The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XX

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • Best modern THOH

    I love all three segments, best one since the episode from season 10. I wish the intro was funnier though.
  • Zombie dresses up as "SpongeBob SquarePants" (my all-time favorite cartoon) in the introduction of this THoH episode :D lol

    Intro: HIlarious!!! unfortunately it's WAY more funnier than three segments. I LOL'd at Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, and Werewolf wearing the costumes of Iron Man (MARVEL superhero), Jack Sparrow (from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy), Harry Potter (from...well... the "Harry Potter" trilogy), and BEST OF ALL as I mentioned in my intro "SpongeBob SquarePants" (the animated Nickelodeon series which happens to be my all-time favorite cartoon) so that made me LOL the most. Sorry but I'm NOT gonna give a score on the intro though, it must be a SEGMENT for me to score it BUT if it was a segment, I give 10 out of 10 so now let's get to the segments.

    Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu: It was an okay segment. I really liked how it was in the black-and-white format and that it parodies Alfred Hitchcock which I find to be clever plus the fact that they play the "Psycho" (1960 film) score throughout this segment and that's the positive. About 4 parts of this segment overall made me laugh. The storyline was just okay but I honestly got bored almost throughout the entire segment but it wasn't bad at all. The ending was pretty funny though. 6/10

    Don't Have a Cow, Mankind: Oh my gosh, please help me PLEASE. This segment was so bad and the worst of the three segments. The segment was nothing but boredom plus it's just disgusting. The most disgusting part is the very ending of the segment with Bart bathing and everyone drinking from it... eww, I seriously wanted to vomit after seeing that. It's more gross seeing it than how it hears. I laughed maybe 3 times out of the whole segment and they were pretty good/decent laughs but for the most part, I hated this segment. Avoid this segment, unless you want to vomit afterwards then go ahead and watch it but I'm warning you... just know what you're about to see. 3/10

    There's No Business Like Moe Business: This segment ties with the first segment. It was somewhat enjoyable to watch. It's WAY better than the second segment but just like the first two segment, it does get boring and at least 75% through the segment is boring but there are positives. I didn't laugh much here, maybe a couple of times and that's it. The thing I like the most about this segment are just the musical numbers and that's it. I find all of the musical numbers in this segment to be extremely or mildly catchy. The storyline is... well... meh but yeah it ain't that bad my friends. Overall, this segment is weak and boring but it is quite enjoyable mostly for the musical numbers. 6/10

    OVERALL: 4.5/10 (averaging all three ratings together)
  • They should rename it into "Treehouse of tragicomedy".

    Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu:
    OK, you could easily guess that this is a free adaptation of a great Hitchcock movie, Dial M for murder. I'm a big Hitchcock fan, and I expected more of this segment, to be honest. At the very beginning, Lisa acts annoying, shouts, screams and jealousy spurts from every of her pores. It's very disturbing to watch that part. Later we have a predictable twist, and some psychodelic chase scene which doesn't make any sense. After Hitchcock apparently dies, Lisa chases Bart into some kind of sick Salvador Dali's creation, to kill him at a playground and, still, we have a happy end. How nice

    Don't have a cow, mankind:
    You know how in every ThoH we have a mediocre story which drops the score of the entire episode? Well, what can I say about this? Woooow, zombies, how original. It really does seem like writers of new ThoH episodes think that a nice parody of a trash movie can be fine? What happened to original stories?
    Also, majority of this part was boring as hell and DISGUSTING.

    There's no business like Moe business:
    The best part of the episode, but it really doesn't belong in here. Yet another movie parody, and where's the scary part? Why is it even called Treehouse of HORROR? What happened to old, atmospheric plotlines like the one from "The thing and I"? What is supposed to be scary here. Don't get me wrong, this segment is brilliant, but appeared here just to fill in the 10 blank pages from "Don't have a cow, mankind" to "Executive producer:..."

    The episode itself rating:
  • I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!

    This was a great Treehouse of horror episode. It was much much much better than that poorly written Great Wife Hope that aired previously. It was also funny to see a Zombie dress up as SpongeBob, see Alfred Hitchcock fall off the president mountain, Homer beating up Bart to dial the phone number, Homer sing a gay song, and the "Yank My Area" in the credits. How could you not like this episode? The beginning of it was a bit boring, but the rest was hilarious. It's also the first scary themed episode to aire on October since a long time ago. Good job on this episode!

    grade: A+

    Hope the next episode is good also.
  • Halloween always bring the show back!

    It was about time for a great episode!!! The epiosde starts with Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein and Werewolf being mocked by the school bullies because of ther old disguises, so they dress up like Iron Man, Jack Sparrow, Spongebob and Harry Potter, respectively. They attend to the Simpsons' party, but when their wives arrive they murder Homer and take their husbands. (the Xs on homer's eyes are the XX of the title)

    1st segment: Dial M for Murder of Press # to Return to Main Menu: Lisa and bart criss cross and plan to do a "ding-dong ditch" on their silblings' teachers. After Lisa rings her doorbell and runs, she realized Bart ment kill them. she refuses and after thinking a bit, she deicdes to kill Bart. After a chase seen she accidentally kill him. 2 best segment.

    2nd segment: Don't Have a Cow Mankind: This one was easily the best of the night IMO, it was fun from start to end. Krusty realeases Burger2, made with mad cows fed with cows, with turns Springfieldians into "munchers". After Bart escapes to eat a Burger2 and returns with no side effects, they asks Hibbert what to do. It was simple: take him to the Safe zone. With the help of vegetarian Apu, they get there, but the military wants to eat Bart to heal the munchers,but they though of an alternate solution: make Bart bath on their food.

    3rd segment: There's no Business like Moe business: worst of the night, but not because of it being not fun, it was, but it wasn't horror-y. It told the tale of how Homer got stuck in Moe's beer machine and the beer had a new ingredient: Homer's blood. Marge thinks of dating Moe, but Homer arrives and takes Marge back. Oh and Homer sung a song about the joys of being gay.

    Better than everything so far this season and better than other THOH.
  • at the start 3 monsters go out for hallowean. the 1st dial m for murder press # to go back to menuebart murder's 2 teacher's trying to make lisa kill his. then in don't hav a cow mankind peopal turn into muncher's bart is imune.

    the best is dial m for murder press # to go back to menue.
    i wasent to keen on dont hav a cow mankind but it was ok.
    this was one of the best treahouses of horrors ever [not as good as no. 14.]
    the best part was when bart took miss hoovers head out of his back pack.
    it was a great episode in my top ten.
    but the only monsters [other than the one's at the start] were the muncher's [unless you count kang and kodos] i can't stop complomenting on it i am only 9 [birthday november 6th] and i know evry singl little detale in the entire episode of it.
  • TreeHouse or Horror has came back to their senses with this one. In October, where it should be, and stories were pretty good.

    Welcome back to your senses Simpsons, back to October and a decent show I must say.

    The first one about a crime spee and being in black and white was pretty decent. I almost forgot what a black and white looked like. Lisa thinking Bart will pull a prank on Ms. Hoover after the detention, in reutrn she'll have to pull one on Krabappel. Only to learn, it was to kill Krabappel, after Bart kills Hoover. Lisa tries to regret the idea and 'acciently' killing Bart. Krabappel and Lisa calmly walks away after a short meeting.

    The second was okay, Bart is immune to a mad-cow infected hamburger. In order for the rest of the town to be safe, Bart must be bathed in their food, like a vaccine.

    The third one was a breath of fresh air to hear a musical number. Homer's blood becomes a subtance in Moe's new beer and Marge was going for Homer. Moe tires to sway Marge, but Homer fights back. A classic altoughter.
  • this was a good ep

    in the 20th treehouse of horror it begins like it always does they show through the town were people are getting killed and then marge says you should turns yours kids faces away and then the stories beings one story were moe murders homer to be with marge and then moe mixes drinks from homer and there drink his blood and stuff. and then athoer story were the krusty burgers turn people into zombies and like apo is in a nice car to save the simpsons but apo dies and the whole town must eat and drink sutff that was washed off of bart becsue it does not effect him . and lisa and bart want to play pranks on the teacher but bart thing with pranks involves death of a teacher. this was agood one
  • The simpsons continues to dissapoint me...

    This was probably the best episode of the season, but still sucked.

    For this episode to opening was pretty good, but as for the past few seasons the rest of the epipisode made me laugh very little.

    The first skit was long and really didn't give much to offer, probably my least favorite.

    The second skit was probably the best, but they allready didm a tree house of horror skit involving zombies before.

    The final skit, was I do not know. I was a new Idea, but Matt Groening failed to deliver on it.

    All I can say is.... Alright Simpsons you have been on for 20 years, and that is amazing. You have no more good ideas and you should stop the series before it ruins the good name of it. I used to love the simpsons, but these new episodes are just terrrible.
  • With the slow loss of 'reality' in recent seasons, Treehouse of Horror is losing it's relevance.

    I wait patiently for the Treehouse of Horror episode each year, and most of the time I'm not disappointed-at least a half of the episode is generally pretty good, but there seems to be at least one short that always falls flat for me. This year's episode fits the bill-the intro, which seems pleasantly longer than usual, features some classic monsters and a good spread of costumes that have been popular these last few years (Master Chief, Spongebob, Dark Knight's Joker) but, sadly, gives us a handful of throw-away jokes.

    The first full story is a fantastic Hitchcock send-up in which Bart and Lisa trade teachers for some payback (a la 'Strangers on a Train'), and uses black and white and a classic Hitchcockian score to put us in the mood-the novelty of this story is what makes it, and there's no avoiding that fact. Some humorous gags, mostly revolving around the type of film they're spoofing, keeps us at pace and puts this story in the Treehouse Hall of Fame.

    Our second story is the requisite zombie-spoof, which, frankly, I'm surprised took them this long to get around to-sure, zombie flicks are still being pumped out at an unreasonable rate, but not nearly like they have been in years past; at this rate, expect a 'Twilight' spoof in another three years. But I do love my Zombie flicks, and so this one sits right with me-with a '28 Weeks Later' plot and the joy of seeing all our favorite Springfieldians as the undead (and not just ghouls, as we saw in the 'Omega Man' spoof several years ago), it rings true. And pulls off a pretty good religion joke the way only the Simpsons ever manages to do.

    Our third story is the down point for me. Loosely modeled after 'Sweeney Todd', we get Moe delving out beer that's been tainted by Homer's blood. It sells the idea well enough by an 'on-stage' series of gags, and we get our annual Kang and Kodos sighting here, but the story and songs just fall flat. Recently, though, I've come to find 'Treehouse' moments showing up outside of these episodes, where most of the surreal, unreal, and goofy gags have been relegated for most of the show's history. Episodes like "In the Name of the Grandfather" (which shows a character who looks like Mr. Potato Head, a gag better suited for Family Guy) and "Gone Maggie Gone" (which ends with our finding out that Maggie is the chosen one and Bart the evil one, with divine powers of peace and destruction, respectively), both from last season, have been losing ground on what strange reality the show has developed. If the same pattern continues, it will be as if we never need another Treehouse episode (or story-telling episode like last season's "Four Great Women and a Manicure") again-which, frankly, I find saddening. Let's hope this generation of writers finds their strides so that such problems will balance out.
  • "The Simpsons" continues its annual Halloween tradition with the twentieth installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    This episode did get off to a good start. The opening sequence of the classic movie monsters being belittled because their costumes were old was very clever. The rest of the episode wasn't terrible, but did not live up to the very good opening. We have all seen the storyline of Hitchcock's classic movie "Strangers on a Train" used many times in movies ("Throw Momma from the Train") and television ("CSI") so seeing it here was hardly innovative (Though it had a clever ending.). Zombies have been seen before in other "Treehouse of Horror" specials so that was unimpressive also.
  • Yeah they made it to 20 yeah!

    In the 20th episode of treehouse of horror it was good but some of it wasn't good. in the opening some of the monsters dress up as chactaers we know like it was LOL when one of them was spongebob thats funny but it like they already did a episode like dial M for Munder and Lisa kill bart and Don't have a cow mankind is the same like Bart's sentecen don't have a cow man and the last one was kind of weak a little but it was great this could of been THOH 21 but season 1 didn't have one and I hope there more like this episodes
  • treehouse of horror number 20

    this is the best episode in 10 years the writers pulled out all the stops for the 20th halloween special and 'special' is the right word because this was a reminder of why the simpsons remain one of the most successful shows on TV. Lately signs that the writers were running out of ideas were becoming obvious but with this episode i felt like i was watching the simpsons for the first time ever. this was perfect in every way and well done THE SIMPSONS!!!!!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Another three stories to add to the Treehouse of Horror series. The Hitchcock based Criss/Cross, 28 Days Later, and finally The Musical.

    I always look forward to this time of year as series like the Simpsons do there annual send up of the holiday of Halloween. This being the twentieth version of Treehouse of Horrors it should have been pretty special.

    Unfortunately this was not one of the best set of stories they have ever done. The first titled Criss/Cross is based on a Hitchcock idea where one person kills anothers target and vice versa. The idea being they would have no motive to kill their victim and could have an alibi when theirs is killed by the other person. The second was titled 28 Days Later and obviously is based on the movie titled similarly. This time it's tainted Krusty Burgers that causes the change to humanity. The final story is a Musical number starring Moe, Homer, and Marge and it was pretty strange even for a Simpsons bit.

    So there you have the premise for this years Treehouse of Horror XX. I actually enjoyed the version XIX shown the half hour before more. I'm sure we'll see a new one next year though. Thanks for reading...