would fulfill all the crazy promises he made about garbagemen having around-the-clock service for the whole town, he starts to lead the friendly, non-judgemental garbagemen working under him in the song "The Garbage Man Can".

Shortly, it seems Homer has managed to fulfill his promises. But when Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby bursts into Homer's office, it turns out the promises that he fulfilled where incredibly costly; the mass spending caused the year's millions-of-dollars budget to be used up in a month; the entire department is broke. As a result, he won't be able to pay the garbagemen and they are getting sick of working for nothing. Finally, Homer comes up with an idea to have money come in...

While driving during the night, Homer is out taking the family to show them exactly how he was going to have money continue to come in the department's budget. He confirms to the family that it isn't drugs. Driving them into the outskirts of town, he reveals that he is getting money by having other cities have their trash delivered here, and they would stuff it inside of an ancient, abandoned mine. Homer shrugs off the idea that he is potentially endangering the town...

It is not too long afterwards that all the excess trash getting stuffed below the town starts to bubble up underground and start exploding all over Springfield, transforming the entire town into a city dump. During a town assembly, the decision is unanimous in kicking Homer off the Sanitation Commissioner position and reinstating Ray Patterson. However, instead of taking his old job back, Ray Patterson takes pleasure over the mess they all made and declines returning. With the city of Springfield completely littered to the point of being a landfill, Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby takes this moment to have Springfield use "Plan B"...

...moving the entire town five miles down the road.