The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 6

Treehouse of Horror VI

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1995 on FOX

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  • Treehouse of Horror VI has skeleton power

    Treehouse of Horror VI is the only Simpsons Halloween episode to have been nominated for the Emmy for outstanding animated program, but that's a little misleading: It's not the best and falls short of the two legendary THOHs before it, THOH IV and THOH V. Still, it's a great episode, the latest thing I've seen as part of my reviewing of Halloween and horror-themed entertainment this October.

    The first segment of the episode has giant advertisement mascots coming to life and destroying Springfield. The idea is not as scary as past stories used in THOHs, it's ridiculous than long-lived vampire legends (THOH IV) or villainous ghosts making a father try to kill his family (THOH V). But the segment can also be seen as a commentary on the predominance of advertising in the modern world, and the laughs make this segment worthy, including with an ironic peanut joke and Chief Wiggum shooting an innocent high school student. Kang and Kodos are also worked in more intelligently, not just observing the action from their spaceship as seen in the last three THOHs.

    The next segment is a Nightmare on Elm Street parody starring Groundskeeper Willy. Willy had stolen the show the previous year and that probably inspired Simpsons staff to put him front and center here. Unlike the first segment, this story is scarier (indeed, on the DVD commentary someone says this segment gave one of his childhood nightmares). It's also fairly funny, including with commentary on school budgets. Nay to doorknob repair.

    The last segment is what got the episode its Emmy nomination, with 3-D animation when Homer finds himself lost in another dimension. But ironically, this is my least favorite segment of THOH VI. There's little interesting in this dimension, just cones, and cubes, and at one point Homer acknowledges he's "just standing The segment is not without laughs, however. And generally, this episode's still a lot of fun
  • The Simpsons continues its annual Halloween tradition with the sixth installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    This chapter in the long running series begins with an excellent opening segment. "Attack of the 50 Ft. Eyesores" was terrific. A very clever idea that worked very well. Being a huge "Godzilla" fan I loved the nod to the iconic monster after Homer stole Lard Lad's donut. I fell pretty much the same way about "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace". A great parody of a popular horror series with a lot of laughs. The part of the segment where we learn how Willie came to be the demon he is was rip roaring hysterical. Though it was the most hyped of the three segments "Homer 3" was my least favorite. For some reason or another I just did not enjoy it as much. Still it was very well animated. I always look forward to "Treehouse of Horror" every year. This episode is a perfect example why.
  • Awesome Treehouse of Horror

    Attack of the 50 ft. eyesores: A parody of Godzilla and similar monster movies, when all the billboard icons come alive. Very Funny, but still probablly the worst one on here. 9/10 A-

    Nightmare on Evergreen Terrance: Easily the best segement on here, this one parodies "Nightmare on Elm Street" where Willy is accidently killed by Homer, and the other parents just watch him die. There were very funny moments on here like how the school couldn't get funds for fire extingiushers, and the dreams were great too. 10/10 A+

    Homer3: The middle segement, in this parody of "Tron" and a Twilight Zone episode, Homer gets trapped in a 3 Dimensional world. The family tries to save him, but he is sucked into... the real world! 9.5/10 A

    Overall, one of the best THOH's, and if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. 10/10 A+
  • One of their Best THOHs

    Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores- Giant mascots for various companies come to life and terrorize Springfield. Will the Springfielders be able to overcome this?

    Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace- A Hilarious parody of the popular teen franchise Nightmare on Elm Street. What else is there to be said other than hilarious?

    Homer3: Homer enters the third dimension to escape Patty and Selma when they visit.

    All three segments were great, my order would go Nightmare, Homer3, and Attack, but all three were great, overall, one of my favorite halloween specials of the series, this episode easily gets an A+ from me. Perfect
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the annal treehous of horro speacial it starts off like normal in the three stories first the ads of springfield start to come to life and terriorize springfield and homer steels a dounut from the doughnut man and the ad comes knocking at his door . and the second storie its a school meeting and familys are there but willie dies in fire at the school vow to kill the children in the dreams like freddi couger. and so he starts to kill them and bart and lisa and maggie stop him . this was a good storie and it had alot humor to it. and third homer is traped in third demension when he hides behide a book case . and the town is tring to get him out but i collapes in there and he falls in the real world . this was a good ep
  • I loved this ep!

    I loved this episode because I really enjoyed the story of Homer through the wall. I first saw this one when I was a little kid and it freaked me out a bit but I also liked it because it was cool! If i had aunts like patty and selma then I'd want to find a hiding place too! But a portal through the wall into a 3d world is a little scary. What if i lost my way.... I like the part when homer kicks some of the 3d objects and makes the 3d world collapse. Bart getting sucked into the real world was hilarious too. As a little kids I remember thinking that it looked so cool to see a cartoon in the real world. I loved this ep!
  • Truly the best Simpsons Halloween episode ever!

    My first Simpsons episode review. As my summary says, this is the best Simpsons Halloween episode. My favorite Halloween segment was "Homer-3". Homer goes into the third dimension (otherwise known as 3-D or CGI). The funniest parts I've seen are Homer getting hit a cone and saying "Watch it, coney!", throwing it and it makes a hole, Homer saying "Crap!" when he falls down in the hole, and Homer hitting the dumpster while he enters the live-action world. The other segments are pretty good too. My brother and I have this episode on the "Treehouse of Horror" DVD and the Season 7 boxset. Like I said, this episode is the best!
  • The Simpsons and horror; the perfect mix.

    Wow, this was a great experience. Until now, we have had very solid tree house of horror specials. The tree segments work perfectly. I am a fan of the horror genre and when I find the Simpson family going through all the crazy stuff that happens to them on Halloween, all I can do is to applause whoever came with this great idea. I have a little problem with the stories when the family seems to be not disturbed at all by the circumstances that are surrounding them. On the other hand, when the family reacts naturally to the situation, I feel really connected to them as if I were part of the story.

    A very fun episode!
  • The word Treehouse of Horror should spell huge success

    In this year's blood-chilling blockbuster boo-fest, the Simpsons celebrate Halloween with three visions of terror. First, Springfield is destroyed by a band of angry, marauding billboard icons. The Lard Lad, Professor Peanut, and the Duff Cowboy escape their billboards and crush everything in sight until guest star Paul Anka saves the day with a catchy jingle. In the second segment, Groundskeeper Willie picks off the students of Springfield Elementary one-by-one. In a flashback, we learn that Willie was accidentally murdered by the kids' parents, and plans to kill the children in their dreams for revenge. It's up to Bart, Lisa, and a quick-thinking baby Maggie to fight him in dreamland. In the third segment, Homer steps into an alternate dimension, where he becomes a 3-D rendering. He finds that he's trapped in the digital world and all the attempts to save him by Professor Frink, Chief Wiggum and Ned Flanders are useless. Once again, it falls to Bart to save the day, but he fails when the digital universe implodes, sending Homer into an even scarier world: ours. Guest Star: Paul Anka as himself.
  • One of the best THoH!

    Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores- After Homer steals Lard Lad's giant dount bliboards come to life and attack the residents of Springfield. No one seems to be able to stop them, until Lisa gets a idea. Just ignore them. Soon, everyone turns away and ignores the bilboreds. They all fall and are destroyed.
    Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace- Bart suffers from a dream which hurts him. He learns so did other kids. Lisa nd Bart ask their parents and learn they are being attacked by Willie, whom was burned in the school and no one helped him. Bart enters the dream to stop Willie and suceeds. He wakes up hoping its over, but sees Willie in the outside world.
    Homer 3- Homer is sucked into a 3D world and the world soon starts to collapse. The family, Wiggum, and Frink attempt to get him out, but Bart goes in after his dad. He tries to save Homer, but Homer falls through the hole. Homer arrives in the real world, where he enters a cake shop.
  • Martin died at school today. Martin's felt?

    This is the sixth Treehouse of Horror. Martin dided at school when he finished math. He joked AND DIDED! Martin shouldn't die. Poor Martin. When Marge waits for Selma and Patty, they have to hide. Homer was hiding in the closet.

    Now Homer had to hide in the wall but he was inside and hes threed.

    Homer broke into peices when Bart got to threed and he fell down. Now Homer is broken.

    It's so spooky and fun to watch on Halloween. Watch this spooky episode.

    So spooky and Homer broke into peices.

    Watch it.

    It's fun on Halloween and all ages to watch it.
  • treehouse of horror.....need i say more

    this is an amazing ep....i love all the treehouse series, but this one is my fave... i loved the play on freddy kruger willy kills the kids in their dreams and so on and so forth..not a fan of the attack of th 50 ft... but its ok...the best by far is homer3....amazing ahead of its time, the way he goes into the 3rd dimension and is transformed with computer graphics...unbelievable!!! i love this epidoe...i just watched it again today and its funnier everytime i c it..i love the ending where he is dropped from the world in2 real time CA...and he is still Homer...the ending..priceless...simply homer saying..MmMM Erotic cakes
  • Killer icons of advertisement, a three-dimensional parallel world, and a Freddy impersonator

    Treehouse of Horror VI is my favorite of the Halloween specials which I look forward to all year long. The first I saw of these segments was personal favorite "Homer^3" where Homer discovers a 3-D world in an attempt to escape his sisters-in-law. The last shot where he wanders in the "weird place" of our existence was priceless right up to the "Ooh, erotic cakes" remark and the ending theme of a different softer nature in contrast to other specials which was all good. The first segment was pretty good especially in a few key moments where the Zip Boys icons run away with difficulty due to their enlarged heads and the old crazy Jewish man calls out "Hey, fellas, where are you going at this hour? Hey, don't scratch up them heads!" Also I relate to the second segment which Groundskeeper Willie filled in Robert Englund's renowned role as the murderous child killer who is later after Bart and Lisa but leaves his gun on the bus and comically chases after it in the end. Plus, this is also the only time I've heard Homer say "Or Moe, go kill Moe."
  • This is the 6th episode of "Treehouse Of Horror" ever made.

    This is my review for "Treehouse Of Horror VI". It is one of my favorite episodes of "The Simpsons" ever made. It is also one of a few "Treehouse Of Horror" episodes that are perfect for watching any day of the year, due to little Halloween refrences. Others include: "Treehouse Of Horror XI", "Treehouse Of Horror XIII", and "Treehouse Of Horror XV". What makes this episode special to me is the fact that it is the first episode to use computer-animation, which was really cool. There is also a parody for "A Nightmare On Elm Street" on this episode as well. It's so funny, it's spook-tacular!
  • The best Halloween episode ever!

    The first two episodes of this special were okay, but the last one, was genius! If you're wondering, I'm going to be focusing on Homer3. Homer going through a wormhole to a 3D universe, and becoming 3D was great. Going through that world, and seeing all its wonders, even some of the hexadecimal code, saying "FRINK RULES" was also great. I wish that one day, 3D Homer will come back, better than ever.
  • A really great one.. partialy in 3d !

    Yes It is one of the better ones. The first one is.. well avarage.. not so special.. I mean It wasn't really funny.. Then there is Nightmare on evergreen tarace ! Willie in action ! that's all i've got to say ! The last one is great beckause it's in 3d ! And has a great ending ! So here ya have it ! 9.0.
  • The best Treehouse of Horror VI ever!

    Here's the 3-parts of the Simpsons Halloween Special VI.

    In "Attack of The 50 Foot Eyesores" is a great horrorfying part when Homer gets a big doughnut at the top when a boy holding it, then the lightning appear shock him and now they want to destroy Springfield. The first part is must see this part!

    Next on "Nightmare at Evergreen Terrace" Bart's dream was a bad dream when Willie was holding a leaf rack and swoosh to Bart and then Bart saw it that really having a bad dream come true. Martin dies too when he's up to no use. Finally Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are trying to stop Groundskeeper Willie for a final fight showdown. Bart and Lisa capture them and Maggie saves the day.

    Finally on "Homer3" Homer is hiding a bookshelf untill he explore 3D-World like ever seen before! (like Tron does) After that Homer got lost and The Simpsons are trying to help but it's no use and up to Bart and it was too late. Homer was alone in a real world.

    This is must-see at the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI! This is the best!
  • Best Treehouse of Horror. Ever.

    This is possibly the best treehouse of the horror in the series by far. Even though I felt that the first story was only C+ quality, the other two stories were better than A+ quality. It had some of the best plots as well as great one-liners. Most people only like this episode because it features a 3d Homer, but that's not why I like this episode. I liked this episode because all the stories were not only original but also creative. Ending the episode in live action was completely unexpected. Overall, it was an awesome episode and is certainly worth watching.
  • Possibly the best tree house of horror episode

    This was either the best or the second best (second to TOH V) TOH episode. The first one, although the worst of the three was good. It had some funny parts such as when Chief Wiggum shot the captain of the basketball team. The second one was very very good. It was scary and funny. I probably enjoyed it so much because Willy is one of my favorite characters. The third one, Homer^3 was my favorite out of any TOH. It was really funny, and it was cool to see homer and bart in 3D. I wish I understood what all that stuff meant in the backround though, but oh well.
  • A special halloween episode!

    Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores
    Springfield is attacked by adertising statues after Homer takes the Lard lad's doughnut, the best part was the montage with the statues coming to life in variously humerous ways!

    Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace
    This is a fantastic halloween horror. Its among my favourites of all time! After Homer inadvertently kills Willy and the other parents just watch him die, he comes back and kills or hurts their children in their dreams. Bart Lisa and Maggie have a final showdown with Willy and Maggie is the surprise hero! Its really fantastic to watch, Willy makes the perfect bad guy!


    Lot of people love this episode, but I'm not a big fan of it! Seeing Homer in 3D and the in the "real" world is interesting but to me its overrated. I think people may have been so amazed to see Homer and Bart in 3D they immediately loved it!
  • TOH 6 is a very well planned out episode.

    They aren't as funny as I thought, but there are still very well thought out and planned. For the first one:

    I would give it a 6/10. It isn't very funny and not as good as I thought it would be, but still okay for a TOH episode. Giant rampaging statues is quite a good iea actually. I did like it and one of my favourite parts is when Homer tried to battle the Giant LardLad guy for his donut he was holding. Pretty good.

    For the second, 8/10. A lot better and funnier, and also scarier too. I loved it. Even though it was gory at some parts, like when Willy swipes Bart roudn the chest and he wakes up with blood scratches along them it was very cool and had some excellent scenes and was a lot more well written then the first one. That 'Smarch' thing was also funny.

    And for the last one, 9/10. EXCELLENT segment. It has 3-D graphics in it, and Homer and Bart in 3-D. An excellent and very funny story and halirious ending with Homer and the Erotic Cakes. I very much thought this was a weird episode but still extremly cool. Homer and Bart in 3-D in the third dimension? Awesome! I enjoyed this one more than both the thers put together.

    Treehouse of Horror no 6 is quite a great one. Probably my third favourite. These are so cool and scary and great to watch on a Halloween night. 9.8/10.
  • the sixth treehouse of horror.

    treehouse of horror 5 was a hard halloween special to follow but the simpsons managed to make it humourous, though unfortunately not nearly as good as toh5, my favourite of the halloween episodes. homer3 is my favourite segment with heaps of great jokes by all of the characters and the 3D shapes all around the zone that homer is in. nobody caring about willy burning to death was great in "nightmare on evergreen terrace" as well as the thirteenth month aka smarch. overall, this episode was very well animated and lived up to the standards of treehouse of horror episodes.
  • some say that the simpsons are going downhill. but there is a reason why they havent been cancled

    First of all, i would like to say that all of tree house of horror are good, but mostly this one is one of the classics. i personaly loved Homer3, because we see for the first time Homer beening 3-D. also at the end was so hilarious, he comes to our world and the first place he visits is a cake shop! we kno then that he's going to fit in!