The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XXI

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2010 on FOX

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  • Homer: If a mosquito bites you, does it turn into a vampire? Edmund's dad: Yes. Homer: And if you bite your tongue, does it turn into a vampire? Edmund's dad: Yes.

    Ok, so the best thing about this episode was the introduction. So Homer & Bart are craving pumpkins when Bart & Homer start to fight. then Frink gives some TiVo intros, and TiVoed himself to death. Then a lame Halloween-y Office parody.

    War & Pieces: So, there isn't much of a plot in this segment as much as there is a situation that unleashed a string of gags. Bart & Milhouse play Satan's Path and all of a sudden the game sucks all other games and turns the town into a game. Good jokes (Wiggum one) and bad jokes (Selma & Kang) unleashed. Then suddenly Milhouse died, and Bart beat the game. Then they played hangman and Milhouse thinks 3 is a letter.

    Master & Cadaver: Marge Fanservice! Marge Fanservice! Okay, so a guy drops byu at H&M's honeymoon and Homer thinks he is a killer (casue he told them that he was blamed for poisoning pies at his last job). Then they see a dead shark with pie in his mouth and try to kill the guy. When they think he is dead they flee and see the cruise where the guy worked. Turn out everyone's alive and the guy was innocent. Homer kills everyone & Marge suicides.

    Tweenlight: So Lisa falls for the new student Edward (err, EdMUND). Then she invites him toi dinner and he brings his dad. They flee to some tower & Homer & Dracula follow. In Dracula-la-land, the ociunt from Sesame Street tells him they went to some tower. There Edmund is turning Lis into vampire, but then she rethinks being 8 forever. Homer then sacrifizes & Edward & Dracula bite him. They get fat cause Homer's blodd is filled with collesterol.

    Overall: Pretty lousy THOH, but there were some good jokes here & there (Otto: Me again?/Homer:I shouldn't tell him if he knows Frankestein cause that's racist somehow..). So 8/10.