The Simpsons

Season 17 Episode 4

Tree House of Horror XVI

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on FOX

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  • The Simpsons continues its annual Halloween tradition with the sixteenth installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    I was not all that impressed with this chapter in the long running series, but that does not necessarily mean it was bad. There were some genuine laughs here. The opening sequence of Kang and Kodos' frustration with the World Series was very clever. Their dialogue was very well written. As one of the few people who actually enjoyed "AI: Artificial Intelligence" I believe the opening segment was the episode's best. It had quite a few laughs and was the most entertaining of the segments. The second segment once again shows how Homer is nothing without Marge. It was a not a bad segment but it could have been better. The final segment was a little better in the sense that you were not totally sure where it would end up. That did a lot to add to it's appeal. Overall I do not think chapter XVI was bad, but it could have been better.
  • It was Alright

    In the first segment, a robot son after Bart slips into a coma. But then he awakens and finds the robot son. What will happen?

    Next, Mr. Burns plans to kill people at his mansion. Everyone is dead except Homer. Can he survive?

    Then, everyone in Springfield looks exactly what they dressed up as for Halloween because of a witch's curse.

    Alright, my favorite segment was the first, then the last, then the middle... none of them were GREAT, they were good... not very funny though and I did not like the plots a lot, overall grade is a C- or so
  • I didn't find it disappointing.

    B.I. Bartifical intelligence:
    The weakest part of the whole episode. As for the ending, I don't think it's funny. It's just... bizzare. Unnecessary. Boring. Unfunny.
    Rating: 1/5

    Survival of the fattest:
    Mr Burns is one of my favorite characters, and this part is the best in my opinion. The plot is very simple, but the conversation in the "hunt room" and character deaths made it very interesting. I could watch this 30 times in a row and still like it.
    Rating: 5/5

    I've grown a costume in your face:
    Everyone says that this is a parody of a classic Twilight Zone episode, The masks. But plots are completely different. I like "The masks" more, but this segment was worthy of appearing on a ThoH episode. The ending is stupid as usual.
    Rating: 4/5
  • My second favorite episiode behind the 9th Treehouse Of Horror.

    I am not going to do what I did last time where seperated the segments because I forget alot of it. The hillarious parts are when Comic Fuy said to Mr. Burns just shoot me now and then Mr. Burns shoots as soon as he says that and it was hillarious when Moe landed on top of that spike thing on a house and then he scratches a lottery ticket and he wins 50 grand and says that if he will survive and Chief Wiggum falls on him and they both die. Also it was funny when Bart cut Homer in half and when Homer complained about having tiny robot legs and it was hillarious when Mayor Quimpy's head turned into a cheeseburger and dogs started eating his head. Overall another episode I will watch many times.
  • an another disappointing halloween episode... but kind of decent.

    first of all. i know the creators had a tough time, making this tv show air for so long, and i know they are running out of ideas. the episodes are getting for extreme and getting stale. there are excellent episode here there currently. do be honest, all the 3 stories in this episode was kind of weird and awkward. but it was decent. the first story has to be the finest one. the whole bart being jealous of the robot bart and ending up chopping the legs off of homer.... getting kind of violent these days... but very decent. the other two stories were pathetic and not very funny.

    overall, a decent and kind of lame halloween special, but a nice welcome to the simpsons long air series.
  • Great episode... Nothing new for the Treehouse of Horror season though. In mu opinion all Treehouse of Horror episodes are a series classic.

    Bartificial Intelligence: After Bart jumps from the second storey of their home, he is put into a coma from which he'll never emerge. Homer and Marge purchase an artificial robot boy named David to replace him. But when Bart wakes up from his coma the two boys try to compete for their mother's love, leaving Homer abandoning Bart in the woods. Survival Of The Fattest: Homer and a group of his friends are invited to Mr. Burns' estate for a round of hunting. Little do they know they are the ones being hunted, by Burns himself. I've Grown A Costume To Your Face: It's the Springfield Semi-Annual Halloween Party but the costume contest goes awry when a witch turns everyone into real-life versions of their costumes. Lisa, as Einstein, searches for a solution to their problem; but it is up to Maggie, who was dressed as a witch, as the only one with the power to reverse the spell.
  • Treehouse Of Horror XVI Best of the last couple of treehouse's!!!!!!!!

    Another year, another great halloween special.This was really one of the better treehouse's, with three very funny stories. "B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence"
    i really liked this one. it was a good Simpsons take on the spielberg movie. the big bart robot look pretty cool and detailed. "Survival of the Fattest"
    Next up a Mr burns story again.
    burns hunting his fellow sprinfieldians was hilarious and served the most laughes on my count. "I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face"
    The Simpsons version of a classic Buffy episode.
    not very original, but stil a good story with some funny moments.

    Overall this was a really good and funny episode

    Definitley a 10/10!
  • Tree's getting bigger!

    Treehouse of Horror XVI open when Kang and Kodos speed up the World Series. The world Series is probaby the reason why The simpsons:Treehouse of Horror ends up being telecast in November. Never mind. Of the three stoires, "Survival of the Fattest" is my favorite and Homer and his friends, escaping the wrath of Mr. Burns. B.I. was the weakest of the three, "I've Grown a Costume on Your Face" is in the middle. "threehouse of Horror" has been a Halloween Simpson tratition and it's a welcome relief to watch it each and every year I hope both the series and Treehouse of Horror" goes on forever.
  • Ah the traditional TOH series, you continue to make me laugh.

    The first one where Bart gets replaced by robots is comical, yet a little lame at some parts. I find it very amusing that Bart broke apart the robots, and made himself a robot so his family would want him back. The one with the witch who turns everyone into their costumes is cool for some, horrible for others. Poor Flanders keeps getting hit on by a bee, while Bart's loving his costume. But the best of course, was Mr. Burns hunting everybody. How can you not laugh at that? I told people about that who missed it, and they are dying to see it happen. Even the somewhat ignorant Simpspin (you know who I'm talking about if you're a forum poster) should enjoy that. Homer saved himself but was somewhat of a moron the way he hurt others' chances of survival when he could've clearly helped them and himself. That made it more comical.
  • Another great installment to the Halloween series. This one is one of the better ones.

    Each of the segments in this special are garaunteed to be funny. Segment 1 was very funny despite it\'s very unusual plot. Segment 2 was the best because it was funny and did a very great work on parodying. Segment 3 was the worst of the three but still funny, the only problem was that it started and ended very quickly.

    Overall this was another great Halloween special (has there ever been a bad one?). I would recomend watching it to anyone who loves the wacky and funny antics of the traditional Halloween episodes. Have a happy Halloween (in November!).
  • Well, it wasnt horrible, but I've seen better.

    Face it, I love the simpsons, but they have done almost everything. Its not suprising this episode was kinda bad. It wasnt bad in respect of the plots, but they could have been made much better.

    "B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence"

    It was good, but the best part was the end when homer had to use the robot's tiny legs, lol.

    b). "Survival of the Fattest"

    I just didnt like this segment.

    c). "I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face"

    Now this one was great. But what made it better for me was the fact that Bart became a werewolf. Bart, being my favorite character, and me having a liking of werewolves. The overal plot of this was good, but its been done on other shows. One that comes to mind is the Disney Channel Movie "Halloweentown 2". But really, the only bad part was the ending. It just wasnt a good conclusion for the episode.
  • Best Treehouse episode for ages

    This halloweeninstallment was hilarious, as are all of the ones I have viewed so far.

    The Kang and Kodos start was pretty funny but was a little overdone.

    Bartificial Intelligence was probably my favourite segment because it has so many classic bart and homer scenes, though the end was confusing but hey, Halloween never makes sense!

    Survival of the Fattest was hilarious because of Mr Burns evil scheme for hunting humans and Homer had some sidesplitting quotes.

    The final segment, I've grown a costume on your face, was fairly short but the costumes were brilliant.

    Overall, the episode is one of the best Halloweens so far and is a hilarious season 17 episode.
  • I seen better, but I've seen worse Treehouse of Horrors.

    This episode is no indication of The Simpsons going downhill. Some of the storylines were extremely far-fetched (e.g. Homer possessed by the devil!)

    The Treehouse of Horrors have gone really extreme in this episode. In the past the characters have stayed in their normal forms while at the same time being entertaining. But that isn't that case anymore.

    In all 3 segments at one point or another a character either dies or turns into some bizzare lifeform.

    This will put some people off and give certain people ammunition in the Simpsons going downhill debate, but change isn't always a bad thing.

    I know that the writers at times seem to be stretching for storylines, but thats always been the case THOH episodes - now its been stretched even further.

    Still very funny!
  • From the look of the first few episodes of season 17, it's fair enough to claim that The Simpsons will never be funny again, not even their Halloween Specials.

    When it comes to a comedy series like the Simpsons, I review an episode based on the number of times I laugh or smile. When it comes to classic episodes before season 13, there are occasional 10/10 episodes, for delivering plenty of laughs throughout.

    As you can probably tell by my score, I didn't laugh once during this pathetic excuse for an episode. The series has lost all the charm and wit it once had, now reducing it to obvious, derivative jokes that are only funny to the easily amused.

    Usually I only review episodes after 2 or more viewings, but I can safely say that I never want to see this episode again.

    If you love The Simpsons, like I do, don't watch this episode, unless you want to increase your score by writing a negative review for it.
  • Five minutes of running. Shoot me now! Lol

    This episode was probably one of the best halloween episodes yet. Bartificial intellegence is a rif-off of artificial intellegence and has the same storyline (only in simpsons fasion). Survival of the fattest just shows once again how much monopoly hold Mr burns has on springfield and I've grown a costume on your face basically uses the old human instinct on what it would be like if i really was like what i was wearing. All in all great episode. 10/10.
  • Its one of the better halloween episodes it the annual triligy.

    Personally i think this is probally the better halloween show since the 13th one. The last two ones sucked. Good job simpsons team for making some very clever episodes. The most dangerous game one (Survival of the Fattest) was the best one of them. I noticed that when i tapped them, B.I. was like 8 min long and the rest were 5 min long which i thought was unusual because usually the episodes are all 7 min each. Besides that well done!
  • Worst THOH Ever!

    This was so boring B.I. was the only good one. I find the THOH went down after Homer was the Grim reeper(good episode)all i have to say is this THOH sucked! Some jokes were funny like the aarow killed disco stu and hommer eating Dr.fink.
    (when carl and lenny are dieing)Carl:Lenny how does heaven look like! lenny sees tons of Carls!
  • Not as good as past THoH's

    I should say that I am a huge fan of the Simpsons, I have seen every single episode, but I have to say that this was an uncharacteristically dull halloween episode. It starts off with "Bartificial Intelligence", a parody of the Speilberg movie A.I. This seems better suited for a regular episode than a halooween one, just because it is inherently a non-violent source with some violence forced in to it at the end. Next was "Survival of the Fattest", the only really violent story of the three, and while there is a lot of killing done, it feels tame compared to some of the past halloween episodes. From the beginning you could feel that Homer wouldn't die, so there was no tension. If it's only the side characters that die, then you really don't care as much. And even when people did die it was bloodless, I am not saying that they should be gushing blood, but when someone gets shot they should bleed. And finally, "I've Grown a Costume on Your Face", it was simply boring, I have nothing else to say about it. All in all, an unispired episode, we have come to expect more from the halloween episodes and this did not deliver.
  • Silly Halloween episode! WARNING SPOILERS!!!

    This episode is not any better than the other Treehouse of horror ones, but it is sure funny! The bigining segment with the world series so read my mind! B.I. is a parody of A.I. and it was pretty wierd. The wierdest part was the ending where Homer becomes posesed by the devel like the Exorcist. The other one isn't too special. But the third one is kind of like one of the Buffy episodes, only Maggie afterwards turns them into pacifiers. Stange endings, funny episode!
  • Treehouse Of Horror 16: 4 years too late!

    There's a joke about the aliens watching a baseball game commentating on how long and boring it is, pointing at the fact that baseball games always delay the Treehouse Of Horrors until November sweeps now, a joke that could've been funny in 2001 since that special aired November 6 due to baseball. Then, there's Bartificial Intelligence, it contain a few laughs but was late 4 years. I've Grown A Costume On Your Face had a rush ending and a plot similiar to the awful Island Of Dr Hibbert. The real reason to watch Treehouse Of Horror 16 is the middle segment Surivival Of The Fattest, it waa a riot! I do agree with those who said that shooting people was something Burns would've done sooner. Treehouse Of Horror 15 is better, while this year's beginning and end segments had dated storylines, parodies, and a "surprise" cameo from crossdresser Dennis Rodman. That was a fright.
  • By far the worst installment of Treehouse of Horrors ever!

    I sure hope this ' Treehouse of Horrors ' episode is not a indiciation of what this season is going to look like. If this episode is any indication of what we are in for then 'The Simpsons ' will have 'jumped the shark '.
    This episode lacked everything that you would expect from the previous installments of ' Treehouse of Horrors '. It lacked humor, scarey, and a memorable stories.
    Fox promised a great episode and James L Brooks failed to deliver. After 16 years, have we run out of original material and have to resort this kind of episode?
  • Cheap copies of existing films

    A great disappointment, this Treehouse of Horror - I have seen much better ones (e.g. the one where Homer changes the past - hilarious! Instead, this time they only made copies of (quite old, I might add) films. Unoriginal, no new ideas. A season low. I have seen quite a few much better Halloween Specials.
  • It is amazing they can still crack me up.

    After all these years the Simpsons can still crack me up. I started watching the Simpsons when they were on the Tracey Ulman show and they can still crack me up. This episode was a prime example of that. I laughed so hard at time that my ribs hurt. You would think that after so many years they would have lost it but they still keep cranking them out. I know not all episodes are great but they still shine and this episode was a great example. Good stuff, keep them coming and I’ll keep watching.
  • This show has DEFINITELY seen better Halloween specials

    "B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence"

    A parody of the 2001 film "A.I.: Artifificial Intelligence. Fun to watch, especially the robot Bart with a torso made up of stolen robot parts. Also fun was the replacement for Bart. The epilogue, though, was somewhat irrevelant to the story itself.

    "Survival of the Fattest"
    Definitely the least amusing of the three stories, this one is rather pointless, especially in comparison to previous stories such as Maggie turning out to be Kodos' daughter and Homer's computer bringing about the apocalypse. Seeing Mr. Burns chasing Homer and friends and going completely insane is almost creepy. Homer's turn to cannabilism, meanwhile, was unexpected and unrealistic when compared to the normal Homer. This is a case where the fact that Treehouse of Horror episodes don't affect the series' ongoing continuity is relieving.

    "I've Grown a Costume on your Face"
    Fairly amusing, especially with Maggie turning out to "save" everyone at the end. It was funny to see who put on which costume, particularly Apu as "Apu-D2". The ending, though, is what really ruins the epsiode - the cast turns around and, now aware that they're on TV, gives a speech which really wasn't that necessary. What was it, again?

    Overall Rating: 6/10
  • This was my favorite Treehouse of Horror of all time. It was brilliant. I was cracking up the entire episode. There were some extremely funny punch lines. The hunting game was very funny. When Homer holds the dead body and Burns shoots it. Also when Marge

    This was my favorite Treehouse of Horror of all tome. It was absolutely brilliant. I was cracking up the entire episode. There were some extremely funny punch lines. The hunting game was very funny. When Homer holds the dead body and Burns shoots it. Also when Marge hit Burns with pan.
  • The Newest Treehouse of Horror, and atleast they made it like the old ones.

    Tonight's special Halloween episode isn't in fact coming on the day of Halloween, nor is it coming on anytime before. It's coming on a week after Halloween, because of the November Sweeps, and that is one of the most annoying things in the new history of the Simpsons. When you want to watch a Halloween themed episode you want to watch it before not after. Anyways this installment of the Halloween Specials we love involve Bart being replaced by a robot, Homer being hunted by Mr. Burns, and the town being turned into their costumes. The best part about this is the fact that they are going back to the roots of the series and using Sci-Fi and horror movies as their premise. But in this case it lacks on the horror and the comedy in most places. They need to keep working at this and make the coming last seasons good ones.
  • GREAT ... so kiss my shiny metal ass all you nay-sayers.. IT ROCKED

    Well, I've seen better, but comparitavily speaking it was one of the best things I've seen this week. The three little skits were all great, homer was the man, though... I gotta admit the ending was a bit lame (not homer screaming at the closing credits) the denise rodman and head-pacifiers thing.
  • I miss David Mirkin's Tree House Specials

    This Tree House of Horror is no where near as good as the ones from 1995 and 1996. The stories had good potential, but was poorly executed. Instead of one guy tackling all three segments, it should have been a team effort. This special wasn't good and it wasn't bad, it was neither fish or fowl.
  • Better then last years.

    This is not my favorite storyline for a Simpsons Tree House Of Horror episode but I still liked it. It was better then last years hollowen episode which terned be off. The parts of this hollowen felt blank which prevented me from giving it a supurb score the one with Bart turing into a Robot was kind of out of place. The loved part 2 it was Mr. Burns huting the people; I loved the part when Mr. Burns says "I will give you all five minutes running and Comic Book Guy says (5 minutes you might as shoot me now) thats classic. The last part was alright with the whole town turing into their own costumes it was alright for me not not as great as part 2.
  • Not the best halloween special but not the worst!

    i've scene worser halloween specials if i had to pick my fav part of this years halloween special it would have to be the last part where skinners mother turns everyone into there halloween costumes and at the end maggie turns everyone into baby nipples and a suprize guest spot with Dennis Rodman

    Bascally if i had to give this years halloween special a ranking out of 1/10
    it wasn't the best or the worst
    and for pepole wondering way it was almost a week late because it ever hardly falls on Halloween itself because of baseball playoffs!
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