The Simpsons

Season 15 Episode 1

Treehouse of Horror XIV

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • We learn that Professor Frink can get seasick easily, even when taking a shower.

    • Jerry Lewis' appearance as Dr. Frink's father is even more hilarious when you consider that the character of Dr. Frink is based on one of Jerry's most famous characters, The Nutty Professor.

    • When Frankie the Squealer is being shot but not killed, he decides to call his wife to tell her he'd be home late. But if the evening had went as planned, he definitely wouldn't have been coming home at all, so a call would not have been necessary.

    • The segment 'Reaper Madness' is a play on the title of an old marijuana propaganda film 'Reefer Madness'. Dead Like Me (a show about grim reapers) also has an episode called 'Reaper Madness'. Aside from sharing the same title, both are similiar in the way they have no common ground with the propaganda movie.

    • In "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off.", when Millhouse said he tried to get his parents together, His mom, and dad were taped together. but when Bart, and Millhouse unfroze time, you can see Luanne Vanhouten, in the mob, beating on Martin.

    • Actually, what Lisa says is "Tack för att ni förärar vår stad", and it means exactly what the subtitle says.

      And, on another note, Sweden does not only not have nude female traffic cops (although I know this is intended as a joke), but Sweden does not even have traffic cops.

      AND, the Nobel Prize is always presented by the king of Sweden, not previous laureates and Hollywood movie stars.

    • If you've notice the doughnuts in "Stop the world, I want to goof of" If you have notice Homer's doughnuts disappearing, when his tenth doughnut disappeared, and was about to carry the box, we see three doughnuts instead of two. But as he finished the two doughnuts, the box was empty. How's that possible?

    • The series' second instance of full female nudity occurs in 'Frinkenstein' when we see a fully nude female officer directing traffic in Stockholm; the first was in 'Natural Born Kissers', the first episode to feature Marge's butt.

    • When Frink's dad is talking to Lisa, his butt is regular but as comic book guy walks up, he suddenly has CBG's butt!

    • Response to towards the end of the story, "Frinkenstien," Homer remarks "I miss being Death." This marks the first time a story in a Halloween special has made reference to a previous story: It's not the first time. In Tree house of Horror XII, a leprechaun is on Bart's back at the end of "Wiz Kids", and at the very end of the episode, Pierce Brosnan, the leprechaun and the vomiting frog are all there.

    • Right after Bart stabs Homer in the chest with the fireplace poker, the candy that Bart and Lisa where going through has dissappeared.

    • When Prof. Frink's father is kicked in the groin, thus stopping his rampage, Prof. Frink has the Nobel Prize medal around his neck on the stage and then when he jumps down to his dying father, his father has the medal and he does not. Then at the reception, Frink has the medal again.

    • When Death is at the Simpsons' front door, the sky becomes completely filled with dark gray clouds. When he breaks the door open after Homer closes it, you'll see that the sky has turned back to light blue.

    • When the family turns into different things when Lisa uses the stopwatch, Bart becomes a 10-year-old boy again.

    • When Prof. Frink's father goes on a brain-eating rampage at the ceremony, Prof. Frink stops him by kicking him in the crotch, thus killing him. You can't kill someone by doing that! (Even if they've been brought back to life!)

    • The boxer is in the Simpsons house, but when time resumes, he is punching Martin

    • In the preview when Homer is killing everyone off at the baseball game he taps the rich old lady on the shoulder until she turns around and dies. In the actual episode, she gets hit by a baseball and dies before he can touch her.

    • In the previews of this episode, when Prof. Frink Senior is taking brains, Bart says something about him not getting anything from him. But in the episode, Bart makes a comment about Frink's acceptance speech.

    • The FOX television teaser for the new episode features a (GASP) recycled joke from last season; the chase with the Grim Reaper, featuring "Benny Hill Show"-style music, is eerily simliar to Helen Fielding's madcap chase around Springfield in "A Star is Re-Born."

    • Not only is the Benny Hill joke recycled, but it is the second time Bart says 'Good grief' in a Charlie Brown spoof (the first being in Hungry Hungry Homer.)

    • This episode marks the second time Martin has been killed in a Halloween special (the first was in "Treehouse Of Horror VI.")

    • Towards the end of the story, "Frinkenstien," Homer remarks "I miss being Death." This marks the first time a story in an Halloween special has made reference to a previous story (depending on wether or not you include Willie getting an ax in the back in all three stories in "Treehouse of Horror V.")

  • Quotes

    • (Lisa asking about Frink, Sr. when she first sees him.)
      Lisa: Did a shark do that?
      Frink, Jr.: Yes. He was testing out a new blood-based sun-tan lotion.

    • (hanging from a noose)
      Moe: If I knew this would take so long I'd put out a TV.
      (Pizza boy comes in)
      Pizza Boy: Pizza!
      Moe: The money's on the counter… No tip.
      Pizza Boy: Aw, you miserable bastard.
      Moe: That's why I'm up here. (looks at his watch again)

    • Homer: Death! Death! We miss you so much! You were a busboy in the restaurant of life. Clearing away the oldies and the sickies and the junkies. And you made NASCAR racing exciting!

    • Lisa: Dad! You've become the new Grim Reaper!
      Homer: No way, forget it. I might occasionally kill out of anger, or to illustrate a point. But I am not a Grim Reaper! (the robe sucks in his groin) Ow! Ow! I'll reap! I'll reap already!

    • Professor Frink Sr.: I'm getting me a real spleen and then I'm gonna vent it on you boy chick.

    • (to Seymour, after Frink Sr. ripped out his spine)
      Agnes Skinner: Lost your spine huh? You just keep finding new ways to disappoint me.

    • Adult Bart: Wait! When people see all the stuff we did, they're gonna kill us!
      Adult Milhouse: Yeah… and I can't run too fast after 15 years of eating nothing but Gummi Worms. (swallows a bunch of Gummi Worms) I'm gonna quit tomorrow, I swear.

    • Lisa: Why can't I tinker with the fabric of existence?
      Homer: Let the baby have her bottle.

    • (mobsters are shooting Frankie the Squealer)
      Mobster: Frankie the Squealer, why won't you die?
      Frankie the Squealer: If I knew, I'd tell ya. I swear!

    • Bart: Milhouse, do you have your change purse?
      Milhouse: Always!

    • Frink: Oh papa, you're back! Now, we had to replace several vital organs with machinery, but that doesn't make you any less of a man except you have no penis.

    • (pleading with Death)
      Bart: Please don't take me! Take Milhouse! We all know there's no happy ending there!

    • Homer: Niello?
      Professor: Sir I'm honored to inform you that you've won the Nobel Prize.
      Homer: The Nobel Prize? FINALLY! So, uh, it's for what? My whole deal?
      Professor: This is Professor John Frink isn't it?
      Homer: If I say no, do I still win?

    • Homer: Okay, who am I giving the finger to today?
      (list shows Marge Simpson)
      Homer: (gasps) Not this! Anything but this!
      (list shows Homer Simpson)
      Homer: Uh… what was that first one again?

    • (Homer answers the door)
      Death: I am Death!!!
      Homer: Death? We don't want any.
      (slams door)

    • (tries to eat a donut but it disappears)
      Homer: Huh?
      (another donut disappears)
      Homer: What the? (looks away from the donut box and whistle . Then the quickly grabs the donuts)
      (three more donuts disappear)
      Homer: D'oh!
      (three more donuts disappear)
      Homer: D'oh!
      (two more donuts disappear)
      Homer: D'OH!!!
      ( tries to tip the box of donuts into his mouth, but another donut disappears)
      Homer: D'OH!!!
      (another donut disappears)
      Homer: D'OH!!!
      (pulls out a knife to stab himself)
      Homer: (sobbing) I can't go on!!!
      The knife turns into a banana and Homer sobs. Then his clothes are missing and he sob more loudly while covering his private part. Then Nelson appears.
      Nelson: Ha…
      (Nelson's clothes vanish)
      Nelson: Haw?

    • (quote appeared in commercials only.)
      Marge: You killed Death with a bowling ball?
      Homer: There's a reason it's America's number 1 participant sport!

    • Bart: Aw,man! These seats suck!
      Homer: Leave everything to me. (as he kills people in the crowd) Pardon me. Comin' through. Rest in peace. You're dead. Take a dirt nap. Meet the worms.

    • (while he and others are attacking Martin)
      Oscar De La Hoya: This kid is fun to hit!

    • (calculating on a notepad how to stop his rampaging father)
      Professor Frink Jr.: He's 63 years old, pressure points here and here, room temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. Yes, this should just about do it. (kicks his father in the groin) Ball sack!

    • Marge: Homie, I disagree with your approach to the children. (cocks rifle and aims at Homer)

    • Sideshow Mel: Come, let us kill them before learning of the magical secret which they possess!

    • Lisa: Sir, your son has brought you into the 21st century. It's a lot like the 20th except everybody's afraid and the stock market is much lower.

    • Homer: Okay, God. I bumped off the love of my life, according to your divine whim. Now release me from this ghastly vocation!
      God: No.
      Homer: Come on!
      God: Alright.

    • Lisa: Dad, do you realise what you've done? You've created a world without death!
      Homer: Does this mean they'll never cancel the Jim Belushi show?
      Lisa: Guess so.

    • (Homer kills people to get better seats at baseball game)
      Bart: Dad? Were all those people on the list?
      Homer: I dunno.

    • (the sheet covering the body falls off)
      God: Hey, wait a minute. This isn't Marge. This is her fat sister, Selma.
      Homer: It's Patty, chump!

    • Homer: I wish I was Death again. That was cool.

    • Marge: Thanks for not killing me, Homie. Here's an extra pork chop.
      Homer: (chuckles) Well I'm gonna not kill you every week.

    • (about to hit Death with a bowling ball)
      Homer: This is for Snowball I and JFK!

    • Kang: Pathetic Humans! They're showing a Halloween episode… in November!
      Kodos: Who's still thinking about Halloween? We've already got our Christmas decorations up.

    • Frink Sr.: Well it'd better be first-class. Comic Book Guy's ass won't fit in coach.
      Comic Book Guy: You may keep my posterior, just please return the 'Jabba the Butt' tattoo.

    • Frink Sr.: The pyramids were actually built by Sears.

    • God: I am too old and too rich for this.

    • Marge: Why is Bart so tall and shaggy?
      Homer: Just one of life's mysteries. Like, why is my nose jammed full of army men?

    • Homer: (as Death) Jasper! Your time has come!
      Jasper: Where's the regular guy? Where's Doug?
      Homer: Nevermind, I'm Death now.
      Jasper: Aw, I liked Doug.

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for the 2004 Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore).

    • List of the Halloween names used by the staff on this episode:

      crab noodle,

    • The third segment, "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off.", has precedents. In 1962, John D. MacDonald published a novel titled The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything, which featured a watch that could stop time. The following year, The Twilight Zone aired episode #124, 5-4, "A Kind of Stopwatch," which featured a time-stopping watch, and introduced the idea of breaking the watch, leaving the protagonist stranded.

      In 1980, MacDonald's novel surfaced as a made-for-TV movie starring Robert Hays and Pam Dawber. Several TV critics, unaware of the publication date of the novel, accused the movie's producers of plagiarizing from The Twilight Zone.

    • This episode marks the second time Homer was cast to be a Marvel Super Hero character (which also was a beast-like character); the first time was in 'I am Furious Yellow', where he lost his temper and temporarily acted as The Incredible Hulk.

    • Referring to the remark about Homer talking about the previous episode, this also sort of happens in "Treehouse of Horror XI," where the Leprechaun from the first episode "Hex and the City" is seen on Bart's back in the last episode "Wiz Kids."

    • When Lisa uses the stopwatch at the end of "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off", the things that suddenly happen to the other members of the family are:
      -The upper portion of their bodies become rockets and zoom around.
      -They turn into bobbleheads.
      -They turn into 'TV Guide' covers.
      -They turn into the Fantastic Four.
      -They return to normal, but are playing with hula-hoops.

    • Another credit entry reads, "Co-Producer: Everybody Loves Mike Scully". Scully is a new co-producer of "Everybody Loves Raymond". This "promotion of other shows" idea has been done in past Treehouse of Horrors; some examples are "Produced by: Conan '12:30 NBC' O' Brien, "Written by: Watch Conan O'Brien" and "Written by: David 'Watch Futurama' Cohen.

    • One of the credit entries reads, "Executive Producer: Al "Scary Nicknames are Back" Jean. Some of the previous Treehouse of Horror episodes didn't use any scary nicknames for the staff.

    • In the opening sequence, Kang remarks, "Foolish Humans ... doing a Halloween special ... IN NOVEMBER! Everybody's done thinking about Halloween! We've already got our Christmas decorations up!" Then we cut to a fireplace with a decoration of a Rigelian eating reindeer and a sleigh, which then cuts to the credits appearing on the Simpson's TV set, with Christmas music playing in the background, instead of the normal "spooky" music used in previous episodes.

    • The adult Bart that appears in "Stop The World, I Wanna Goof Off" looks exactly the same as he did in the episode "Bart to the Future."

  • Allusions

    • When Death arrives at the door in Reaper Madness, he says "I AM DEATH!" using the same tone and gestures as Death in the film "Monty Python's Meaning of Life."

    • Reaper Madness is also reminiscent of Piers Anthony's 1983 novel On a Pale Horse, in which the main character inadvertently kills Death and is then forced to take its place.

    • Homer: Does this mean that they will never cancel the Jim Belushi show?
      Homer is referring to the Jim Belushi sitcom According to Jim that premiered in 2001.

    • Bart: And I thought Halle Berry went nuts on her acceptance speech!
      Halle Berry made history in 2001 when she became the first African American actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress. This landmark was so overwhelming to her that she went hysterical and cried during the entire long speech.

    • :
      The scene where John Frink Sr. is walking down the sidewalk to the tones of the Bee Gees' song Stayin' Alive, which is taken from the 1977 film "Saturday Night Fever," starring John Travolta.

    • Lisa uses the stopwatch and Bart, Homer, Marge, and Maggie become the Fantastic Four.

      "The Fantastic Four" is a popular Marvel comic. These days one of the cartoon series made of TFF can sometimes be seen on Cartoon Network's sister channel, Boomerang. As the Fantastic Four, Bart is Mr. Fantastic, Maggie is the Invisible Woman, Marge is the Human Torch, and Homer is the Thing.

    • : Lisa uses the stopwatch and family become TV Guide covers.
      The Simpson family (and other Springfield residents) have appeared on numerous covers TV Guide, including 24 seperate covers (21 Oct 2000).

    • :
      A watch that could stop time was also featured in a 1980 TV movie, "The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything" (and its sequel, "The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Dynamite").

    • :
      "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off" is the latest T.H.o.H. episode that features a story similar to that of a Twilight Zone episode.

      Treehouse of Horror segment / Twilight Zone

      I - "Hungry are the Damned" / "To Serve Man"

      II - "It's A Good Life" / "Bart's Nightmare"

      III - "Clown without Pity" / "Living Doll"

      IV - "Nightmare at 5 1/2 Feet" / "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"

      VI - "Homer3" / "Little Girl Lost"

      VII - "The Genesis Tub" / "The Little People"

      and as mentioned above...

      XIV - "Stop the World I Want to Goof Off" / "A Kind of a Stopwatch"

    • :
      "Stop the World and Goof Off", could also be based on the 2002 film "Clockstoppers."

    • :
      The title of the first story, "Reaper Madness," is a play on the title of the 1938 propaganda film "Tell Your Children" a.k.a. "Reefer Madness," which was meant to warn young adults about the dangers of Marijuana. In the '60s, it became a party favorite for stoned teenagers who laughed at the film.

    • :
      The idea of death not being able to fulfill its duties and no one being able to die can be a reference to the short story "Aunty Misery" where a cranky old lady traps death in her pear tree when he comes to take her. When no one is dying the lady makes a deal with death, in which death will never come to take the lady to the next world.

    • Homer:: Hmmm, I wonder how this fits?
      Homer turning into Death after wearing his cloak is similar to the 1994 film "The Santa Clause," when Tim Allen turns into Santa Claus after putting on his clothes.

    • :
      "Stop the World I Want to Goof Off" is a spoof on the 1963 Twilight Zone episode "A Kind of a Stopwatch" where a man gets a stopwatch that can stop time and breaks it.

    • : Reaper Madness
      This bit it similar to the episode of Family Guy entitled "Death is a Bitch".

    • Bart and Lisa: Visual
      Bart and Lisa wear huge head masks of Charlie Brown and Lucy.