The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XVII

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on FOX

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  • "The Simpsons" continues its annual Halloween tradition with the seventeenth installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    Chapter seventeen is boring and forgettable. I did not care at all for the opening segment "Married to the Blob". Homer eats goo from a meteorite and starts eating everything in sight. That's it. I'm sure there were a few fans who loved seeing Dr. Phil get eaten, but I just told you the segment's whole story in just one sentence. "You Gotta Know When to Golem" was a little better. Richard Lewis did a fairly decent job as the voice of the Golem. This segment, while not spectacular, was in my opinion the best of this particular episode. The third and final segment was very predictable. It was obvious from the beginning that the citizens of Springfield would think Kang and Kodos' invasion was a hoax in wake of the radio broadcast. However there were a few funny moments in that segment. In the end, this episode is forgettable and not worth seeing.
  • This is ONE OF THE WORST Treehouse of Horror episodes that I have ever seen

    Married to the Blob: After eating mysterious green goo from a meteorite, Homer grows to massive proportions while he eats everything in sight. This segment was okay but it wasn't terrible and it's unfortunately the best of three. The storyline is somewhat original but seeing Homer be a blob and eating people plus eating Ned's head was over-the-top. It has its few laughs but not a lot. So yeah, the first segment was just OKAY. 6/10

    You Gotta Know When to Golem: Bart takes control of Golem of Jewish folklore, and forces the ancient statue to do his bidding by writing instructions on scrolls and placing them into the Golem's mouth. This episode was just so poor and the storyline for the most part is just unwatchable. Although, it's not the worst of the three... it would still not be an episode that I would want to watch again. Not really too many laughs and it just stupid. Funniest part of this segment is probably Fran Drescher voicing as that female Golem. Overall, the second segment was just POOR. 4/10

    The Day the Earth Looked Stupid: Taking place in 1938 Springfield, the townspeople react to Orson Welles' famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast. However, they pay no attention when Kang and Kodos actually do invade the town. Holy crap! the segments in this episode keep getting worse and worse. I hated this segment and it's definitely the WORST of three. The storyline was just too insanely stupid and everyone rolling in mud naked was not necessary and awful. I also hated the ending of the episode and everything just made no sense. I only laughed hard at one part and that was when the guy holds a sign saying "Screw You" to Orson Welles and then walks out. Other than that, this segment was just majorly awful. Overall, the third and final segment was TERRIBLE. 2/10

    OVERALL SCORE (averaging all three ratings together): 4/10
  • Wow.

    Married to the blob:
    Yes! Finally! An ORIGINAL plot in ThoH! And this time it was done pretty well. Not so funny, but had its moments. Without any doubt, this is the best part of the entire episode.
    Rating: 5/5

    Ya gotta know when to golem:
    This was HORRIBLE. Definitely the worst ThoH plotline ever. And the scenario is even worse. This looks more like a tragical drama or an episode of some Mexican soap opera. Wooosh.
    Rating: 1/5

    The day the Earth stood stupid:
    Well, it was funny to see a free Simpsons adaptation of the great 1930' scare. Majority of the episode was funny... Until Kang and Kodos came. Then it was all ruined.
    Rating: 3/5
  • eh

    married to the blob- homer turns into a big blob that eats everything in sight. is there no end to the horror?! Evidently yes, when this episode ended. D+

    you gotta know when to golem- jewish golem. Really, that's about all you can say about this one. Bland, not funny, nothing interesting at all. D+

    The Day The Earth Looked Stupid- Aliens are invading! Or is it a trick? Does anyone really care? C- because I like aliens.

    This was too bland and uninteresting for me to care. Nothing funny in any of them and most of the plots were just awful
  • Homer is a blob, a Jewish golem is resurrected, and alieans invade Springfield!

    Married To The Blob: When a meteor falls to Earth and reveals a green goo that Homer mistakes for a marshmallow. After Homer eats the goo, he turns into a rampaging blob with a never-ending appetite that even guest voice Dr. Phil McGraw can't stop. 4/5 You Gotta Know When To Golem: Bart brings Golem, guest voice Richard Lewis as a legendary monster from Jewish folklore, to life and forces him to carry out his ghastly bidding. But when the creature is finally freed of his evil-doing, Marge, Bart and Lisa create a female monster that captures Golem's heart. 4/5 The Day The Earth Looked Stupid: A spoof of "War of the Worlds." Set in 1938, the citizens of Springfield - once fooled by the Orson Welles radio broadcast - react with nonchalance to a real invasion by slobbering cylops Kang and Kodos. 5/5

    Overall- 13/15
  • Not much and is a far cry from The shinning.

    This couyld have been so much better. Even though every guest star was gold, the sotries lacked the spark of previous Tree HOuses of Horror. WIth a great 1st segment, it seemd everything was hunky-dory. But golems just aren't scary.

    Kang and Kodos and Mauricie LaMarche were great in the 3rd segment, but not much funniness or scares happened, leaving it ot be predictable and even disjointed.

    Things may look up for Tree House of Horror XIX, but this is easily bleak when compared to Tree House of Horror XVI. Still, it is fine and I have seen it twice and may even see ti again. If it were just mroe scray, it could be a great Halloween again.
  • Great!!!!!! Bust as we all know this is nothing new for the Treehouse of Horror series...

    Married To The Blob - Homer ingests a blob from a mysterious asteroid and suffers from unstoppable hunger. After a feeding frenzy that includes hundreds of Springfield residents, Marge confronts Homer who admits the blob exited him early in his rampage. Rather than be destroyed, Homer is put in charge of eliminating the town's homeless population.

    You Gotta Know When To Golem - Bart steals a clay Golem for Krusty and enjoys having a personal slave until Lisa orders the monster to talk. The family quickly grows tired of the Golem's neurotic personality and creates a clay female counterpart to keep it in line.

    The Day the Earth Looked Stupid - The town creates a self fulfilling prophecy of disasters after believing the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds to be real. When Kang and Kodos later arrive, the residents find themselves enslaved rather than being made twice the fools.
  • A very nice "Treehouse" episode!

    Opening Segment:
    After a parody of the opening of Tales from the Crypt, Mr. Burns (as the Crypt Keeper) welcomes viewers to the show. He proclaims himself to be the master of "scare-amonies" to the delight of zombie Smithers. A bound Moe interrupts in protest and is killed in an iron maiden, his blood spilling onto the floor and spelling out "Treehouse of Horror XVII". Moe himself takes delight in this and proclaims "Hey, my blood is a genius!"

    Married To The Blob:
    As Homer and Marge snuggle on the hammock, a meteorite falls nearby; burning off the top of Marge's hair in the process. Cracking open, it reveals a green goo resembling a melted marshmallow. Despite his family's objections Homer puts it on a stick and eats it, although the goo tried many times to get away. That night, his stomach rumbling from hunger, Homer eats all the food in the house. He also eats the cat and tries to eat Bart but is stopped by Marge. Now seriously fat, he walks around looking for food. Soon, Homer has become a massive blob, rampaging through the streets of Springfield eating all the fat people he can find. As Homer samples bus passengers like they were candy, Dr. Phil McGraw shows up with the Simpson family. He tells Homer to stop for their sakes. Homer ends his rampaging for fear of losing Marge and vows to use his insatiable appetite for more constructive purposes. Later, Mayor Quimby dedicates a new homeless shelter. The homeless people enter the shelter, only to find themselves in Homer's gut.

    You Gotta Know When To Golem:
    At the end of an episode of Krusty's show, Bart goes backstage to complain about an acid-spraying Krusty alarm clock. There he finds the Golem of Prague, a creature from Jewish mythology. Krusty tells Bart that in the seventeenth century, the Golem was made of clay by a rabbi. The Golem would do anything written on a scroll and placed in his mouth. Now he works for Krusty. Bart steals the Golem by writing a command for him to come to his home at midnight, before Krusty starts rehearsing his "Desperate Houseflies" sketch. At midnight, the Golem shows up at the Simpson's house. From then on, Bart uses him to carry out his bidding (for example swinging Principal Skinner up and down like a yo-yo until he splits in half) until Lisa feeds the Golem a scroll reading "Speak". The Golem (voiced by Richard Lewis) reveals that he feels guilty about being used to commit heinous acts. To make him feel better, the Simpsons create a female Golem (voiced by Fran Drescher), and design her clothes using Play-Doh. The two are married by Rabbi Hyman Krustofski and the female Golem convinces Chief Wiggum not to press charges with the promise of pan-fried latkes, a Jewish delicacy.

    The Day the Earth Looked Stupid:
    The population of Springfield, circa 1938, are fooled by Orson Welles' infamous The War of the Worlds radio broadcast and believe the world has been invaded. A mass panic breaks out, and the citizens begin rioting and destroy the town. Then they lie in mud naked acting like animals because Marge said the aliens were looking for humans. So they do this all day until the next day, Lisa notifies the citizens that it was all a hoax and, angry at being fooled, the citizens of Springfield vow to not fall for such a trick again. Kang and Kodos decide this is the perfect time for a real invasion, and begin destroying what's left of the town. True to their word, the town does not believe that it's a real invasion, although Orson Welles (Maurice LaMarche) comes to Springfield, admits it is not a staged act, and begs them to do something. The segment ends three years later with Kang and Kodos looking over the ruins, mulling on what went wrong and why they weren't greeted as liberators as they rid Earth's weapons of mass disintegration during "Operation Enduring Occupation".
  • Interesting Treehouse of Horror episode.

    Married to the Blob: Hilarious. The references to America's obesity epidemic, eating anything, cannibalism, and Dr. Phil make a stunning, entertaining, and funny short episode.

    You gotta know when to Golem: Average, but still great Treehouse of Horror short story. The way Bart uses the Golem is interesting, but it gets even better when the Golem starts to talk.

    The Day the Earth looked stupid: Interesting take on War of the Worlds. The references to the great depression are funny, and the reaction of Springfield's population to the radio broadcast is priceless. When Kang and Kodos destroy Springfield and have a conversation at the end, the depiction of what appears to be America's opinion on the war in Iraq is great, and shows America the harsh reality of its actions.
  • It's horrors of war in Springfield,

    Married to the Blob

    A spoof from the movie Blob, Homer start to eat people & his cat, God this guy will eat anything. I find it very hilarious with event that homer stumbles upon, the October fest, teenagers beach party was a first class gag with the squeaky-voiced-teenager. You Gotta Know When To Golem

    It’s an okay story, at first it was funny but I didn’t like it when the golem started talking, kind of annoying. Fran’s appearance was good making fun at her clothes. The real funny part is gotta be Chief Wiggum’s entrée, dismissing the case for a deep fried latke.

    The Day The Earth Looked Stupid

    War of the Worlds radio hoax was a terrific plot to end this episode, Marge gotta stop giving ideas again to the people of Springfield, good going there Marge! This was a perfectly straight satire of the war in Iraq when Kang & Kodos invaded the town that was depicted perfectly without going overboard.
  • Nice Treehouse of Horror this year

    The Halloween special episode are my personnal favourite ones. Many of my all time favourite quotes come for these episode. This year, three average story. The first (Married to the Blob) features Homer that grows into massive proportion after he had eating a mysterious green goo from a meteorite. The second one (You Gotta Know When to Golem) is my favourite. Bart takes the control of the Golem of Jewish folklore by writing instructions on scrolls and placing them into the Golem's mouth. I just let you imagine what Bart will do with this powerful monster... The third one (The Day the Earth Looked Stupid) is also nice. It takes place in 1938 when people thing that the War of the Worlds radio broadcast is real. They discovers that it's not real and the two aliens invade Springfield while they pay no attention. This year Treehouse of Horror is nice but not the best of all time. This is a funny episode that is pretty good. Treehouse of Horror rulez !!.
  • an okay episode

    I expected something as funny as the previous treehouses of horror or the other normal episodes. I was disappointed. This episode is rather dull compared to the other treehouse of horrors. There were parts which were funny, and I'll admit, it was better than the recent family guy, south park and american dad. I hope that the simpsons episodes will get better though, and I'm sure that the next episode will be hilarious.
  • Its the 17th edition of The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror!

    Three more scary tales are offered up in this 17th edition of the Treehouse of Horror.

    Married to the Blob: After eating a mysterious green goo that came out of a meteorite, Homer grows to massive proportions while he eats everything in sight.

    You Gotta Know When to Golem: Bart takes control of a Golem of Jewish folklore, and forces the ancient statue to do his bidding by writing on a scroll and putting it in the Golems mouth.

    The Day the Earth Looked Stupid: Taking place in 1938 Springfield, the townspeople react to War of the Worlds radio broadcast but don't pay attention when the real alien invasion happens.
  • It's that time of year again!

    One of the impressive things about this halloween installment is the originality of the segments, Homer as the Blob being an easy target to parody but having a completely new idea for a Golum and to do a parody of the War of the Worlds radio hoax instead of the movie that other shows would parody instead.

    The Blob segment was terrific, especially the "I like big guts" montage, as was the War of the Worlds satire, with the sound effects guy having me in stitches for a while.

    The golum segmennt, while original ended quite poorly though the rest of it was hilarious, especially the commands being either pranks or devilish plots to open pickle jars.

    The Treehouse of Horrors are some of the best episodes in the series and while this one is no V, it certainly proves that The Simpsons can still come up with fresh new parodies.
  • Halloween episode 17 deceved a lot and is the worst out of the Halloween episodes.First story way too much of a copy of somehing done before,the 2 other stories were good.

    I am and always will be a huge Simpsons fans but i was clearly disapointed with that episodes i had high hopes for it but it deceved me a lot.The first story wasnt good it was not original,dr.phil?Cmon!The second and third stories were original and good tought.Then why a 7?Because Simpsons episode are usually better,funnier espescially halloween episodes.It is by far the worst halloween episode ever.I was all prepared had the channl on had my bag of chips to look at what i tought was going to be a great time,unfortunatly it wasn`t.Could have been better if the first strory would have been more original and less of a copy.I judge it hard because im a longtime fan of the show.
  • This isn't really the best Halloween special in the Simpsons Series.

    This Halloween episode didn't really stand out from the previous ones. One thing was that it was incredibly graphic with the death scenes. And lack that certain comically charms the older season had.

    Married to The Blob: To me, Homer's growth was not covered well enough. They have him in a blob form right after showing him still as a fat giant. Also, he skin-tone kept on changing colors from day to night. Overall, Homer's eating people was like from 'King Homer' only more graphic.

    You Got to Know When to Golem: WAY to graphic! Having the bullies' head be moved around and died as well as having Skinner's body be cut into two was beyond creepy. It was funny how the Golem 'misread' Bart's hand writing for 'Homer's Walls,' as well as Homer's 'evil' desire of getting the pickle jar were great, and Wiggum throwing away the Golem's death charges for some fried food were grand, but only broke even to lighten the deaths.

    The Day the Earth Looked Stupid: It started out good, but I was entirely disappointed with the ending. It was a stereo-type Democratic message for the mid-term elections that were taking place in the same week that didn't fitted in the segment's story-line, wasn't really that funny, and didn't ended the episode at all. To me, the creators and writers of the Simpsons sold out their Halloween Special!
  • Why doesn't Fox put it on in the middle of the week during an off day of the world Series. I guess it doesn't matter it's not as good as it used to be.

    Lets face it most people know they ran out of jokes a few years ago, and have had to replace them with forcing their own agendas on people. They have been a little funnier lately, maybe they are trying to get people to see the Simpson's movie coming out. Personally I will wait till it's at the cheap shows, or on video, if it was 5 years ago, I would probably have been one of the first to see it. They have lost alot of fans like myself, but I think the movie will still do good. Back to the episode it was alright, definitely not the best treehouse of horror to date but I didn't realize how many there has been until I jsut got to this page, and to give them credit there is only so much they can do with Kane & Kodos. This episode wasn't bad but they still should just call it quits after this season and after the movie comes out.
  • It's the best Treehouse of Horror ever!

    Treehouse of Horror XVII is a great episode of The Simpsons. Here are the reasons that I like thae part of it.

    1. Homer is turning into a big green blob that eats fat people and Marge wants to stop eating the people, Homer is having a hotel with the poor people. Ha Ha! That's very funny!

    2. The Goem is a very special living statue. That makes a person writes a note that your command is active. Wow. I didn't see that coming!

    3. Finally, The War of the Worlds in Springfield. Not really the story in a radio did, The aliens destroy the city of Springfield and it's lost it's hope. No one ever lives. That's very tuching and powerful

    Adverage is 9.6! Wow! Like the rest of the Treehouse of Horror series, TOH XVII is the best episode every yet! If you miss it, too late people cuse you'll never get the premiere episode every time! If it's return, it a happy time again!

    I had the privilege to watch an advanced screening of the Halloween special and i was unimpressed. The war of the worlds parody should have been in last years halloween special, the golem bit was a miss, and homer the blob, to quote krusty, "i'm gonna need a shoebox full of blow to get through this dreck." Terrible terrible episode. The one thing i found amusing was at the end of the episode of the advanced screening, which if you look hard enough for on the internet, you can find, there was a line Kang or Kodos said which surprised me, and then the line was omitted when it was aired on fox. "This sure is a lot like Iraq will be." Simpsons, you better impress me with your next episode, or i'll have to stop watching you.
  • A decent Halloween entry with some great moments - come on, it had Kang and Kodos with actual _dialogue_ :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this year's instalment of "Treehouse of Horror". While the first segment, “Married to the Blob,” was entertaining, and the second segment “You Got to Know when To Golem” had some fine one-liners, the one that I liked best was the last, “The Day the Earth Looked Stupid”. The title itself is hilarious, the use of sepia-tone throughout (and accompanying meta-references) was perfect, and whoever did Orson Welles' voice was simply brilliant. I was pleased with the presentation of Welles overall. The voice, as I said, was impressive. The character design for Welles was also quite good, as he looks very much as he does in "Citizen Kane", at least when appearing as the young version of Charles Foster Kane. We know thanks to the behaviour of a certain Charles Montgomery Burns that someone in the Simpsons pantheon is a Welles fan, and it was nice to have an appearance by the man himself :)

    Overall, a very pleasing outing and a fun addition to the "Treehouse of Horror" sequence.
  • not the best simpsons \"tree house of horror\" special i\'ve seen.

    i decided to give this episode an average rating due to obvious reasons- this halloween special was supposed to be a little spooky with lots of laughs, but it turned out to be dead beat and un-original. the one thing that gave this episode a low rating was the mini-special within the episode where the jewish statue came to life, and the last one, like the war of the worlds. they tried to advertise this episode in good ways, not bothering to show it\'s stupid lines and bad scenes, saying it was so awesomme becasue \" the simpsons have fallen into a tom cruise movie!\". both were very un-comedic, because there was barley any good \"simpson\" comedy in it. i thought while i was watching this episode at some point during the show- \"uh, what?\". not becuase i didn\'t understand the episode well enough, but because of the lack of plot and understanding in the script. the storylines for the second and third specials in the season 18 tree house of horror episode were not good at all- i wasn\'t sure what was really happening in the last special in the episode, because it all happened so quickly and was so unorganized that i just couldn\'t keep up. also, in the second special, i thought that it was flat out stange and unoriginal, like the simpsons writers/ matt groening had used up all their good ideas and had to use a very stupid one about a jewish monster/ clay man coming to life and then getting married to a doll his size made out of play-dough, voiced by fran. all in all, this episode is just average. it is not a really special episode like the ones in seasons 1-10.
  • Could\'ve Been Better

    Well \"Treehouse of Horror XVII\" was okay...I mean I liked the Jewish part about the statue that does whatever you want him to do and the blob was okay I guess but the War of the Worlds part couldve been a lot better ...or not. But I\'ve seen alot better Treehouse of Horror episodes so as I said before couldve been better.
  • Not the best Halloween special.

    This is definitely not one of the best. I just don\'t like it when Homer acts borderline mentally retarded. It\'s just not funny and I can make a funnier storyline while taking a crap and eating.. no pun intended. I gave this a 7.9 because I always LIKE Simpsons episodes - whether they\'re horrible or not, I enjoy watching them (for some odd psychological reason). Maybe it\'s because I\'ve been watching them since I was little and I always feel comfortable when watching the Simpsons. I wish they had a 24/7 Simpsons channel or a 24/7 Simpsons, Family Guy, South park channel. Haha, that would be amazing!
  • The treehouse is back

    One of the betters episode of "Treehouse of Horrors," the first of the three segments in this episode are "Married to the Blob," where Homer just won't stop eating and eats Dr. Phil. The second segment and my least favorite segment is "You Got to Know when to Gohem." about the legend of the monster who defend the Jews. And the third and my personal favorite is "The Day The Earth Looked Stupid." is about the 1938 broadcast of the "War of the Worlds," as seen though the eyes of Springfield residents. "the Treehosue of Horrors" is getting to be a halloween tration in "The simpsons." I'm looking forward to another "Treehouse of Horrors" next year.
  • Kinda boring episode

    Didn't like it. I think, this is the worst "Treehouse Horror" episode of all. Jokes are not really funny and a bit stupid. But not all of them (episode, when drunk Homer storms into Barts room at midnight, made me laugh), that's why episode gets an 7 instead of 6 or less. I hope, next episodes of this season will be like first three, not like this one.
  • Great and who would've expected this?

    I must admit that i'm not a big fan of the Halloween episodes. When they were new i really loved them but each year they got worse.
    So now there is a near to perfect show again. Each of the 3 episodes was really funny, with a nice plot and good jokes, something the later Halloween episodes lacked.
    Animation was outstanding (which can be said for all of the newer episodes) and the sepia toning of "The Day the Earth looked stupid" was really effective, even more with the smoking debris at the end of the show.
    Everyone who hasn't seen this and isn't into the Halloween Specials should prepare for a show filled with a lot of fun.
  • Nosebud and Big Band Stu!!!!!

    This episode may have not had a scary tone to it, but after laughing aproariously through all three segments, I\\\'m not one to nitpick. It was certainly no THOH V, yet it was exceptionally brilliant none the less. The first segment in this anthology, titled \\\"Married To The Blob\\\", while not being my favorite of the three, was no less exceptional than its preceders. It wasn\\\'t a plot heavy segment, mainly focusing on Homer eating people and becoming inredibly obese as a result. Due to it\\\'s premise, the segment had incredible gags galore. The \\\"I Like Big Guts\\\" montage, the BBQ sauce fight, The germans, and Dr. Phil jokes were spot on. The second segment, easily the best, focused on a monster from Jewish folklore, instructed to do ones biding on the insertion of a piece of paper in his mouth with a command written on it. This segment was the most emotionally driven and laugh heavy of the three. The third and final, focused on Springfield 1938\\\'s reaction to Orson Welles\\\' War of the Worlds broadcast. Orson Welles\\\' characature and voice acting themselves in done expertly. Once the citizens of Springfield figure out the broadcast was a hoax, they act nonchalantly when Kang and Kodos actually invade. This segment features great nostalgia humor, Welles/WotW humor, and an interesting Iraq war parody at the end. Although not up to Mirkin THOH standards, the lighthearted atmosphere of this one sparks further originality into a great franchise. I\\\'ve watched it three times already! (what d\\\'you know, Simpsons fan) (dated night of airing) A-
  • Another Treehouse of Horror!

    Oh another funny show as I was laughing my head off
    Very loud and that I loved it when Homer was
    The blob and ate everybody that got in his way
    As well as Lisa trying to warn people of the world
    Being attacked by ailens and that Krusty finally got his own
    Halloween short! Great and funny show!
  • We had to wait a month for this? Well, it sure paid off as it's the best THOH since II-X.

    I love this episode. The first 2 segments will crack you up constantly as you can't go a minute without laughing. Mayored to the Blob is the best segment since "The Shining", as Homer eats lots of people when being a Blob is nothing short of funny, filled with jokes that we're used to back in the old simpsons days (1-10). I never expected the golem segment to be good, but man I was wrong: seeing that golem during Bart's tasks, not to mention others, will keep you entertained until it's over. I thought the last segment would be the best, but it wasn't. It's still funny and I enjoyed it, but the part when those people acted like animals while fully nude covered in mud is highly hard to tell if it's that good, but this is still a great one though. Anyway, I loved it and I want this season to return to it's roots after the shameful seasons 11-16. And no THOH episode from XI-XVI can touch this one. This is genius.
  • This is the best Treehouse Of Horror in years.

    The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XVII is proberly the best Treehouse Of Horror in years because the writing scrpit and story was just outstanding.

    Segament 1: Married to the blob. I enjoyed this one a lot because Homer grows into this huge blob and just eats everyone he sees. The ending was halrious with Dr. Phil telling it to Homer then unexprctingly Homer eats him.

    Segament 2: You Know When You Got To Golem. This is proberly my favorite out of the three, because of how funny it is. Richard Lewis is a Jewish Golem that Krusty owns and gives demands by feeding it paper. My favorite part is when Fran Dresher as the femaile Golem, Marge creates with the old Fran Dresher laugh.

    Segament 3: The Day The Eath Stood Stupid. Was very funny too. In this part is where there is a fake talk show host which guest star Maurice LaMarche who does the voice of Orson Welles who tells scary story of Aliens from Mars then after the town knows the false information they really got attacked. It was funny episode all together.
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