The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 7

Treehouse of Horror II

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1991 on FOX

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  • A Halloween Special classic as usual, not to be missed!

    I like this Treehouse Of Horror alot, because it has alot of really good jokes and funny quotes. Not only that, but all of the stories/dreams are great fun. The build up is that Homer, Bart, and Lisa eat loads of candy and it gives them nightmares and a really bad night. All of the stories are top quality.

    The Monkey's Paw
    Grade: B

    This one's pretty good. This is Lisa's dream. Not the strongest one though but still very good. The story is simple, yet it has alot of small but funny jokes and some of the wishes come out with funny moments (e.g Homer's "The Turkey's a little dry!" comment). Overall, good story.

    The story is that The Simpsons go to Morocco and they buy this Monkey Paw. This is no ordinary paw however. It allows them to grant four wishes which don't always fulfil what they want. Everything goes fine until Lisa wishes for world peace which causes the aliens (Kang and Kodus) to take over Earth, who then enslave the human race.

    The Bart Zone
    Grade: A

    This one's very funny. This is Bart's dream. It probably has the biggest jokes out of the three but I like this one simply because of the way everyone is scared and frightened of Bart's mind. The story however, is a bit lackluster and ends rather suddenly and predictable. However, the jokes make up for this one, and it's a nice take on an old Twilight Zone episode.

    The story is about a boy who can cause things to happen with his mind. That person is Bart Simpson. He can read minds and everyone has to be happy to him to avoid the consequences. However, when Homer tries to attack Bart he turns him into a Jack-In-A-Box. After having some quality time with each other, Bart and Homer know longer hate each other. Homer requests Bart to turn him back to his normal self, and Bart turns him back.

    If Only I Had A Brain
    Grade: A*

    This is my favourite, simply because it has the cleverest jokes and the best story out of the three. This is Homer's dream. Mr Burns and Smithers are just fantastic in this one, and Homer's mind inside a robot which replicates him is just hilarious with all the quotes he comes out with (Mmm Sprinkles!). There's also a rather unexpecting twist at the end and this is just a superb Halloween story overall.

    The story is about Homer getting a new job as a gravedigger and he falls asleep. Smithers takes his body to the lab and takes out his brain. Mr Burns' new robot needs a brain to work, so they put in Homer's brain and it starts functioning. However, the robot turns out to be a disaster and rather annoying (e.g keeps eating and looking for donuts) and Mr Burns wants the machine to stop.
    As Homer's brain returns to his body, Mr Burns knocks over the robot onto him and it crushes his body. Mr Burns tells Smithers to get some surgical tools... but then Homer wakes up and finds out that Mr Burns' head was sewn to his neck!


    This is a fantastic Halloween Special and you can't miss it out! Plenty of jokes and great memorable moments (e.g waking up from the dreams, who wakes up like that lol!) this is one of those specials you can't miss! One of my favourites as well. A must see, I'd recommend it!