The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 5

Treehouse of Horror III

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1992 on FOX

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  • This Halloween Special set a new high for the series with "True" Horror themed stories, like ZOMBIES!

    Whoa! This set a new quality of Halloween Specials. Two horror themed stories and one well written story. My favourite by far is Bart's zombie one because it was the one that felt the most like a Halloween story. All of them are excellent. The build up is that The Simpsons have a Halloween party in their house and they tell stories.

    "Clown Without Pity"
    Grade: A (2nd)

    This one defined Horror and could be scary if you were younger. This is Lisa's story. It didn't really have that many jokes but definatly had that Halloween theming surrounding it. This one's one of the more memorable Halloween stories and as usual another Simpsons classic.

    The story is about Homer getting Bart a present for his birthday. He buys him a Krusty doll. However, this is no ordinary doll! It tries to murder him with a knife! Marge gets worried that the doll is really trying to kill and and sends customer support in. It turns out that the doll's default setting was on "Evil" and not "Good". Once its switched the doll starts to be nice to Homer.

    "King Homer"
    Grade: B (3rd)

    Not really into the Horror theming. This is Grampa's story. It's basically a Simpsons styled King Kong, with Homer being the star and Marge being the lead actress. Mr Burns and Smithers are also there. I'd say this is the weakest one out of the three but it's still pretty good. Has a strange ending as well (not a typical King Kong ending).

    The story is about Marge, Mr Burns, and Smithers going to this island to find a large gorilla. They find him "King Homer" and Homer falls in love with Marge. Homer gets knocked out and sent to New York. He escapes and finds Marge and then they get married at the end.

    "Dial "Z" For Zombies"
    Grade: A* (1st)

    The best story by far. This is Bart's story. It definatly has the Horror/Halloween theming inside and is easily one of my all-time favourites. This one has the most jokes and is the most developed story out of the three. I liked it when Bart goes "Dad you killed the zombie Flanders!" and then he says "He was a zombie?" lol. Loads of memorable moments and definatly a Halloween story you can't miss out on.

    The story is about Bart, who finds a mysterious spell book in a school library. He goes to the graveyard with it and uses it to resurrect his old dead pet Snowball. However, he casts the wrong spell and resurrects the dead! Zombies start taking over Springfield and the Simpsons have to fight through them (Homer who's armed with a shotgun) and find the right spell book to reverse the spell. Bart and Lisa succeed and everything goes back to normal.


    This really set a new high for Halloween Specials back in the days. I really liked this one, because it really defined what a Halloween Special is. It's a big favourite to lots of people and you can't miss this one out!