The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 22

Trash of the Titans

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 1998 on FOX

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  • The Simpsons marks its 200th episode with Homer being elected Springfield's Sanitation Commissioner.

    This Emmy Award winning milestone episode of the long running series left me with mixed feelings. The legendary Steve Martin's guest appearance is certainly a high point. Another such high point is the well done parody of the classic song "The Candyman". Still, when the episode was over I was disappointed to a certain degree. It could not have been more obvious that Homer would fail miserably as Sanitation Commissioner and he would end up being thrown out of office. Also, the scenes of garbage exploding out of the ground and everywhere else leaving people covered in disgusting filth were more flat out gross than funny. However the episode's ending was quite good. Springfield's final solution to the problem Homer caused was very clever. Also I could not help but laugh at the clever parody of the classic "Keep America Beautiful" ad campaign of the late seventies and early eighties. "Trash of the Titans" is not a bad episode per se, but there have been better ones in my opinion. If you want to see a great milestone episode, check out episode number 500.
  • great


    what i liked- the ending with everyone beign forced to move, the Garbage Man Can song, Love Day, and the present homer gets for Love Day from Marge, Oscar The Grouch cameo, amongst other things.

    eh, it's good. some of homer's antics are a bit much (slashing a man's tires? seems kind of too mean, if you ask me), but there are a few good moments, so overall my grade is going to be a low B. Good, not great

  • 200 strong and growing hahahahaha

    It's love day (sort of). The trash is all filled and Homer is on the lousy side. He doesn't want to take out trash, and while Marge tells him to, He gets in a fight with the garbagemen. They cut the family's service and have the trash pile up. It's a real hellhole until Homer discovers that the trash is gone. He claims that he won the battle against city hall. Marge corrects him saying that she wrote homer's name on the letter. Homer goes to city hall to get it back. After a bad time at the office, he wants to register for sanitation commisioner. He wins the race and is doing very well until Mayor Quimby comes in Homer's office angry saying that he's spent the entire year's budget in a month. He finds a solution. Other cities have a problem with Garbage so they pay homer to dump it in a abadonded miine with bad results. While he's playing golf with Quimby he sees a something with a garguling sound. It appears to be trash. It's spreading all over town. Homer is nolonger sanitation commisioner and the townspeople with the buildings of Sprinfield move 5 miles down the Road.

    Great episode
  • Garbage Pail Homer

    A mixed bag of feelings has left this episode in me, just like most of the ninth season episodes. On one hand, the premise of Homer doing a better job than the current municipal garbage deputy is insane for we al know Homer J. Simpson is a complete pig. Now that's irony! On the other hand, the whoe deal with the trash bursting out of the ground is just increidible. Other thing I really liked was seeing Homer mess everything up as usual and that never grows old. What is really annoying about this show is that there is something missing and that is clever jokes. The kind we were used to back in the first seasons. Now all we have left is toilet humor and maybe once in a while a nice laugh.
  • 200 episode sand still going strong!!!

    After a spat with some garbage men, Homer decides to run for the position of Sanitation Commissioner. He takes on the current commissioner, Ray Patterson, who is endorsed by the members of U2, and wins the election by making wild campaign promises. As the new Sanitation Commissioner, Homer tries to institute policies such as around-the-clock service, shiny new uniforms for garbage men, and free car washes. Homer's initiatives are so costly that he spends an entire year's budget in one month, and must raise money by allowing other towns to use Springfield's abandoned mines as garbage dumps. With trash forcing its way up through the ground and overrunning Springfield, the townspeople beg Ray Patterson to return to his job. Patterson refuses. As a last resort, the entire town of Springfield is moved to another tract of land fives miles away.
  • Pretty good.

    This episode was pretty good. I laughed when Homer htrew all the trash on Flanders, and then Homer whispered to Bart, "Got him!" This wasn't the greatest episodes in Season Nine, but it maight be in the top five or so for me. The song that the trash people sang was okay, but it can't beat Family Guy songs. The Simpsons songs couldn't even comapre to Family Guy songs, if you ask me. Now, back on subject- I would recommend this episode, but only if you don't have any other Simpsons episode you can watch. If you watched all of Season 9 in the boxset and are looking for a good episode, don't go straight to this episode. Thanks for reading my review.
  • The simpsons 200th episode

    The greeting card industry cooks up a new holiday called \"Love Day\". The Simpsons celebrate, creating a lot of garbage. When Homer takes it out, he gets into a confrontation with the garbage men and they refuse to pick up his trash anymore. Soon the family has huge trash piles all around their home. Homer wakes to find all the trash gone one day and he finds out that Marge has written an apology to city hall and signed his name. He goes down to retract his apology and he meets with Ray Patterson, the Sanitation Commissioner. When Homer decides that he doesn\'t like Patterson, Homer registers to run in the election for Sanitation Commissioner against him. Homer starts his campaign, but he is inconsistent in his views and his campaign antics include interrupting a U2 concert. While reflecting on his failure to reach the voters, he stumbles upon the ultimate campaign slogan, \"can\'t someone else do it?\" Under the plan, the garbage men will do every unpleasant job you could imagine. Homer\'s crazy promises and sleazy methods win him the election by a landslide. To keep his promises he spends an unbelievable amount of money, like the entire year\'s budget in the first month. To make up the deficit, Homer allows other cities to ship their trash to Springfield, which he has placed in an old abandoned mine. The mineshaft isn\'t bottomless and something has got to give, so it does. The explosion of trash wreaks havoc all over town. Ray Patterson refuses to come back and replace Homer. Mayor Quimby executes plan B, which is to move the entire town five miles down the road.

    This is a really funny episode overall and has some great moments like homer singing \"the garbage man can\"
  • Costington\\\'s creation of \\\"luv day\\\" inadvertently leads to Homer running for sanitation commissioner. Guest stars U2 and Steve Martin.

    Out of all the Simpsons episodes that I\\\'ve watched (and that is a lot) this has to be my favourite, being able to pratically recite the whole episode, including the catchy \\\"The garbage man can\\\" song.
    I love it when Homer kicks a bald headed woman on a chair out of the way saying \\\"Take a hike Kojak\\\" before interrupting U2\\\'s concert.
    And the classic \\\"It\\\'s so gratifying to see you wallow in the mess you\\\'ve made. You\\\'re screwed goodbye.\\\" \\\"He\\\'s right, he ain\\\'t good on speeches.\\\"
    I would say that this is definitely one to have in your collection.
    Oh, and do yourself a favour. Don\\\'t turn around.
  • This episode rules!

    This is the perfect episode for the two hundredth episode because it is just fantastic, first of all it shows Homer fighting against Ray Patterson in order for the trash of the city, just because Marge apologize for him in a letter, and I think that it was just cool how did Homer tried to get the to the public in the concert of U2 (U2 RULES!) and it was really cool when they tell him he is getting help and in the big screen, HOmer is being hit by the guards of the concert, well the thing is that this episode is really cool, and ultimately to escape from the trash they decide to move the city to another place.
  • When Homer takes it out, he gets into a confrontation with the garbage men and they refuse to pick up his trash anymore. Homer wakes to find all the trash gone and he finds out that Marge has written an apology signed his name. He goes to retract his apol

    OMG this was so funny after watching it about 20 times you would think i would get bored of it but i didnt and still to this day i still sing the garbage man can song it was so class.
    Especially when marge has to chuck meat in so the simpsons children can go to school wat are they gonna do if it had stayed.
    It was a great episode and one of the simpsons classics that will go down in history for like ever so u have to see it if you havent seen it all ready it so unmissable.Also something weird happens Homer is in a white suit and doesnt get messy so ....u gottta watch it now!!
  • Oh the garbage man can!

    Homer as sanitation commissioner!

    Sometimes I wonder if the people of Springfield are even more dumb than Homer!

    Obviously this is a disaster and there is garbage everywhere, so the whole town moves 20 miles down the road.

    There are some great lines
    - "I never apologize, Lisa. I'm sorry, but that's just the way I am"
    - "Homer: Sorry Ned, didn't see you down there! (to Bart).. got him"

    Although I'm not a U2 fan there apperance was one of best celeb cameos the show has ever had. When Bono went off talking about sanitation and one of the other guys went "Oh here we go again" and one of them having a collection of spoons was quite bizzare!

    A prime example of why Season 9 is my favourite season.

    Oh and by the way this is my 100th review (Hooray for me! :D)
  • Best milestone episode ever

    This is the 200th episode of the simpsons and it was a terrific choice for the milestone too. this is my favourite milestone episode and one of my favourites overall with great lines such as those in the garbageman song, "trash eating scumbags" and "i never apologise lisa. i'm sorry but that's just the way i am". moving the whole town was a great ending and solution to homer's stupid plan to get more money for the garbagemen. this is another episode where homer has a job (for the (nearly) full list see my simpsons show review) and has hilarious consequences. this was one of the best episodes in the series as i'm sure many of you will agree
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