The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 22

Trash of the Titans

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 1998 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Homer pushes one of the garbage men, the garbage man's cigarette disappears for about a millisecond.

    • Cut Scene- Marge throws bacon in the trash pile so Bart and Lisa can get to school.

    • Cut scene- Bart gets a present for love day. You would kiss it and it dances. Of course he hates it. He throws it and the dog comes over, licks it, it dances, and Homer dances.

    • A popular Seasame Street character, Oscar The Grouch, is featured in this episode.

    • "The Garbage Man Can" sounds a bit different on the "Go Simpsonic!" soundtrack CD than it does in the episode. The song on the CD has an extra verse just before the end as follows:

      Little girl: Who can take my mommy / and my daddy too / make them get along / like moms and dads are s'posed to do / the garbage man! / I hope the garbage man can!
      Man (not Homer): The garbage man can't / but he's got a giant stack of boring comics for you!

    • At the end, when the buildings are on trailers, Moe's bar's door is on the opposite side to the Simpson's house, then Homer jumps straight from the house door to Moe's door, then the door is on the other side again.

    • In one shot at the Sanitation Commissioner debate, Chief Wiggum's hair is black.

  • Quotes

    • Marge: Homer, that crazy lady who lives in our trash pile attacked me today.
      Homer: That's not the way she tells it.
      Marge: And the school nurse says Bart has the plague!
      Homer: It's like the measles, it's better to get it when you're young.

    • The City: Aye.
      Mayor Quimby: And all those opposed to horse whipping Homer Simpson?
      Homer: Me.

    • Patterson: Friendship? You told people I led children into my gingerbread house!!
      Homer: Yeah that was just a lie.

    • Patterson: Sorry I'm late, (accusingly to Homer) somebody tampered with my brakes
      Homer: Well you should have been on time then
      Chief Wiggum: HA! HA! He got you there Ray.

    • (Homer knocks the trash over)
      Marge: I heard that, Homer! You know the rule!
      Homer: Awwhh!!

    • Moe: You're gonna need to come up with a slogan that people are gonna remember you by.
      Homer: Awwh, can't someone else do it?
      Moe: Can't someone else do it… that's PERFECT.
      Homer: Really?

    • Lisa: It's full, Dad, that means you have to take out the trash.
      Bart: Yeah, you know the rule. He who tops it off drops it off.
      Homer: Nuh-uh, it isn't filled until it's spilled!

    • Garbage Man: You called us trash-eating stink bags!
      Other Garbage Man: Didn't you learn anything from Love Day?
      Homer: That was yesterday, moron!

    • Homer: I never apologize, Lisa. I'm sorry, but that's just the way I am.

    • Ray Patterson: I'm not much on speeches, but it's so gratifying to leave you wallowing in the mess you've made, you're screwed. Thank you. Bye.
      (music starts playing)
      Moe: He's right, he ain't much on speeches.

    • Homer: Okay, before I show you, who wants to guess how I got the money?
      Bart: Dealing drugs?
      Lisa: Drugs?
      Marge: I'll have to say drugs too
      Homer: Close, but you're way off.

    • Moe: Woah, woah, hey, you didn't pay for the beer
      Homer: Can't someone else do it?!
      Moe/Homer: hahahahahahahahaa (Homer exits, you hear a gun)
      Moe: Seriously, gimmie the money!

    • Homer: You signed away my dignity, and I'm going to get it back. Lisa, do I have my pants on?
      Lisa: Yes.
      Homer: Perfect!

    • Flanders: Maude's folks are visiting, and they're a tad touchy about odors.
      Homer: Then you might wanna close your windows before the sun hits Diaper Hill!
      Rod: Look, Daddy! I'm the king of the mountain!
      Flanders: Rod! Get off of there!

    • Marge: We better start our Love Day cleanup! Kids, you take care of the wrapping paper, I'm going to dismantle Love Land (Marge goes outside where Bears are playing Violins)

    • Bart: What the hell is this!?
      Marge: It's a 'Kisses Make Me Boogie-O-Lantern', kiss it and make it boogie!
      Homer: Kiss it!
      Bart: Ah, maybe later.

    • Teddy: I am Sir Love-A-Lot, the bear who loves to love!
      Homer: They didn't have Lord Huggington!?
      Marge: It's the same basic bear, Homey.
      Homer: Oh I guess...

    • Marketing Guy: No, it's gotta be something warm and fuzzy, something like, um ... Love Day, but not so lame ...
      (Cut to the Simpson home)
      Marge: Happy Love Day everyone!

    • (During the end credits, U2 is on a plane)
      Adam: Look guys, I got Springfield spoon for my spoon collection.
      The Edge: Oh, here we go.
      Bono: How many spoons have you got now, Adam?
      Adam: Nine. If I didn't have my spoons, I'd go insane.
      Bono: Can I see it? (Throws spoon)
      Adam: My spoon!
      (It hits Mr. Burns in the head)
      Mr. Burns: Oww! Wankers.

    • The Edge: (to Larry) What do you say we slip out to Moe's for a little bit?
      Adam: Can I come?
      The Edge: No.
      Adam: Wankers.

    • Homer: This is just like David and Goliath, only this time, David won.

    • Bono: Wow, look at him go. You're the real lord of the dance Homer.
      (Security guards pull Homer off stage)
      Homer: Help me Bono!
      Bono: Don't worry folks, he'll get the help he needs.
      (Guards beat the crap out Homer on the Big-Screens)

    • Patterson: I can't believe what I'm hearing.
      Homer: Well you better turn up your hearing aid, Pops!
      Patterson: Pops? I'm only 2 years older than you.
      Homer: Do we want old-man Patterson here with his finger on the button?
      Patterson: WHAT BUTTON!? What the hell are you talking about?!
      Homer: (mocking) Wha..wha..what button? Where am I? Who took my false teeth?

    • "The Garbageman" Lyrics (Sung to the tune of "The Candyman")

      Marge: I'm really proud of your, Homey; but can the garbageman really do all the things you said?
      Homer: Oh, the garbageman can, Marge. The garbageman can...

      Who can take your trash out?
      Stomp it down for you?
      Shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingie too?
      The garbageman!
      Garbagemen: Oh, the garbageman can!

      The garbage man can
      And he does it with a smile
      And never judges you.

      Marge: Who can take this diaper?
      Garbageman: I don't mind at all.
      Wiggum: Who can clean me up before the big policeman's ball?
      The garbageman!
      Garbagemen: Yes, the garbageman can!

      U2: The sanitation folks
      Are jolly, friendly blokes,
      Courteous and easygoing!
      The Edge: They mop up when you're overflowing...
      Bono: And tell you when your arse is showing!

      Apu: Who can?
      Mel: Who can?
      Ned: Who can?
      Oscar the Grouch: Who can?

      Homer: The garbageman can!
      Bart+Lisa: 'Cause he's Homer Simpson, man!
      All: He cleans the world for... YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

    • Homer: I'd like to register to run for Sanitation Commissioner.
      Clerk: Okay, but this is where you register to be a sex offender.
      (Moe enters the room)
      Moe: Oh, there's always a line.

    • Ray Patterson: You are going to crash and burn, my fat-headed friend.
      Homer: See, we're still friends.

    • Bono: Hold on! He's talking about waste management and that affects the whole damn planet.
      The Edge: (Under his breath) Oh, boy, here we go.

    • Homer: Did you get the new trucks? Are they amphibious? Well, there's only one way to find out.

    • Homer: Animals are crapping in our houses and we're picking it up. Did we lose a war? That's not America! That's not even Mexico!

    • Homer: My campaign is a disaster, Moe. I hate the public so much. If only they'd elect me, I'd make them pay.

    • Homer: No one's going to beat you, son. You're gonna get such a beating!

    • Bart: Vote for my dad, Homer Simpson. If you don't, he'll beat us.

  • Notes

    • In 1998, rumours spread in the UK that this would be the 200th and final episode

    • A subtle inside joke in this episode is that there really was a man named Ray Patterson. Ray Patterson was known for directing cartoons at Hanna-Barbara Studios from 1978-1993.

    • In 1998, this episode won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or Less), as well as the Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television Production.

    • Versions of this episode shown in Britain redub and/or bleep out uses of the word "wanker" when shown on TV.

    • This episode was...

      "Dedicated to the memory of Linda McCartney"

      Linda and her husband Paul appeared as themselves in Lisa the Vegetarian.

    • With this episode, the series is the first (American) animated series to have over 200 episodes. It is FOX's second comedy series to have 200 episodes. Married With Children was the first.

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not mess with the opening credits.
      Couch Gag: Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie rush in only to find Bart writing on a blackboard "I will not mess with the opening credits" over and over again.

  • Allusions

    • Sesame Street
      During the musical number, the garbage men carry trash cans with heads that pop up. The last one is Oscar the Grouch from the children's TV series Sesame Street.

    • Homer: You'll never silence me! I'm the last angry man, Patterson!

      The Last Angry Man is a 1959 film about a New York journalist who makes a documentary about his doctor uncle's life.

    • The Indian crying when he sees all the garbage where Springfield used to be is a reference to a commercial from 1971, where an Indian (Iron Eyes Cody) is crying because of all of the litter.

    • The episode title refers to the 1981 film Clash of the Titans.

    • The song "The Garbage Man Can" is a parody of the song "Candy Man" from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a film about a tour of a magical chocolate factory and more. Homer and the garbage men sing a garbage-based variation of the classic song.

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