The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 5

Treehouse of Horror III

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1992 on FOX

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  • this was a great treehouse of horror

    in this annual treehouse of horror ep number 3 it starts off with a killer krusty doll that homer purchase for barts birthday and it starts to try to kill homer in the tub and then they realize it was just turned to evil. and the second part was about homer who is like king kong and it tells the story of like king kong but homer is the ape it was a good story i thought. and it has some humor in it and the third was the zombies in the town when bart goes to read a book from the restricted section and all the people are becoming zombies and killing others this was a good treehouse of horror

    The Simpsons have a Halloween party and tell 3 stories:

    Clown Without Pity- For Bart's birthday, Homer needs to get him a present at the last minute because he forgot. He ends up getting a Krusty Doll that is seemingly evil and wants to kill Homer.

    King Homer- A parody of King Kong. Not my favorite, it is actually my least favorite. Not very funny.

    Dial Z For Zombies- Bart raises the undead and now the Simpsons need to get rid of all the zombies before it is too late.

    The first and last segments are the best but the third is weak IMO
  • "The Simpsons" continues its annual Halloween tradition with the third installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    In my opinion, this episode is the best of the "Treehouse of Horror" series since the original. There are a number of reasons for that. Having the episode set during a Halloween party is a great idea. Seeing who is dressed in what costume was hysterical in and of itself. Another great point about this episode is that all three stories work. The first story has a number of great laughs. "King Homer" is yet another great "Simpsons" parody (and has an ending scene you won't soon forget). The highlight of the third story was Bart reciting the hysterical spells.
  • Awesome and funny

    This is the 3rd treehouse of horror.This episode includes three stories as well of the other treehouses of horror. This one consists of, "Clown without Pity","King Homer" and finally, "Dial Z For Zombies" The first one (Clown without pity) is a parody of a twilight zone episode. King homer is a parody of King Kong and Dial Z for zombies is a parody of a Steven King Book. Now the episode is basically good but the best segment would have to be Clown without pity.King homer was funny and okay.Dial Z for Zombies is very strange and funny at the same time.I give this episode a 7 out of 10-VaughnD Productions
  • This Halloween Special set a new high for the series with "True" Horror themed stories, like ZOMBIES!

    Whoa! This set a new quality of Halloween Specials. Two horror themed stories and one well written story. My favourite by far is Bart's zombie one because it was the one that felt the most like a Halloween story. All of them are excellent. The build up is that The Simpsons have a Halloween party in their house and they tell stories.

    "Clown Without Pity"
    Grade: A (2nd)

    This one defined Horror and could be scary if you were younger. This is Lisa's story. It didn't really have that many jokes but definatly had that Halloween theming surrounding it. This one's one of the more memorable Halloween stories and as usual another Simpsons classic.

    The story is about Homer getting Bart a present for his birthday. He buys him a Krusty doll. However, this is no ordinary doll! It tries to murder him with a knife! Marge gets worried that the doll is really trying to kill and and sends customer support in. It turns out that the doll's default setting was on "Evil" and not "Good". Once its switched the doll starts to be nice to Homer.

    "King Homer"
    Grade: B (3rd)

    Not really into the Horror theming. This is Grampa's story. It's basically a Simpsons styled King Kong, with Homer being the star and Marge being the lead actress. Mr Burns and Smithers are also there. I'd say this is the weakest one out of the three but it's still pretty good. Has a strange ending as well (not a typical King Kong ending).

    The story is about Marge, Mr Burns, and Smithers going to this island to find a large gorilla. They find him "King Homer" and Homer falls in love with Marge. Homer gets knocked out and sent to New York. He escapes and finds Marge and then they get married at the end.

    "Dial "Z" For Zombies"
    Grade: A* (1st)

    The best story by far. This is Bart's story. It definatly has the Horror/Halloween theming inside and is easily one of my all-time favourites. This one has the most jokes and is the most developed story out of the three. I liked it when Bart goes "Dad you killed the zombie Flanders!" and then he says "He was a zombie?" lol. Loads of memorable moments and definatly a Halloween story you can't miss out on.

    The story is about Bart, who finds a mysterious spell book in a school library. He goes to the graveyard with it and uses it to resurrect his old dead pet Snowball. However, he casts the wrong spell and resurrects the dead! Zombies start taking over Springfield and the Simpsons have to fight through them (Homer who's armed with a shotgun) and find the right spell book to reverse the spell. Bart and Lisa succeed and everything goes back to normal.


    This really set a new high for Halloween Specials back in the days. I really liked this one, because it really defined what a Halloween Special is. It's a big favourite to lots of people and you can't miss this one out!
  • My 100th Review! Woo-Hoo!

    Clown Without Pity - Homer forgets barts birthday and gets him a cursed Krusty doll that tries to kill Homer whenever he can *with hilarious outcomes* Homer then burys the Krusty Doll, but it comes back and Marge believes him. She calls the sompany and they switch the Krusty Doll from evil to good! King Homer - Marge is recruited on board Mr Burns' ship to go to Ape Island. Marge is offored as a sacrifice for Homer,. but he doesn't kill or eat her. Then he is captured and put on broadway. He escapes, kidnaps Marge and climbs the Empire State Building *but can't get past the 2nd floor* Marge then marries him.

    Dial Z For Zombie - Bart needs to review another book for his book report, but accidently gets a supernatural book which he tries to use to raise snowball 1 from the grave but raises the dead! The family try to get to the libary with Homer killing Zombies along the way and they save the day
  • Treehouse of Horror does it again!!!

    In this year's scarifying special, the Simpsons gather for a Halloween party and exchange ghost stories. In the first tale, told by Lisa, Homer buys Bart a talking Krusty doll with a few glitches: It tries to kill Homer with a knife and strangle him to death. No one believes that the doll is really trying to kill Homer, but when Marge calls the toy company's customer service numbers, it is revealed that the doll was accidentally set to 'evil' instead of 'good.' In the next story, told by Grandpa, Homer plays King Kong to Marge's Fay Wray. Mr. Burns plays a maniacal millionaire who plunders the jungle in search of mythical giant gorilla. The gorilla falls in love with the millionaire's beautiful assistant and carries her to the top of the Empire State building. After a messy confrontation with the army, the gorilla and the girl get married and live happily ever after. Finally, Bart tells a story in which a spell from a book of witchcraft bring Springfield's dead to life. The only thing that can send them back to their graves is the right spell.
  • "He was a zombie?"

    Here is my review for this funny episode of "The Simpsons". It's the third installment of the Treehouse Of Horror anthology that's been made for almost every season of the show. Anyway, the first segment of the episode (as told by Lisa) is called "Clown Without Pity", and it's about a doll of Krusty the Clown that Homer buys for Bart's birthday and it turns out to be evil; it tries to kill Homer until we see why it was evil (The switch on it's back was set to "evil"). The second segment (as told by Grampa) is called "King Homer", and it's mainly a Simpson version of the classic movie "King Kong" with Homer playing the giant ape and Marge playing the heroine. The third segment (as told by Bart) is called "Dial 'Z' For Zombies", and it's about Bart reciting a magic spell from an old book that awakens the dead, and some of the people of Springfield become zombies as well. This episode has one of my favorite quotes in the show, and I crack up each time I hear it:

    Bart: "Dad! You killed the zombie Flanders!"
    Homer: "He was a zombie?"

    This is one of the best "Treehouse Of Horror" episodes ever made in the series, and it's absolutely hilarious to watch and enjoy.
  • Very funny episode. Could of been better, but still good.

    "Clown Without Pity"
    Very funny segment...there's not much more to say really. It's a very simple episode. 6.9/10

    "King Homer"
    Probably the most boring segment of any Treehouse.. episode. Probably only good if you've bothered to see the original King Kong film. But I haven't, and I might not bother to watch this segment again. Of course it isn't bad (No Simpson's episode from this season is), it's just not one of the best. 4.9/10

    "Dial "Z" for Zombies"
    Very entertaining. We finally get a rare insight into the death of 'Snowball I'. 7.1/10

    It's good. Not the best Treehouse.. episode, but definitely not the worst.

    Finnaly zombies ! I really like zombies and thats why I liked this episode more than those THOH before. The one with the clown was funny- and the conclussion made me laugh, the second one was avarage.. don't like king kong so.. But I loved the zombies- even more I loved Zombie Flanders ! That was rich- "Dad ! You killed the Zombie Flanders !" "He was a Zombie ?!". I loved that episode- worth a watch.
  • This was another great Threehouse Of Horror segment.

    This segment was great. Dial Z For Zombie was the best. King Homer, lol. The one with the evil Krusty doll was pretty funny. Homer ruined a halloween activity... that part with that Shirley Temple parody, and she got eaten... lol. I thought the whole thing was great, like that warning at the begining when Homer calls everyone chicken and Marge asks Homer if he just called everyone chicken and he says he swears on a bible, when it was really a book of carpet samples. This episode of The Simpsons was a very great and funny segment of Treehouse Of Horror...
  • This Treehouse of Horror is one of the best one's yet.

    The third Treehouse of Horror once again tells three stories of evil. The first one "Clown Without Pity." The story starts when Bart is having a birthday party. Homer had forgotten a gift and rushes to get one. He goes to a spooky store where he buys a Krusty the Clown doll. Bart loves the doll, but Homer soon becomes scared of it when it tries to kill him. Finally the family realizes Homer is telling the truth and they call a Krusty the Clown doll repairman. When the man comes, he switches the doll from Evil to Good by using a switch. Homer makes it his servant. In the next story "King Homer," Grampa tells the story set in the 1930's. In the story Mr. Burns and Smithers set of to capture King Homer. They use Marge as bait. They find King Homer and capture him. They bring him to Manhattan and chain him as part of a freak show. Homer breaks through the chains and starts to climb the Empire Statue Building. After falling after the second story, Marge takes pity on the ape and marries him. The last story "Dial "Z" For Zombie," is told by Bart. In the story, Bart finds a book in the library that tells how to bring the dead back to life. Bart and Lisa try to bring back Snowball 1, Lisa's old cat, but wind up reviving every person that has been dead for the past few hundred years. The zombies roam around, turning others into zombies. The zombies enter the Simpsons house looking for brains. Homer offers them him, but he doesn't have a brain and they leave him alone. Finally, Bart reads the spell that sends the zombies back to their graves.
  • Amazing this episódio!!!

    Brilliant this episode, optimum of terror of the Simpsons who vi tie now.

    Estoria 1: It was to less good, the Bart earning that doll of krusty.


    Estoria 2: Gênial, Kink Homer, in the end it ate ties the
    father of the wife.


    Estoria 3: incrivel tambem ties up to with historia 2, zombis.

  • A bunch of kids come to the Simpsons' house for a Halloween party and people take turns telling scary stories.

    There's a lot of things in this episode that don't exactly make sense, but since this is The Simpsons, I mean that in a good way. Absurdity is always funny. Like in the "Clown Without Pity" sketch when it turns out the Krusty doll's switch was set to "Evil"? Why would the toy company put a switch like that on a doll? It's not very practical!

    This episode has several classic lines from Homer as well, like, "The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me!" I also liked when Homer tried to tell a ghost story and messed it up. "Did I mention she was dead?"

    I like most of the Treehouse of Horror episodes but this one is a personal favorite.
  • A solid Halloween episode

    I loved the scene where Homer is buying the doll for Bart and after all the That's Good and That's Bad stuff he gets really confused by a word he doesn't know.
    It was odd that a doll given by Homer to Bart wasn't seen anywhere near Bart at all. Its like Homer kept the doll for himself.

    King Homer was very good! Homer didn't say anything at all but you could really see a lot of the real Homer in the ape.
    The "anti-climax" with Homer climbing the building was my favourite bit.
    Pilot: Hes sure taking his sweet time
    Pilot 2: Better re-fuel!

    The Zombies one was solid too. There were too predictable parts which I still really loved.

    - Homer shooting Ned when he had no idea he was a zombie
    - The zombies ignoring Homer because of his lack of brain power.

    Nothing really stood out for me it was just a solid halloween episode.
  • this halloween special has one of the most memorable segments in treehouse of horror history

    "Dial Z for Zombie" is a wonderful segment, packed with zombie jokes for instance, the line:
    Bart: wow dad, you killed the zombie flanders!
    Homer: he was a zombie?
    and "eat lead einstein", "show's over shakespeare" were great lines aswell. the chants in the segments were hilarious aswell and willy's appearance was great.

    clown without pity was also a good segment with the crazy doll trying to kill homer and the scene in the shop.

    king homer had a few good jokes but didn't live up to the standards of the other two segments.

    overall, treehouse of horror 3 isn't the best halloween episodes but does have one of the greatest segments in "Dial Z for Zombies"
  • Another good Halloween special.

    Clown Without Pity: Lisa tells a story about a doll from Hell. Homer buys Bart a Krusty the Clown doll for his birthday. When Bart pulls the string, he says "I'm Krusty the Clown and I love you very much." But when Homer is alone with it, things are getting stranger. The doll speaks on his own and attempts to kill him.

    This short was pretty good, so when I saw this it started out as a good 8.0. I liked Homer running around naked with Patty and Selma over for a few seconds of the short. I also liked the line "The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's laughing at me." This short started the episode well.

    King Homer: Grampa weaves a tale in black and white set in the 1930's. It's basically a Simpsonized version of King Kong, with Marge as the lady, Homer as the ape, and Burns and Smithers as the capitans.

    This short was my least favorite, lowering my grade by .1. I liked the Annie or whatever thing on Broadway. King Homer climing only to the second story of the building was pretty funny, but it still wasn't all that good. It'll all make up for it and more in the next short.

    Dial Z For Zombies: Bart tells a tale of the damned: After Mrs. Krabappel told him to read another book for a report, Bart finds a creepy section of the library. He finds a spell book. That night, he and Lisa go to the cemetery attempting to bring Lisa's deceased cat, Snowball, back to life. He casts the wrong spell and brings every other thing back to life. The zombies wreck havoc in Springfield, eating peoples' brains.

    This was the thing that gave this episode a huge boost in ratings IMO. Now it's an 8.5, as you see at the top-right corner. This was the best short in Treehouse of Horror since Hungry are the Damned. This short was just plain awesome.

    Grade: B