The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XX

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • They should rename it into "Treehouse of tragicomedy".

    Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu:
    OK, you could easily guess that this is a free adaptation of a great Hitchcock movie, Dial M for murder. I'm a big Hitchcock fan, and I expected more of this segment, to be honest. At the very beginning, Lisa acts annoying, shouts, screams and jealousy spurts from every of her pores. It's very disturbing to watch that part. Later we have a predictable twist, and some psychodelic chase scene which doesn't make any sense. After Hitchcock apparently dies, Lisa chases Bart into some kind of sick Salvador Dali's creation, to kill him at a playground and, still, we have a happy end. How nice

    Don't have a cow, mankind:
    You know how in every ThoH we have a mediocre story which drops the score of the entire episode? Well, what can I say about this? Woooow, zombies, how original. It really does seem like writers of new ThoH episodes think that a nice parody of a trash movie can be fine? What happened to original stories?
    Also, majority of this part was boring as hell and DISGUSTING.

    There's no business like Moe business:
    The best part of the episode, but it really doesn't belong in here. Yet another movie parody, and where's the scary part? Why is it even called Treehouse of HORROR? What happened to old, atmospheric plotlines like the one from "The thing and I"? What is supposed to be scary here. Don't get me wrong, this segment is brilliant, but appeared here just to fill in the 10 blank pages from "Don't have a cow, mankind" to "Executive producer:..."

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