The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XVII

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Opening Credits: In a parody of the Tales From the Crypt opening sequence, the camera opens on a spooky shot of Mr. Burns' mansion, then tracks through the gate, into the mansion, through a fake bookcase, down a spiral of stairs and rests upon a coffin. The coffin opens to reveal a zombie-like Mr. Burns who introduces himself as the Cryptkeeper. Meanwhile, Moe is tied up in the corner and is standing in an open steel coffin with spikes on the inside; he insists upon commencing with his torture, and a zombie-like Smithers slams the coffin shut. Moe's blood oozes out onto the floor and spells out, "Treehouse of Horror XVII."

Act One: Married to the Blob: In the backyard, underneath a star-filled sky, Marge and Homer are necking in the hammock, when suddenly a boulder size, flaming meteorite sears through Marge's hair and slams into the ground nearby. Bart and Lisa rush outside to see what the commotion is about; the smoldering meteorite cracks and splits apart, revealing a ball of glowing, green goo inside. Despite Lisa's warnings, Homer eats the green goo. The green substance tries to make its way back out of Homer's body, but Homer successfully fights to keep the goo in his stomach.

Later that night, Homer can't sleep, his stomach won't stop rumbling and he cites his growing hunger. Homer heads downstairs to raid the entire refrigerator and after consuming everything in sight, he seems to have quickly gained a few hundred pounds. A sleepy Bart walks into the kitchen to see what Homer is doing, and Homer, who is still hungry, grabs Bart and begins to devour him. Marge clicks on the light and catches Homer in the act of eating Bart and demands that he stop. Homer pulls a squirming Bart out of his mouth and apologizes.

An extremely obese Homer goes on an eating rampage through Springfield. He stumbles across some teenagers having a bonfire. Homer tries to control his hunger and avoid eating the teenagers, but when the teens start spraying each other with BBQ sauce, Homer can resist them no longer. He quickly devours the Squeaky Voiced Teen, as the rest of the teenagers scream and scramble away. As Homer grows larger and larger, his rampage continues. The next day he spots a group of hefty German's celebrating Oktoberfest and Homer quickly devours every German in sight. A giant Homer rumbles through the streets of Springfield and quickly swallows every person he can grab, while in the background Sir Mix-A-Lot sings "I Like Big Guts," spoofing his own song, "I Like Big Butts."

At home, Marge and the kids watch a news report about the 50 foot Homer terrorizing the town. In an attempt at intervention, Marge and the kids bring Dr Phil McGraw to Homer, to try to convince him to stop eating everyone in sight. The intervention fails, however, when Homer eats Dr. Phil. Marge pleads with Homer to stop and they collaborate together to come up with a positive solution for Homer's eating problem.

The next day, Mayor Quimby invites a host of homeless people into the new Homeless Shelter. As the homeless quickly rush inside for their free meals and warm beds, the camera pulls away to reveal Homer inside with his mouth pressed up against the other side of the front door to the shelter. He happily munches on the unsuspecting vagabonds.

Act Two: You Gotta Know When to Golem: Bart and Milhouse watch a taping of the Krusty the Clown show and afterwards, Bart pays a visit to Krusty to complain about his faulty Krusty Brand Alarm Clock. Bart wanders around backstage and stumbles across Krusty's prop room. Inside the prop room, Bart gasps when he sees a frightening, large clay statue standing in the corner. Krusty happens upon Bart in the prop room and explains to Bart that the statue is the Golem of Prague. Krusty goes on to tell Bart that the Golem was created by a rabbi in the 1600's to be a defender of the Jewish people. The Golem would only come to life when instructed to do something, by writing a command on a scroll and placing the scroll down the Golem's open mouth. Bart suddenly gets and idea and he sneaks a scroll in the Golem's mouth, instructing the Golem to visit Bart at midnight.

That night, Bart eagerly awaits the Golem; he isn't disappointed. Right on time, the Golem enters Bart's room and Bart quickly instructs it to kick Homer in the crotch. The next day at school, Bart has no problem taking care of resident bullies, Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney, as the Golem decapitates them for Bart. After school, Lisa tries to be the voice of reason with Bart and his Golem. She instructs the Golem simply to "Speak," and once able to speak, Lisa asks the Golem if he feels bad about the things he has done. The Golem explains that he does in fact feel bad about his evil actions, but even after hearing what the Golem has to say, Bart still sends him out to kill Principal Skinner.

At dinner, the Golem is panicky and struck with a guilty conscience. Marge sets out to cure the Golem's guilty conscience, claiming that a healthy relationship can solve any man's problems. The next day Marge creates a statue of her own out of Play-Doh. The statute is in the form of a woman the same size as the Golem. Bart and Lisa take the Golem to the backyard to show him Marge's creation and Marge places a scroll down the statue's mouth instructing it to "Live." The Golem is instantly smitten with Marge's statue and soon the two are being married by Rabbi Krustofski. Chief Wiggum busts in on the wedding ceremony and begins to place the Golem under arrest, but when the Golem's bride tells Chief Wiggum that there is a latke (pan-fried potato pancake) bar downstairs, he quickly drops the charges.

Act Three: The Day the Earth Looked Stupid: In sepia-tone and set in 1938, the camera pans down to a depression-era Springfield. Downtown, Carl, Lenny, and Grampa Simpson wait in line for handouts at the Salvation Army. At their home, Marge and Homer slow dance in the living room together as they listen to their Old-Time radio. Suddenly a news report interrupts the song, Orson Welles' voice comes on the air and he details events about giant metal cylinders landing around major U.S. cities. The entire town of Springfield gathers around their radios and listens to Orson Welles, as he performs his War of the Worlds broadcast, describing aliens from Mars overtaking the citizens of America.

Inside the KBBL studios, where The War of the Worlds is being broadcast, Orson Welles mentions to his producer that he hopes his listeners will enjoy his little prank and not overreact to the fake news report. However, it is too late in Springfield, as the entire town is in riot mode, preparing for the arrival of aliens. Marge tries to calm the frenzied town mob, and announces that she has an idea. Marge cites that since the aliens only appear to be attacking humans, they should act like animals. Everyone quickly warms to the idea, as they all shed their clothing and wallow in the mud.

After a day and night acting as animals and still not having seen any aliens, a fully clothed Lisa happens by the townspeople and asks them what they are doing. She explains that the news report of aliens was a hoax purported by Orson Welles, and the townspeople of Springfield sheepishly come back to their senses.

Meanwhile, in outer space, Kang and Kodos monitor the situation in Springfield and decide that now is the perfect time to strike, citing that the Springfieldians will think the real attack is another hoax. Kang and Kodos begin demolishing the city, while the town thinks it is just part of the hoax. Orson Welles pulls up in front of the police station and demands that Chief Wiggum do something, claiming that this time it isn't a hoax. However, Chief Wiggum mocks Orson Welles, and then is promptly is eaten by an alien who sucks out the Chief's insides and leaves his skin behind. The destruction and chaos continues as no one is able to stop Kang and Kodos' wrath.

Three years later, Kang and Kodos look around and observe the smoldering Springfield in ruins. Kang begins to wonder if "Operation: Enduring Occupation" was a bad idea. Kodos reminds Kang that they had to invade, because the earthlings were working on weapons of mass disintegration. The Eddie Seiler song, "I Don't Want To Set The World on Fire," plays in the background as Kang and Kodos silently gaze at the destruction they have caused.

End Credits: A creepy Halloween version of the Simpsons theme plays as the credits roll over a black background.