The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 7

Treehouse of Horror II

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1991 on FOX

Episode Recap

Homer is at home, mellowly eating the Trick or Treat candy when he hears the doorbell. Jimbo and Kearney are at the door in plain clothes, but they threaten to egg the house if he doesn't pay up. He gives them candy, and they egg the house anyway.

Soon, Marge and the kids return home from Trick or Treating (Marge is the Bride of Frankenstein's monster, Bart is a hooded executioner, Maggie is a witch and Lisa is a Native American totem pole). Marge tells the kids that they can have one piece of candy before bed, but she turns around to find Homer and the kids stuffing themselves full of Halloween candy. They dismiss Marge's claim that having too much will give them nightmares...

In Lisa's room, Lisa falls asleep and she dreams that while during a trip to Morocco, Homer finds a peddler's shop where he sees a monkey's paw. He advises Homer not to buy it due to the fact it that while it can grant four wishes, it can bring terrible misfortune. Despite the peddler's warnings, Homer buys it and takes it home. While Bart and Lisa argue over what to wish for, Maggie wastes a wish by wishing for a new pacifier. Bart makes the next wish; the Simpson family becomes rich and famous. Bart and Lisa are soon surrounded in money, Homer finds his wallet stuffed with cash and Marge's purse exploded. They go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate, but soon the wish has its liabilities as the town starts to get annoyed with their string of out-of-control merchandising. Lisa makes the next wish; world peace. The UN makes amends, weapons are destroyed, and the world is happy. Unfortunately, this wish comes with a bigger liability as Kang and Kodos see their chance at a hostile takeover of Earth using primitive weapons. The Simpsons are blamed for dooming the world to alien control, but Homer wants to make the final wish something harmless and can't possibly backfire: a turkey sandwich. The only liability? The turkey's a little dry. Homer is about to pitch the paw, but Ned Flanders asks about it and Homer figures that if it gave a curse before, it can happen to Ned Flanders. While seeing Kang chasing Moe, he wishes for a way to get rid of the aliens. He gets his wish as Moe grabs a plank with a nail stuck in it and the aliens retreat. Ned Flanders is heralded as a hero, to Homer's chagrin.

Lisa wakes up Bart and tells him she had a nightmare. She offers a candy necklace to stay in his room tonight, and he accepts. Bart eyes a jack-in-the-box before falling asleep. In Bart's dream, the residents of Springfield are all nervously happy for what seems like no reason. In the Simpson home, Bart greets the family and they are all sickeningly nice to him. When Bart decides to make Snowball 2 a little more interesting, he reveals his power to transform things at will as he turns the cat into fire-breathing beast. Otto allows Bart to drive causing panic while the police think nothing of it. At school, Mrs. Krabappel reads the historically-perverted answers off Bart's test, saying America is now called "Bonerland". Bart is very happy at school. At home, Bart wants to watch Krusty the Clown, but Homer is watching a football game in a bet to win money. Bart makes Homer vanish and Homer appears in the game as the ball which collides with the goal post. Bart changes the channel to Krusty, who has been on the air for two weeks straight. Homer comes home (head in bandages), in an attempt to bash Bart's head in. Bart then transforms Homer into a jack-in-the-box. Upon seeing this, Marge firmly, but then gently, takes Bart to see Dr. Marvin Monroe. He learns that Bart doesn't care about good or bad attention, any attention is fine with him. He suggests that he do more with his father, and they do. As Homer tucks Bart into bed, Bart asks if he can pay him back somehow. Homer requests his body returned, and Bart grants it. The father and son embrace and Bart wakes up screaming when Homer kisses him.

Bart and Lisa run into their parents' room, saying they both had nightmares. After they agree to let them stay in their room, Homer notices it's 4 AM and in a matter of hours, he must go to work. He nods off. In Homer's dream, Mr. Burns fires him for sleeping on the job and afterward, Mr. Burns and Smithers walk down into Mr. Burns' laboratory where he has a giant metallic robot that only needs a human brain to function. Meanwhile, Homer takes up Bart's suggestion to work as a gravedigger where he is driven like a slave by Groundskeeper Willie. When Willie leaves, Homer naps in the grave. That night, Mr. Burns and Smithers search the graveyard for a possible brain. Mr. Burns sees Homer in the open grave and thinks he'll be perfect. Smithers doubts it as he wasn't a model employee, but when asked who'd be better, Smithers panickedly says he'll be fine. In the lab, Mr. Burns saws Homer's head open and pulls out his brain, inserting it inside the robot. Once the power is activated, Mr. Burns' robot is alive. The robot itself acts just like Homer. It's not long before Mr. Burns breaks down, calling his creation an abomination. He is about to have Smithers take the brain out and get rid of it, but Smithers insists that the brain be returned to it's proper head. He does, and as Homer mutters while sewing his head shut, Smithers sees that Homer was not dead at all. Mr. Burns relents, and feebly kicks his robot. It topples over and crushes Mr. Burns. He urges Smithers to save him with his surgery tools and ether...

And Homer wakes up screaming. Homer walks into the bathroom where he sees he now shares his body with Mr. Burns' head. He wants to believe he's still dreaming, and Mr. Burns says it is all only a dream...

...or is it?