The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XX

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • at the start 3 monsters go out for hallowean. the 1st dial m for murder press # to go back to menuebart murder's 2 teacher's trying to make lisa kill his. then in don't hav a cow mankind peopal turn into muncher's bart is imune.

    the best is dial m for murder press # to go back to menue.
    i wasent to keen on dont hav a cow mankind but it was ok.
    this was one of the best treahouses of horrors ever [not as good as no. 14.]
    the best part was when bart took miss hoovers head out of his back pack.
    it was a great episode in my top ten.
    but the only monsters [other than the one's at the start] were the muncher's [unless you count kang and kodos] i can't stop complomenting on it i am only 9 [birthday november 6th] and i know evry singl little detale in the entire episode of it.