The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 3

Treehouse of Horror

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1990 on FOX

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  • The first Halloween special fulfiled the theme and is a timeless classic.

    The first Halloween Special was a surprising hit. I really liked this halloween special, simply because it indeed had a halloween feel to hit. The build up for each story was great and two out of three stories were excellent quality. The other one was just below par compared to the other two.

    Bad Dream House
    Grade: A This in my opinion is the best story out of the three. It's aiming for horror. What I like about this one was it actually had a scary feeling to it. The ghostly voice in the house was pretty cool and had a good and surprisingly strange (but funny) ending.

    The story is about The Simpsons moving into this new haunted house, where blood stains on the walls and objects move around for no apparent reason. All of the Simpsons want to leave the house because of its hauntings, except for Homer. After being convinced they all get possessed and try to kill themselves with weapons. Marge doesn't get affected and tells them to stop. The Simpsons leave the house and the house disappears forever.

    Hungry Are The Damned
    Grade: A Another great episode for the first Halloween Special. This one finally focuses on the aliens Kang and Kodus, and this one is set in outer space. Again, a very good story because it has that typical halloween feeling to it.

    The story is about the Simpsons getting abducted during a barbecue, and they are greeted by some aliens. They get free food from them constantly and Lisa gets suspicious. After finding a book "How To Cook Humans" she stops the others from eating and comes to the conclusion that the aliens are fattening them up to eat them. However, as the aliens reveal the truth about the book, they feel insulted because they were only giving them a warm welcome by feeding them. The Simpsons are taken back to their house.

    The Raven
    Grade: C By far the weakest of the three. However, that doesn't mean the whole story is bad. It's really just an old story switched with Simpsons characters. Homer's the main character, Marge is Lenore, and Bart's the raven. It just didn't match up to the other two stories in quality.

    Like the old story, Homer lets in a raven, and he tries to catch it. However, he doesn't succeed, and falls onto the floor out of exhaustion. He realises he'll never see Lenore again. The raven beats him.


    A very impressive start to the Halloween Specials. However, there are better ones. But if you've never seen one, I suggest you try this one out first. You'll probably be impressed. A classic indeed, and one of my favourites.