The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 3

Treehouse of Horror

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1990 on FOX

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  • A good episode, but so are the following VI.

    I love Treehouse of Horror episodes. The one time in a season, when rules and continuity don't matter. Quite frankly, I like to be scared.
    Now to the episode..

    So far, this is the only episode actually set in a tree-house.
    The animation is surprisingly flawless for a season 2 episode..

    "Bad Dream House" was awesome, although slightly shocking for a Simpson's episode..(but it's nothing compared to later eps..).
    "Hungry are the Damned" was far above average.
    The whole "How to cook for Humans/How to cook forty Humans/How to cook for forty Humans" was absolutely classic.
    "The Raven" was slightly below average. I know it's a poem/story, but it isn't very scary.

    An above average episode.