The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 3

Treehouse of Horror

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1990 on FOX

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  • The first THOF was quite original. With this, we really get a taste of what the Simpsons would become. And the writers were beginning to realize that all kinds of things would be possible with this animated show.

    Quality of animation was solid throughout. Note that this is one of the only THOH episodes to actually feature a treehouse.

    "Hungry Are the Damned" in my opinion, was the strongest. Though all three of the stories worked in this one so I would imagine you could argue for any of them.

    In "Bad Dream House," the family moves into a possessed house. In an interesting turn of events, the house would rather destroy itself than live with the Simpsons. Clever twist on an otherwise overused story so I liked this. The part where the family almost kill each other with various weapons was looking pretty brutal but luckily they pull just short of offensive. My major gripe with this one is that it felt quite rushed: had they had more than six minutes for the segment, they could have done so much more here.

    "Hungry Are the Damned" is the classic segment that would launch the now infamous Kang and Kodos characters. My favorite moment was when they had to use the extra tractor beam to lift Homer into the flying saucer. And actually I thought the running gag about the "How to Cook For Forty Humans" book to be one of the weaker moments just because it seemed kind of forced. But I liked this one.

    "The Raven" was great. Marge as Lenore and Bart as the raven; I loved it. Interesting to watch and you really have to admire them for the work they did here. Great direction and the animation was fantastic. Although I felt it was light on humor. Still, you have to admire the effort that went into this. A sitcom had never been able to pull off a "Raven" parody on any level before.

    This deserves to be a classic episode. There would come to be better THOH episodes but this one kind of shaped the mold. And it was the first time the show would ever do one of these fantasy episodes. If done incorrectly, these can actually be painfully stupid and cheesy. This one, however, works. The show is at its best.
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