The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 3

Treehouse of Horror

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Opening Credits: Marge's Disclaimer: On a stage, Marge steps out from behind large red curtains and talks directly to the camera. She warns the audience that the upcoming episode is going to be scary, and that if there are any children watching, they should be put to bed. Title Sequence: Cut to nighttime scene, clouds part and the title, The Simpsons Halloween Special, floats by. The camera pushes through a cemetery, passes by a few tombstone gags and zooms up to the treehouse at the Simpson home.

Act One Set Up: The camera pans down from an exterior shot of the treehouse to reveal Homer, who has just finished trick-or-treating by himself. He stops at the base of the tree, admiring his haul for this year, notices the kids up in the treehouse, and decides to see what they are doing. Cut to Lisa, with a flashlight in her face, telling a scary story to Maggie and Bart. She finishes her story and Bart is not scared at all. He takes the flashlight and he offers to tell a scary story of his own.

Act One: Bad Dream House: The camera pans down to a large eerie looking house on a hillside. There is a moving truck outside, as the Simpsons are moving into the house. As the moving truck guy leaves, he mutters something about a curse under his breath, but no one hears him. The Simpsons start to unpack their things in the living room, and Marge comments on how she can't believe they got this house so cheaply. As Bart is unpacking books, no one seems to notice as a few of them start to float around; one takes off and hits Lisa in the head. Lisa thinks Bart threw the book at her and as they are fighting, a ghoulish voice from above moans, "Get out." Everyone stops what they are doing and Homer says it must just be the house settling. Marge heads in to check out the kitchen; the walls in the kitchen bleed and on another wall is a swirling vortex that seems to be a gateway to another dimension. Marge calls in Homer to check out the vortex and as he and Lisa investigate, Bart calls out for help from the living room. Bart is floating in the air with the electrical cord from a lamp wrapped around his neck choking him, and once again a ghoulish voice tells the family to get out. Lisa shudders and says that she feels an evil presence in the house. Marge tells Homer she has had enough and wants to leave; suddenly Bart and Lisa's coats float over to them and the front door opens. As Homer tries to convince his family not to leave, he begins floating up to the ceiling of the living room and then is suddenly dropped. Even after that, Homer still tries to convince the family to sleep on it for just one night, and if anything bad happens then they can move back to their old house. They all reluctantly agree.

Later that night, as Bart struggles to sleep, the ghoulish voice tells him that everyone is against him, and instructs Bart to kill them. The same happens to Lisa, Homer, and Maggie. The four of them enter into a trance and circle around each other in the living room. Homer carries an axe; Lisa a butcher knife, Bart a meat cleaver and even Maggie has a small knife of her own. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Marge pulls out a large bread knife, and makes herself a sandwich; she hears all the commotion in the living room and goes to check it out. When she sees what is going on, she yells at them to stop and they all snap out of their trances and drop their weapons. Marge insists that this is the last straw, and Lisa excitedly tells everyone to come look at what she has found. She opens the door to the basement and discovers that downstairs in the dirt floor is an Indian burial ground. Yet still Homer doesn't want to leave. Suddenly, all the walls start changing color and the ghoulish voice begins telling the family that they are all going to die. An angry Marge has had enough, and orders the voice to stop threatening her family. She tells the voice that it is going to have to learn to live with the Simpsons peacefully. The voice asks everyone to step outside for a second so it can make its decision. As the Simpsons stand outside and wait, the house starts blinking and flashing and implodes on itself. Lisa sums it up by saying, "It chose to destroy itself, rather than live with us. You can't help but feel a little rejected."

Act Two Set Up: Outside the treehouse, Homer is shivering with fright as Bart finishes his story about the evil house. However, Lisa is far from scared. Bart tells her that he was just warming up and he begins another story.

Act Two: Hungry are the Damned: Bart's second story begins in the Simpsons backyard, where Homer is preparing to barbeque for the family. Homer uses an excessive amount of lighter fluid on the grill, and when he lights it, the resulting giant ball of flame can be seen throughout all of Springfield. While Lisa waits for Homer to grill the hamburgers, she lies on her back and looks up at the sky. Suddenly she spots a UFO, and when everyone rushes out to see, the UFO hovers above the family and emits out tractor beams. Each member of the family floats up through the tractor beam and into the spacecraft. The UFO then flies back out into outer space. Inside the spaceship a frightened Simpson family huddles together as two large, green, one-eyed, drooling, aliens with tentacles, introduce themselves as Kang and Kodos. The aliens explain to the Simpsons, that they mean them no harm and that they are taking them back to Rigel 4 their home planet. Suddenly, a table full of food rises up out of the floor in front of the family, and Kang and Kodos invite the Simpsons to sit down and eat. Lisa seems a bit suspicious of the aliens, but everyone else enjoys their meals.

Later after the meal, the aliens introduce the family to their technologically advanced TV and their "invention" of the video game Pong. The family is not impressed, with their advances, and suddenly, once again the Simpsons are presented with a meal. Lisa asks Kang and Kodos why they never eat, and the two aliens tell her that they are waiting for the big feast that will occur when they arrive back at Rigel 4. Lisa is once again suspicious of the aliens, and the way they talk about the feast on Rigel 4, seems to suggest that the Simpsons themselves will be the meal. Later, Kang and Kodos place each of the family members on a scale, and are pleased when they see how much weight the family has gained. Lisa sneaks off to spy on Serak the Preparer, who is in the kitchen making the next meal. She gasps when she steals his cookbook and reads the cover, which reads, "How to Cook Humans." Lisa quickly rushes back to the rest of the family to show them what she has found. When Homer realizes that the aliens are just fattening them up to eat them he confronts Kang, who doesn't understand what Homer is talking about. Kang tries to explain to the Simpsons that they've got it wrong, and he takes the cookbook and blows some dust off the cover to reveal a new title that reads, "How to Cook for Humans." Lisa is still suspicious and when she blows more dust off the cookbook cover it reads, "How to Cook Forty Humans." The Simpsons are shocked; Kang takes the cookbook back and blows even more dust off the cover which reveals, "How to Cook for Forty Humans." Kang and Kodos are taken aback and offended by what Homer and Lisa are accusing them of, and instead of taking the family back to Rigel 4, they drop them back off in their backyard. As they leave, they tell the Simpsons that they would have been treated like Gods on Rigel 4 and that they would have lived in paradise. But the family ruined it all, by accusing them of such evil deeds. As the spaceship floats away the Simpsons are left stunned in the backyard.

Act Three Set Up: Up in the treehouse, Bart plays a prank in which it looks like he is being choked, but Lisa is not amused. She is holding a book, and calls Bart over so she can read him The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

Act Three: The Raven: James Earl Jones narrates The Raven as Homer plays the part of the main character, and Marge is featured as the lost Lenore. In the narration the main character, Homer, is asleep in front of a fireplace, when he hears a rapping at his chamber door. As he goes to open the door, a quick cut back to the treehouse, reveals a bored Bart and a trembling Homer who is still outside listening. Back in the narration, Homer opens the door to reveal that no one is there. Homer then goes to open a window and a raven with an uncanny resemblance to Bart flies in and frightens him. The raven flies up and perches above the chamber door. As Homer demands that the raven go back to where he came from, Seraphim, who look like Maggie and Lisa, sprinkle perfume from a censer above. Homer scrambles around the room trying to catch the Raven, but finally collapses exhausted, and realizes he will never see his lost Lenore again.

Conclusion: Lisa finishes her reading, and Marge calls out to the kids telling them it is their bedtime. All three kids go to bed and sleep soundly, while in Homer and Marge's room a whimpering Homer begs Marge not to turn out the lights. Marge turns them off anyway and a trembling Homer covers his head with the blanket after looking out the window and seeing a Raven perched on a branch.

End Credits: A creepy Halloween version of the Simpsons theme plays as the credits roll over a shot of the cemetery at nighttime.

Run Time 23:12