The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 3

Treehouse of Horror

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1990 on FOX

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  • The first THOF was quite original. With this, we really get a taste of what the Simpsons would become. And the writers were beginning to realize that all kinds of things would be possible with this animated show.

    Quality of animation was solid throughout. Note that this is one of the only THOH episodes to actually feature a treehouse.

    "Hungry Are the Damned" in my opinion, was the strongest. Though all three of the stories worked in this one so I would imagine you could argue for any of them.

    In "Bad Dream House," the family moves into a possessed house. In an interesting turn of events, the house would rather destroy itself than live with the Simpsons. Clever twist on an otherwise overused story so I liked this. The part where the family almost kill each other with various weapons was looking pretty brutal but luckily they pull just short of offensive. My major gripe with this one is that it felt quite rushed: had they had more than six minutes for the segment, they could have done so much more here.

    "Hungry Are the Damned" is the classic segment that would launch the now infamous Kang and Kodos characters. My favorite moment was when they had to use the extra tractor beam to lift Homer into the flying saucer. And actually I thought the running gag about the "How to Cook For Forty Humans" book to be one of the weaker moments just because it seemed kind of forced. But I liked this one.

    "The Raven" was great. Marge as Lenore and Bart as the raven; I loved it. Interesting to watch and you really have to admire them for the work they did here. Great direction and the animation was fantastic. Although I felt it was light on humor. Still, you have to admire the effort that went into this. A sitcom had never been able to pull off a "Raven" parody on any level before.

    This deserves to be a classic episode. There would come to be better THOH episodes but this one kind of shaped the mold. And it was the first time the show would ever do one of these fantasy episodes. If done incorrectly, these can actually be painfully stupid and cheesy. This one, however, works. The show is at its best.
  • A Good way to start a halloween episode.

    I Knew it 5 years ago at age 8. I Thought cool. It Was Surpurb. I didn't know better. Brilliant. A Surpurb way to start it. Fox probbibly knew they needed something differant. Funny because this was my first one and my 121th episode. (I COUNT!)
    In a blink of an eye, you'll want this.
  • A lot better and more than the average Halloween special.

    Bad Dream House:
    The Simpsons move into an old house, but later they realize why it was so cheap: it's haunted. That night, the house convinces everyone except Marge that they are against each other and everyone else "must die."
    This wasn't my favorite short, but yet I loved the parts when they got the letter from the other dimension and Homer saying the owner mentioned the house was haunted 5-6 times.

    Hungry are the Damned:
    The Simpsons are abducted by aliens. They are given food, drink and entertainment. Lisa thinks that they are fattening the family so they can be eaten. When Kang, Kodos, and Serak find out, they are offended, so they drop them off at their house.
    This was my favorite. I loved K&K appearing for the first time. The space dust gag was pretty good, but I really liked that they had to use two beams to lift Homer into the ship.

    The Raven:
    Lisa reads Bart a Simpsonized version of Edgar Allen Poe's classic tale of terror.
    I never read the poem, but Bart saying "Eat My Shorts" was pretty funny, along with Marge having another picture for her hair.

    Grade: A-
  • This is the first Treehouse of Horror of many more to follow. Although the first few skits were good, I felt The Raven one wasn't good at all. (Spoilers!!)

    This episode just gets an eight for me, even though a lot of people loved it. Here we go:

    This was the first and only Treehouse of Horror; before you say I'm retarded, read a bit further: By first and only Treehouse of Horror, I meant it is the only Treehouse of Horror that actually takes placce in a treehouse.

    When I first saw this episode I loved the jokes, I still do, but I just don't laugh at the same joke twice.

    I would probably rate this episode a bit higher if it didn't include The Raven. The Raven was unfunny, but it did follow the poem well. If this episode did exclude it and then include a different one, ( or not even have another at all ) I would probably rate this episode 8.3/10.

    This isn't that great of an episode, but then again I'm not a ToH fan.
  • The first of many halloween specials

    the first of its kind, this soon to be annual treehouse of horror was really well written. the first segment was funny with the house trying to get the family to kill each other and the reveal that marge was just cutting up food and later lecturing the house, saying that they would not move and the house decided to destroy itself instead of living with the simpsons. the second segment introduced the now famous kang and kodos as they abduct the simpsons to take them to a feast. this segment was packed full of jokes such as using two beams to lift homer into the UFO and the pong scene. the raven was great with bart interrupting the story several times by mentioning that the tale wasn't scary at all. for the first of its kind, this halloween special was very good.
  • Simpsons in the classroom. No, seriously.

    My high school sophomore English teacher had us watch this one when he taught the unit on Edgar Allan Poe. We didn't watch the first two segments, I don't think, but we definitely saw The Raven and it was really funny. Then we started to watch the voice-over version but then he turned it off. I really liked this one.
    Bart: Know what'd be scarier than finding nothing?
    Lisa: What?
    Bart: ANYTHING!
  • There are many other better ones.

    Bad Dream House:

    The best fo the three, it was pretty good. The most frightening moment was the bit where everyoen started picking up knives to kill each other. And the house was funny too. It has some scary parts, and some good, and some you can't judge. Overall, pretty good.

    The Hungry and the Damned:

    Not so exciting. They never actually did anything to the Simpsons and it all turned out well. It's great on normal episodes, but on TOH ones, it's boring. Not so funny or that good.

    The Raven:

    Oh come on. This was sad. No humour. No story. Just Homer and a raven that won't get off the door. Boring. This wasn't as good as the two others which were qite good. It wasn't scary and it didn't have any drama!

  • Treehouse Of Horror

    This is the first Halloween episode but not my favourite Halloween one but still good though. This is the only Halloween episode to be set in the treehouse and Homer sitting on the side of the treehouse and being frightened by the scary stories and at the end Homer said he hates Halloween.
  • this is ok for the first ever halloween simpsons episodes

    this episode of the simpsons is a classic. the first time in which there has been a halloween episode. this episode is gr8 because this is the first appearance of those drowling slobs aka as kang and kotas. also homer is scared of the stories in which thier own children tell. wat an idioit. homer simpson hes gr8 and hes hillarious.
  • The first TTOH episode, and it ruled!

    This episode reminded me of classic Halloween, especially the 3rd segment, "The Raven". The 1st one "Bad Dream House" is probably my favourite because I loved it when the family tried to kill each other. The 2nd one "Hungry are the damned" was cool as well with Kodos and Kang's first appearance. "The Raven" was very funny especially Bart in the form of a raven trying to scare Homer. Classic episode which is certainly up there with the awesome TTOH 4 and the all-time classic TTOH 5!
  • The first Treehouse of Horror and a pretty good one to.

    In this trilogy of horror-themed Halloween stories, Bart and Lisa try to scare each other with tales of the macabre. Homer is outside listening. In the first story, "Bad Dream House," the Simpsons move to a haunted home, which possesses their souls, and causes them to try and kill eachother. But after spending time with the Simpsons the house winds up killing itself and vanishing into another dimension. In the second story, "Hungry are the Dammed," the Simpsons accuse two aliens (Kang and Kodos) of planning to eat them, but the offended aliens reveal they were only planning a sumptuous meal for the family. In the third and last story, a satire of Poe's "The Raven," a grief-stricken Homer is tormented by a bird that looks like Bart.
  • The first halloween special for The Simpsons...

    The first segment of Treehouse Of Horror. This one was good. The Raven was the best. Bad Dream House was pretty good. Hungry Are The Damned was pretty good also. I liked the part where Homer was floating to the roof and then he fell back down in Bad Dream House. I also liked the part where Homer caused an explosion with his grill. It was a pretty good episode. The severed finger was a funny part, where Maggie sucks on the finger, and bart gets grossed out because of baby spit on the finger, so he throws the finger. This became a yearly tradition, and it was good. I liked the ending. A very nice episode.
  • Really really, really good.

    This episode is a classic- I really liked the two first ones- especially with Kang and Kodos- especially the gag with the book - I also liked the bleeding walls of the haunted house- and how Bart annoyed it, and the self destruction scene was really something. The third one, "the Raven" was medium- Wasn't really funny. To sum it up- I liked it- it is a well known episode- and the first THOH but it could be better.
  • The Very First Terrhouse of Horror

    The Simpsons' very first treehouse of Horror, and there be more to come, making this a Halloween tradition. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are up in a trrehose, swamping horror stories to see who's got the scariest story. The first story is standard, the weakest of the three stories, but the second story has the Simpsons adducted by aliens whose name is Kang and Kodos. they will make a reture in every terror of horror episode. finally, the third and my favorite part, the story of Edger Allen Poe's "the Raven" as seen though the eyes of "The Simpsons." The end as Homer is trying to sleep, a raven suddenely appers. A weird ending to a wonderful Hollween episode.
  • The first of the Treehouse of Horrors episode sets up a tradition.

    This is a great start to the Treehouse Series. They're great because the allow the show to break it's mold and do things that are out of character. Lots of great story lines and all different types of gags. The actual use of the treehouse was a great addition that should definitely be brought back.

    Bad House:

    Classic storyline this is a great use of the Halloween freedom Not often will we see the family all wielding sharp objects and trying to kill on another. Unfortunately I don't particularly like the the corny ending but the house imploding on itself is a twist that was not easily seen.

    Hungry Are The Damned:

    Great, the introduction to Kang and Kodos is absolutly great. The whole story is also a very nice nod to the Twilight Zone. This also started one of my favorite gags where Homer is using the barbecue and keeps putting on gallons of lighter fluid only to result in a mushroom cloud. "Anyone from a species that has mastered intergalactic travel, raise your hand."

    The Raven:

    What to say this is an absolute classic! I've watched this in more than one English class through school and used it in more than one report. E.A. Poe's poem is given a pretty good modern makeover that is a must for anyone interested in his work, not just Simpson fans. Dan Castelanetta does just an amazing job with his reading of the poem really gives a amazing air to the poem. Up to it's original air date this was also one of the most wonderfully animated of Simpsons work.
  • The Halloween special that became a yearly tradition.

    What a funny episode this was! "Bad Dream House" featured the Simpsons moving into a haunted house that refuses to live with them. My favorite part in this episode was where the family except Marge went around in a circle trying to kill each other. "Hungry are the Damned" is a parody on a Twilight Zone episode. Lisa ends up ruining the family's chance of becoming gods in another planet. My favorite part was the UFO struggling to pull Homer into the ship so it uses two beams. "The Raven" featured Homer as the tortured soul in the famous poem. My favorite part was when Bart replaced "Nevermore" with "Eat my shorts." This episode was very consistent and it set a high standard for future Halloween specials.

    Grade: A-
  • A great episode and a reason to watch.

    Not the best one, but still funny and easy to watch. I liked the take on poe and the aliens are funny as they always proved to be later. I don't like the show anymore, but it's early episodes like this that made me remember why I watched this show. It is sad their creativity has dropped so much, but I can still go back and enjoy early episodes like this. Very funny, cleaver and overall brilliant. This is a flashback to when the simpsons was the best, I only wish the show stayed true and not fallen so far.
  • A good episode, but so are the following VI.

    I love Treehouse of Horror episodes. The one time in a season, when rules and continuity don't matter. Quite frankly, I like to be scared.
    Now to the episode..

    So far, this is the only episode actually set in a tree-house.
    The animation is surprisingly flawless for a season 2 episode..

    "Bad Dream House" was awesome, although slightly shocking for a Simpson's episode..(but it's nothing compared to later eps..).
    "Hungry are the Damned" was far above average.
    The whole "How to cook for Humans/How to cook forty Humans/How to cook for forty Humans" was absolutely classic.
    "The Raven" was slightly below average. I know it's a poem/story, but it isn't very scary.

    An above average episode.
  • the begging

    this episode is the first of many great installments of the simpsons it started a part in simpsons historty and now it is one of the best simpsons episodes i have ever seen so sit back relax and read this reveiew

    the first story is about the simpsons moving into a 19th century house and it sadly is haunted by a talking house and starts brainwashing everyone to kil each other.

    the second story is when the simpsons family is abducted by the aliens known as kang and kodos and have a big scheeme up there sleeves

    the final story is based of of edgar allen poes famous poem the raven.
  • The episode that started one of the greatest triologies in all of TV history.

    Bad Dream House: The family moves into an old haunted house. The walls ooze blood and talk, and even posesses the family to kill each other.
    Hungry Are The Damned: The Simpsons are abducted by aliens. Lisa thinks they abducted them so they could eat them, but they were really going to send them to a planet and treat them like gods. The aliens feelings are hurt, and they let the family go.
    The Raven: Lisa reads Edgar Allan Poe's tale of horror, As Homer listens, he visualizes himself as the narrator, Marge as Lenore, and Bart as the Raven. So all and all good, but that is nothing new for this series.
  • The very first THOH.

    This is a very special, episode, due to the fact that it starts off the legacy of treehouse of horror episodes. The first House segment, is why the episode got a 9.6, it was allright, some jokes were OK, like maggie with the nail filer size knife and the house rathering to destroy itself than to live with the simpsons, however I seemed to get a bit bored. Still very funny though.

    The second segment, with the first introduction of Kang and Kodos was very, very funny, every joke from start to finish was LOL and entertaining. My favourites being when Homer starts the barbequge, the ship not having enough power to lift homer up and also the whole Book segment.

    The Raven I really liked, I thought it was just classic and though it had little jokes, I really like watching.

    This paved the way for many more Treehouse of Horror segments all though this is the only one in the actual "treehouse."
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    First Treehouse of Horror.. it doesn't disappoint, but it's not a good Treehouse of Horror either. There's only three Halloween cartoons in this episode, which is alright with me. But the third disappoints me terribly. It is boring and not at all fun.

    Bad Dream House was an interesting cartoon, and it was funny. The house destroys itself instead of living with the Simpsons, and I thought that was just funny as the words "FedEx" being on a Nascar car. I rate this a 9/10. It wasn't original, but it was all right.

    Hungry are the Damned has got to be the best Treehouse of Horrors cartoon ever made. It was hilarious. It was about the Simpsons being abducted by aliens and Lisa Simpson thinking they were fattening them up to eat them. Lisa ruins everything because the aliens didn't want to eat them, and they are sent back to Earth. It was funny, but darn right cruel. 10/10

    The Raven is the one that disappoints. It's boring. It's a very old tale that doesn't please this generation, or just me. It was just boring to watch. Even with Homer Simpson as himself acting like the one being scared by the raven, it's still a boring thing. 6/10

    The whole plot and the set-up was alright, though. Homer Simpson is listening to Bart and Lisa tell the stories outside the treehouse, and in the end he gets scared. It's not funny, but it sure is interesting and entertaining.

    This is a great Treehouse of Horror as the first. Although, it is not good, it's still a good one. Hey, it had to start somewhere.. and it just happened to be one with the Raven as the ending cartoon.
  • The first Halloween special fulfiled the theme and is a timeless classic.

    The first Halloween Special was a surprising hit. I really liked this halloween special, simply because it indeed had a halloween feel to hit. The build up for each story was great and two out of three stories were excellent quality. The other one was just below par compared to the other two.

    Bad Dream House
    Grade: A This in my opinion is the best story out of the three. It's aiming for horror. What I like about this one was it actually had a scary feeling to it. The ghostly voice in the house was pretty cool and had a good and surprisingly strange (but funny) ending.

    The story is about The Simpsons moving into this new haunted house, where blood stains on the walls and objects move around for no apparent reason. All of the Simpsons want to leave the house because of its hauntings, except for Homer. After being convinced they all get possessed and try to kill themselves with weapons. Marge doesn't get affected and tells them to stop. The Simpsons leave the house and the house disappears forever.

    Hungry Are The Damned
    Grade: A Another great episode for the first Halloween Special. This one finally focuses on the aliens Kang and Kodus, and this one is set in outer space. Again, a very good story because it has that typical halloween feeling to it.

    The story is about the Simpsons getting abducted during a barbecue, and they are greeted by some aliens. They get free food from them constantly and Lisa gets suspicious. After finding a book "How To Cook Humans" she stops the others from eating and comes to the conclusion that the aliens are fattening them up to eat them. However, as the aliens reveal the truth about the book, they feel insulted because they were only giving them a warm welcome by feeding them. The Simpsons are taken back to their house.

    The Raven
    Grade: C By far the weakest of the three. However, that doesn't mean the whole story is bad. It's really just an old story switched with Simpsons characters. Homer's the main character, Marge is Lenore, and Bart's the raven. It just didn't match up to the other two stories in quality.

    Like the old story, Homer lets in a raven, and he tries to catch it. However, he doesn't succeed, and falls onto the floor out of exhaustion. He realises he'll never see Lenore again. The raven beats him.


    A very impressive start to the Halloween Specials. However, there are better ones. But if you've never seen one, I suggest you try this one out first. You'll probably be impressed. A classic indeed, and one of my favourites.
  • First treehouse of horror

    Thsi is the first treehouse of horror and the only one told in the treehouse. The first story was dreamhouse The Simpsons buy a mansion cheap but find out it is haunted the house destroys itself itstead of living with them. It was a pretty good one.

    The 2nd is a twilight zone parody where the simpsons is abducted by aliens who want to serve them but Lisa ends up ruining it and they are returned to earth. It is ok.

    The third is The Raven the most memorable story in all of the treehouses of horrors. It is a retelling of Poe's Raven.
    This one is the best of the three.
  • very special for me anyway because I love Edgar Allen Poe!!

    I liked this episode because they used the poem The Raven by Edgar. A. Poe. yes, it is true that back then people would have actually been scared by that poem because it was eerie but now, not so much. It is a good poem and I loved bart as the raven. If anyone doesn't know, the raven was haunting that man because he killed "the fair maiden whom the angels named Lenore" (quote, un-quote). The abduction by the aliens has been done often enough but in this one the aliens were like E.T. because they were good. my favourite part was the cookbook dusting. I don't recall much of the new house part though, but nothing was done wrong. I liked this Halloween Horror episode.
  • only treehouse of horror IN a treehouse!

    bart and lisa tell 3 scary stories in bart's treehouse:

    Bad Dream House- evil house that tells each member of the simpson clan to kill everyone else. B+

    Hungry are the Damned- We meet aliens Kang and Kodos, whom Lisa suspects of wanting to eat the Simpsons. Turns out she was wrong in the end. A

    The Raven- hard to explain, unless you are familiar with the raven. C

    the first one is good, second is better, third is weakest IMO. All are decent in their own ways- the first is actually scary, second introduces two characters, etc. Overall grade is a B-
  • the simpsons first tree house of horror

    this is the first tree house of horror for the show and it startes out like every tree house of horror with marge saying you should turn your kids away from the screen but it turns out its not that scary the first on has the raven never more story the second they get a ducketed by aliens and the third and the simpsons move into a new house and weird things start to happen 3 really well put togeather stories. prove to be a instant classic and the start of many tree house of horrors to come and the best is yet to come.
  • First of the perfect horror episodes.


    In the backyard treehouse on Halloween, Bart and Lisa try to frighten each other by telling three scary stories.

    Bad Dream House
    The family moves into a new house and eerie things begin to happen.

    10 out of 10

    Hungry Are The Damned
    The Simpsons are abducted by aliens, Kang and Kodos, who seem to have plans on eating the family.

    10 out of 10

    The Raven
    Lisa reads the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem.

    10 out of 10

    FINAL SCORE: 10 out of 10

  • The Simpsons begins its annual Halloween tradition with the first installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.


    The recent airing of the eighteenth episode of "Treehouse of Horror" made me want to go back to the beginning to see, what I believe, is the best episode in this long running series. The segments are very well written and very funny. I especially like how the first segment takes a well known horror story and does something strikingly original with it. The introduction of alien characters Kang and Kodos, who have become a staple of the "Treehouse of Horror" series, work well here too. The producers of this episode saved the best for last with the excellent telling of Poe's The Raven. Excellent.

  • The First Treehouse of Horror

    I Think many people watch the Simpsons due to the often outlandish and hilarious Halloween specials. This started the tradition off and It is strong episode

    First off is Bad Dream house which is a Amityville spoof. The family move into a new house and strange things start to happen. I thought that the end was strange but there were a few good laughs.

    Next It was Hungry are the damned which I thought was the weakest segment. The family are abducted by Aliens who want to take them to a feast. Lisa is suspicious and decides to investigate. I had seen the jokes before and while the Cookbook Gag was funny I thought That Kang and Kodos should just be regulated to small gags at the start.

    And Finally it was the absolutely amazing The raven. Homer while Moring the loss of Marge is tormented by a Raven who looks a lot like Bart. The atmosphere and Feel of the segment made it the standout of the Pack


    Goriest segment: Bad Dream house

    Worst segment: Hungry are the damned

    Best Segment: The Raven

    Best Gag: The Cookbook gag in Hungry are the damned

    Worst ending: Bad dream house

    Best ending: The Raven