The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XVII

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Uter makes a cameo in Married to the Blob. He is at Oktoberfest, and is the second person eaten.

    • In this episode we find out that Barney is Polish.

    • Orson Welles is playing a different part in this version of the War of the Worlds radio play. The part he is shown playing was Carl Philips, a reporter. Welles originally played Professor Pierson, who did not give any real time commentary on the unfolding events. Maurice LaMarche slightly alters his Welles impression to one closer to Carl's so that it reflects this.

    • In "Married to the Blob," Homer eats the following people during his eating binges: Squeaky Voiced Teen, a group of Germans including Üter, Fat Tony, Comic Book Guy, a group of baseball umpires, the cast from the 80's TV show The Facts of Life, a group of shoppers inside a Hawaiian shirt store, some bus riders including Ned Flanders, Dr. Phil McGraw, and a group of homeless men.

    • Music from this episode
      "I Don't Want To Set The World on Fire" by The Ink Spots. (Heard at the end of the episode)

    • The bus whose roof Homer rips off and whose passengers he eats is headed for Elm Street.

    • The following is the entire list of "spooky" names from the credits: James "Bemused But Bloodthirsty" Brooks, Bat Groening, Sam "Sayonara" Simon, Hellion Maxtone-Graham, Selman of the Corn, Carolyn Obake, The Ghost of Tim Horton, Freaky Frinky, Dystopian Don Payne, Plan 9 From Dana Gould, Cave In Curran, Michael "Big & Tall Cape" Price, Bill Monsterjerk, Marc "Blood Clot" Wilmore, Ghoul H. Groan, Pinhead Adamson, Dan Greaney II: The Secret of the Ooze, Matt Warburton vs. Predator, Plague Hauge, Old Man Gammill, House of Wax Pross, Mike "Insert Scary Name" Scully, Decadent Dave Mirkin, Ms. Iris Eek, "To Serve Man" is a Cookbrook, Dav "The Impaler" Silverman, Richard Bone Digger Raynis, La Femme Bonita, Denise "Buried Alive" Sirkot, Evil Dr. Sakai, David "Tubatron" Silverman, Malicious Matthew C. Faughnan, Al "July 27th 2007" Jean, It Came From Elsie and Lou, Judas Kavner, Nancy Bartfright, CSI: Barn-Yeard, Hank Nefarious, Pamela "The Horrible" Hayden, Terror MacNeille, and "Priscilla, Jacqueline, Lilli, Deby…Um Mil Beijos, Seu Karl."

  • Quotes

    • Kent Brockman: It's blob rule on the streets of Springfield! And to make matters worse, we're being attacked by a fifty-foot Lenny!
      Fifty-Foot Lenny: Everyone's paying attention to Homer.
      Carl: I still like you.
      Fifty-Foot Lenny: Thanks, Invisible Carl!

    • Kodos: Colonel Kang, report.
      Kang: What a day. You said we'd be greeted as liberators.
      Kodos: Don't worry. We still have the people's hearts and minds. (Holds up a heart and brain)
      Kang: I don't know. I'm starting to think "Operation: Enduring Occupation" was a bad idea.
      Kodos: We had to invade! They were working on weapons of mass disintegration!
      Kang: Sure, they were!

    • (Bart writes a command on a piece of paper and sticks it in the golem's mouth, who walks up to a wall and puts his foot through it.)
      Bart: Can't you read my handwriting? I didn't say "Kick Homer's walls"
      (Homer walks up and the golem kicks him between the legs.)

    • Sir Mix-a-Lot: (To the tune of "Baby Got Back.")
      I like big guts and I cannot lie
      Double chins with the chafing thighs
      When a dude walks in with the hanging jowls
      My stomach starts to growl--I'm gettin' hungry
      So I masticate, chomping on the overweight
      I eat fat people for days
      Like potato chips by Lay's
      Try to eat just one, but it can't be done
      I've got to eat a ton
      Baby likes fat
      Baby likes fat

    • Female Golem: There's a latke bar downstairs.
      Chief Wiggum: Latke? What the hell's a latke?
      Female Golem: They're pan-fried--
      Chief Wiggum: Case dismissed!!

    • (In "Married to the Blob," Homer happens upon an Oktoberfest festival while roaming through the streets of Springfield on an eating rampage.)
      Homer: (Gasps) Ooh. Beer-battered Germans.
      (The crowd screams and scatters as Homer eats a couple Germans.)
      German Man: What did we Germans ever do to deserve this?
      (A second German man looks disapprovingly back at the other German.)
      German Man: (Realizing) Oh, right.
      (The two Germans dissolve inside of Homer's stomach.)
      Homer: (Zombie-like) Must eat more fat people. Thank God I'm in America.

    • Mayor Quimby: We have nothing to fear but the aliens and their vastly superior killing technology!

    • Orson Welles: The devastation is incredible! They're grinding up the bodies of human beings!
      Sound technician: (Uses a wisp to grind up cornflakes.)
      Orson Welles: Now they're riding horses in the rain!
      Sound technician: (Clacks coconut halves against a wooden board while pouring water into a tray.)
      Orson Welles: Now they're playing the xylophone while bowling near an airport.
      Sound technician: (Holds up sign reading "Screw you" and leaves.)

    • Radio: Astronomers say the ominous capsules originated from Earth's closest neighbor.
      Homer: Flanders?
      Radio: Mars!

    • Radio: We interrupt this dance music from Lamourian Roman Capital City's Fabulous Hotel Hitler to bring you a special bulletin.
      Homer: Hey, I'm not done dancing! This bulletin better swing!

    • Grandpa: I never thought it would come to this when I fought in the first World War.
      Lenny: First World War? Why do you keep calling it that?
      Grandpa: Oh, you'll see!

    • Golem: I feel so guilty! I've mangled and maimed 37 people and I told a telemarketer I was busy when I wasn't! I'm not a good man.
      Lisa: He sure is neurotic for a monster.

    • Bart: Finally someone who does whatever I say!
      Milhouse: Hey, Bart. I shaved my head like you told me.
      Bart: Get lost!
      Milhouse: Yes, master!

    • Kearney: Yo, Simpson. Give us your lunch money!
      Bart: Hmm... I don't think so. In fact, why don't you give me your lunch money?
      Dolph: Who's gonna make us? That golem?
      Bart: No, my gol--Yes, him.

    • (In "Married to the Blob," Mayor Quimby entices a group of homeless men to enter the "new" homeless shelter.)
      Mayor Quimby: In you go, boys. We've got everything--warm beds, square meals, homeless women.

    • (In "Married to the Blob," Dr. Phil and Homer's family try to intervene during an eating rampage.)
      Dr. Phil: Homer, your family's here. And you've gotta help me help them help you help me help you.
      Homer: Marge, I missed you. All this eating has put me in the mood for a little lovin' (Purrs sexily)
      Marge: I have to be honest with you: I can't love a 4,000 ton cannibal.
      Homer: What happened to "for better or for worse?!"
      Bart: Dad, you're eating Dr. Phil.
      Homer: (Licks fingers) It's amazing. He tastes just like Jeffery Tambor.
      (Dr. Phil can be seen grunting and struggling inside Homer's stomach.)
      Dr. Phil: Food does not equal love!
      (Dr. Phil perishes inside Homer's stomach.)

    • (In "Married to the Blob," Dr. Phil confronts Homer during one of his eating rampages.)
      Dr. Phil: You've got a weight problem, and you know it!
      Homer: You're right. Starting tomorrow, no bread before dinner.
      Dr. Phil: Homer, don't sell me an outhouse and tell me it's a Taj Mahal!
      Chief Wiggum: Yeah, Homer, stop doing that!

    • (In "Married to the Blob," as Homer wanders through Springfield looking for things to eat, he happens upon a beach party full of teenagers.)
      Homer: Ooh, teenagers! Mmm! (Gurgles and drools) No, today's teens have enough problems without me eating them!
      Teenage Girl: Barbeque sauce fight!
      (All the teens start squirting each other with Barbeque sauce, Squeaky Voiced Teen gets hit with some sauce and falls into a bonfire.)
      Squeaky Voiced Teen: (Screaming) The flames are sealing in my juices!
      Homer: I'll savor you!
      (Homer grabs Squeaky Voiced Teen and takes a bite out of him.)
      Homer: Mmm! Extra-virgin. (Gurgles and drools)
      (Homer starts stuffing Squeaky Voiced Teen into his mouth.)
      Squeaky Voiced Teen: (Screaming) Tell my friends I died kissing a girl!
      Homer: No!
      (Homer swallows Squeaky Voiced Teen.)

    • (In "Married to the Blob," after eating the green goo, Homer's stomach rumbles and he wakes up in a zombie-like trance.)
      Homer: Must eat, then poop, then eat some more, then eat while pooping.
      (Homer heads down to the kitchen and raids the refrigerator.)
      Homer: (Panting) Still hungry.
      (Bart stumbles into the kitchen to see what is going on.)
      Bart: Dad?
      Homer: Son, let me have a lick at you.
      (Homer stuffs Bart into his mouth and tries to eat him. Marge walks into the kitchen and clicks on the light.)
      Marge: Homer! You won't eat my stuffed peppers, but you'll eat our son?
      Homer: Nag, nag, nag.
      (Homer pulls a squirming Bart out of his mouth.)

    • (In "Married to the Blob," a meteorite crashes in the Simpson family back yard and splits open, revealing a glowing green goo.)
      Homer: Whoo! A space marshmallow!
      (Homer plucks the goo with a stick and tries to eat the goo, which keeps trying to avoid Homer's mouth.)
      Homer: Uh? Where do you think you're going?
      Lisa: Dad, no! It could teach us the secret of interstellar travel.
      Homer: If he's so smart, how come he can't stay out of my mouth?
      (The goo struggles in Homer's mouth before finally being swallowed.)
      Marge: How could you eat that goo? You don't know what galaxy it's from.
      Homer: Marge, I ate it. It's over.
      (The goo tries to seep out of Homer's nose.)
      Homer: Whoa! Oh, no, you don't!
      (A determined Homer repeatedly snorts the goo back into his nose.)
      Homer: If I can keep down Arby's, I can keep down you!

    • (In "Married to the Blob," Marge and Homer cuddle in the hammock in the back yard.)
      Marge: Look! A shooting star!
      Homer: Hey, that's great. Let's look at it after.
      (Homer turns Marge's head for a kiss and while the two make out, the meteorite sears through Marge's hair and slams into the ground.)
      Marge: Whoa! That almost tore my head off.
      Homer: (Whining) Oh, you always find an excuse not to make out.

    • (During the opening credits, Mr. Burns acts as the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt.)
      Mr. Burns: Hello, boils and ghouls. I am the crypt-keeper, or should I say master of scary-i-monies? (Laughs)
      (Smithers interrupts Mr. Burn's opening speech.)
      Smithers: (Laughs) Priceless sir, you made the word ceremonies frightening.
      Mr. Burns: I know what I did. Urghh.

  • Notes

    • This episode was leaked out onto the Internet roughly a week before the first official airing and that version didn't have the "scary credits" that the aired version did.

    • This is not the first time Maurice LaMarche has played Orson Welles. He also played him on The Critic, the film Ed Wood and of course the Orson Welles inspired would-be world conquering mouse in Pinky and the Brain.

  • Allusions

    • The ending of the third segment, where Kang and Kodos reference invading Springfield, is a direct reference to the aftermath of the War in Iraq.

    • Creepshow
      This episode parodies the 1982 film Creepshow, as well as its 1987 sequel numerous times. The concept of a meteor's space ooze is from the original, whereas the golem is based on a story from the sequel about a wooden statue of a Native American coming to life. The two films were created by George A. Romero & Stephen King, and both were presented in and heavily inspired by the EC comics style; much like the series Tales from the Crypt.

    • Married to the Mob
      The segment title, "Married to the Blob," is a parody of the title of the 1988 comedy film Married to the Mob.

    • The Blob
      The "Married to the Blob" segment directly references the original and the first remake of the film The Blob. The green goo trying to escape being eaten by Homer by traveling up and down the stick is a take off on the Blob's first appearance in the original movie. Homer dissolving people within himself as he digests them references the remake. Bits and pieces of the Blob's victims are visible floating around inside of itself as they are digested throughout the film.

    • The Twilight Zone
      At the end of "Married to the Blob," a homeless man's dog refuses to enter the fake homeless shelter; sensing that danger is inside, the dog protects its master. This parodies a similar scene from an episode of The Twilight Zone entitled, "The Hunt." In "The Hunt," an old Hillbilly's dog saves his master from entering the gates of Hell. Also of note, the hillbilly's name was Hyder Simpson.

    • Chief Wiggum: (to Orson Welles) Why don't I just punch you in the nose, bud?

      This is an allusion to the famous word "Rosebud" that is the key point in the 1941 film "Citizen Kane," directed by Orson Welles.

    • The Gambler
      The title of the second segment, "You Gotta Know When to Golem," is a parody of a line from the 1978 Kenny Rogers song, "The Gambler." The line alluded to is from the chorus, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."

    • The Day the Earth Stood Still
      The title of the third segment, "The Day the Earth Looked Stupid," is a parody of the title of the 1951 science fiction movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    • Tales from the Crypt
      The title sequence of this episode is a parody of the opening sequence from the HBO series, Tales from the Crypt. The show is based on the 1950s EC Comics of the same name.