The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 1

Treehouse of Horror XIII

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • Decent Opener to the 14th Season

    what i liked- the seance opening, bart dressed as maude, ned as a cow, the ending to the episode with kang and kodos, peter griffin as a clone of homer, the real homer being the first one to jump over the cliff, the ending to the second segment, amongst other things. Decent episode. It wasn't one of the best THOH episodes but it did have some good laughs, and that's about all I can hope for in the Simpsons. so, 3/5 or so seems right overall.
  • The fourteenth season begins with The Simpsons continuing its annual Halloween tradition with the thirteenth installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    This entry is one of the stronger episodes of "Treehouse of Horror." "Send in the Clones" is the best of the stories presented. It seemed the most clever and original of all. That does not mean that the other stories are bad, however the fact that the second story is somewhat of a retread diminishes its quality. We have already seen a story where Springfield is overrun by zombies. We have also already seen a story where Homer goes back in time to change the past. So while I liked the second story focusing on Billy the Kid's rise from the grave it sounded very familiar. The final segment was better in the fact that it had more laughs. Overall "Treehouse of Horror XIII" works. Catch it whenever you can.
  • Homer has many clones, Billy the kid returns, and Dr. Hibbert beings changing people into animals.

    Send in the Clones

    Homer finds that his new hammock is capable of making clones, and he begins making and using the clones to do all of his chores. When one of the clones permanently takes care of Flanders, Homer decides to get rid of the clones and the hammock. So he takes them both out to cornfield where he leaves them. Only the clones begin using the hammock and start to proliferate themselves at an enormous rate, soon the town of Springfield is under invasion by an army of Homer clones. It's up to Lisa to give the army a suggestion that help them eliminate the clone problem. 4/5 I thought this episode offered some great jokes, and I loved the parody of multiplicity. The Right to Keep and Scare Harms

    Lisa finds the grave of William Bonney who was killed by gun violence. In his memory, she starts a gun control crusade, which makes Springfield totally gun-free; even the police no longer have guns. Now defenseless, the corpse of William "Billy the Kid" Bonney and his cohorts rise from the dead and start raising havoc in town. Professor Frink develops a time machine, which Homer uses to go back to the recent past to stop the ban on guns. 3/5 Maybe a little weaker of a story from the first but still amazing.

    The Island of Dr. Hibbert

    The family takes a trip to "The Island of Lost Souls," where they find Dr. Hibbert is running the island's resort. Marge thinks that something creepy is going on there, but when she goes off to investigate she is captured by Dr. Hibbert who turns her into a cat woman. Homer goes in search of a cure for Marge's condition and encounters Ned Flanders (who needs to be milked). Flanders takes Homer to meet the others who've been converted into beasts. While initially horrified at what they've all become, after thinking about it, he decides it might just be the life for him. 5/5 Great plot, Great jokes, Great segment. Overall- 12/15
  • Great Treehouse of Horror nothing new for this series... What else more do I have to say?

    Send In The Clones: Homer purchases a "magic" hammock which creates clones. He uses the hammock to start cloning himself to perform odd jobs around the house and care for the kids. But soon the clones start cloning themselves, until the town is overrun by Homers! The Fright To Creep And Scare Harms: Lisa convinces the town to abolish all guns in honour of a dead man's dream. When all guns are gone, the man and his crew raise from the dead. The town are in for a shock when they find out it is Billy The Kid, and he's out to cause trouble. The Island Of Dr. Hibbert: The Simpsons travel to an island operated by Dr. Hibbert. Homer notices everybody turning into animals and tries to figure out why. Can he figure out before it's too late, or will he become an animal too?
  • I dont know why people dislike Season 13+ episodes, this was great!

    What a great Treehouse of Horror episode with very funny stories. "Send in the Clones": Homer finds that his new hammock is capable of making clones, and he begins making and using the clones to do all of his chores. This is a very hilarious story, especially the part when Homer 'takes over' when Marge asks one of the clones for a little nookie. "The Right to Keep and Scare Harms": Lisa finds the grave of William Bonney who was killed by gun violence. In his memory, she bans all guns in Springfield, making Springfield totally gun-free. Now defenseless, the corpse of William "Billy the Kid" Bonney and his cohorts rise from the dead and start raising havoc in town. Professor Frink develops a time machine, which Homer uses to go back to the recent past to stop the ban on guns. This was funny especially when Kaiser Wilhelm appears on a horse and pretends to be a cowboy. The last one was a bit of a letdown but I liked the different 'manimals'. They actually resembled the characters.
  • An excellent episode.

    My favorite story was the first one "Send in the Clones." It was very entertaining to see the crowd of Homers ruining everything and then running off the cliff after a donut. To make it better, the real Homer ran off the cliff along with the clones. The second one was okay but unoriginal (In TOH II, The city becomes defenseless and are attacked by Kang and Kodos). The resolution seemed like too much of a quick-fix to end the story. The third one was very bizarre but still very funny and the characters really resembled what kind of animal they would be in real life. "I haven't been this skinny since high school!"

    Grade: B+
  • The annual Treehouse of Horror is a tough gig, forcing writers and animators to appease the entire audience at once. This episode ignores the most important element: Non-obvious stories with good humor or well done nods to classic films or stories. D'OH!

    "Clones" is great in all these respects by taking a Twilight Zone-esque story, a Tracy Ullman Homer reference, Peter Griffin and a good "whatever" ending. The story was predictable, but who cares?

    From this point on, however, the trip took an emergency delay and took a course downhill. Though "Fright" was mildly amusing, the story didn't go anywhere for me. More importantly, this is a halloween premise which has already been done to a much better extent with Kang and Kodos in THOH II: disposing of guns. However, there were funny lines while they were doing so. Also, I enjoyed the time continum joke with Prof. Frink, the introduction of the gang of outlaws and Moe's urge for Caveman Hookers. As much as I laughed, my appetite wasn't fed in the end. Unfortunately, I wouldn't get a desert in my three course meal.

    "The Island of Dr. Hibbert"...where to begin with this monstrocity of televised animation?

    1. The story had so much possibilty to be good, yet ends abruptly. Instead of keeping consistant with Homer attempting to escape the island, resulting in the usual THOH twist, Homer's eagerness to join the animal society seemed too sudden. If the story condensed itself less obviously, I would probably have less of a problem. 2. This whole story was just a chance to showboat animal alter-egos of the characers, almost none of which were correct. Bart would definately be some sort of a reptile, and Marge as a panther seemed a little iffy. I was also a little thrown off by Flanders as a cow. Some worked, like Comic Book Guy and Ralph, but most failed.

    3. Why Dr. Hibbert? The perfect solution would to call this episode "Island of Dr. Monroe" since it's closer to the title of the movie it's parodying. Also, this would explain the sudden "death" of Dr. Marvin Monroe as being a vacation flight crashing on an island. Complete screw-up on the writer's part.

    I could go on, but why waste our time listing the reasons why this story is downright awful when I could just say it: Island of Dr. Hibbert has no redeemable qualities. As Jay Sherman would say, "It stinks!"

    Due to the descent of each bit following the last, here's the breakdown:

    Send in the Clones: B-
    The Fright to Scare Harms: C-
    Island of Dr. Hibbert: F

    Unfortunately, Island's score destory's the chances of this episode to survive the years. Therefore, instead of an 8 out of 10 (which the rest deserves), I must give it a 6 overall.
  • 1/3 were good, but the one that was good was really good!

    Hmm let me ask something - What is better than one Homer? How about an army of Homers!!! Thats right when I first saw the promos for this episode I knew I was going to enjoy it.

    The army going to the Duff factory was my favourite part and when they were in Moes.

    I loved the part where Peter Griffin was seen as a clone, this was a cheap shot, but in my opinion a fair one. I think Family Guy is a good show and all, but I just can't stand Peter. (A poor man's Homer!)

    The other 2 stories were average at best.
    When the whole town was defenceless Why didn't they just use the guns from the playground?! That story was okay until Professor Frink came in and got Homer to go back in time. It seemed too much like a quick fix, like an easy way to finish the episode.

    Island Of Dr hibbert wasn't anything special for me, I've heard other people like it, but it was a silly situation and Simpsons silly situations usually make me laugh but this didn't! Although I noticed that Skinner was a joey in his mothers pouch - which really says a lot about their relationship and who wears the pants!!!
  • treehouse of horror 13 brings the halloween series back on track.

    i didn't particularly like the second story "the right to keep and scare harms" but the other two were hilarious.

    Send in the Clones is my favourite with great visual gags such as the clones including old homer and peter from family guy. sending the homers off the cliff with donuts was a hilarious idea as was raiding the duff factory and then needing to use the bathroom.

    The Island Of Dr Hibbert was another good segment with jokes including all the mutants such as disco shrew and abe as a turkey. the fact that turning homer into a walrus made him lose weight was another great gag as was chief wiggum being a pig.

    personally, i believe this would be the best halloween special since X if not for the second segment.
  • I very poor episode that sees the end of the Simpson's genius

    Well folks....this is the moment when the Simpsons died...the episode started kinda flat...watchible but flat and as the episode continued it just got worse and started with the story 'Send in the Clones' that had a couple of funny moments in the first few minutes but apparent cracks and misfires soon followed..second story was 'The Right to Keep and Scare Harms' which was an ever weaker tale about all guns getting banned in Springfield and due to that the town soon is at the mercy of cowboy zombies lead but Billy the kid's bad as that was it wasn't half as bad as the third and final story 'The Island of Dr. Hibbert' this was just painfully bad...the jokes were sad at best and didn't have a single laugh...saddly the episodes that follow weren't much better
  • Another fairly good treehouse of horror

    Like almost all of the other Simpsons Treehouse of horrors episode, this simpsons episode is spilt up into three mini episodes.

    The first episode is about hundreds of Homer clones. You would think that if there were hundreds of Homers, the show would be a hundred times more funny, but not the case. These Homers start to take over Springfield by basically eating everything that is eatable. So to kill these Homers, they trick them by making them fall off a cliff. Will the real Homer be tricked to?

    In the second mini story of the episode, the little annoiny girl Lisa starts to complain about guns. Eventually, and for some strange reason, the town listen to her. They destroy and ban all guns. Thats when the trouble starts, zombies then come out of the ground, and since Springfield is defenceless. Can they survuve?

    In the thrid and final mini show of the episode, the Simpson family go to Dr Hibets island as a holiday. This isn't a normal island however, it is an island where Dr Hibbert is turning humans into animals.
  • A decent Treehouse of Horror episode.

    Send In The Clones - I loved this story, it was definitely the best THOH segment in recent years. The progression of the story was really good, as was the appearance of the early Homer and Peter from Family Guy. The simultaneous stranglings and d'ohs were probably my favorite part, just because it made me roar with laughter! 10/10

    The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms - What a let down. After such a great segment comes this, partly recycled, disjointed, unfunny, nonsensical storyline. For me it was too similar to The Monkey's Paw story from THOH II. The story made no sense whatsoever, and had no funny moments. 3/10

    The Island of Dr. Hibbert - This was weird, but a funny kind of weird. No particular jokes stand out in my mind, but I just remember laughing at all the different animals, like 'Disco Shrew'. 7/10

    It's really difficult to judge this episode overall, because there was such a contrast between the stories. The first segment was by far the best, the last was okay, but the middle one was poor.