The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 3

Treehouse of Horror XXII

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on FOX

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  • Epic Fear.

    La parodia di Dexter (2006-2013),Spider-Man (2002) ed Avatar (2009) in un solo .
  • Mediocre TOH episode

    I hasn't seen that much Treehouse of Horror episodes, but this is one of the weakest in this installment. I kinda agreed with the people giving it bad reviews. The opening was okay at first, but then it started a little funny when Homer got his hand stuck on a rock. But it was too violent (almost Family Guy/South Park violent for me) to be the funniest part of this episode. As for the first segment of this TOH, it was mediocre. I felt like the farting plot was similar to watching an extended scene on Family Guy (I hope the writers doesn't do that on an episode), which is annoying. Had some laughs but not the worst segment in this installment. Next, on to the second segment, it was the best even though it was religious related...again sometime that usually come up on Family Guy (so that's why the show is often hated because of it similarness). Had some funny parts while there's only a few boring/bad parts. The last one however was dreadful and unwatchable. I didn't laughed whatsoever. Overall, this TOH was mediocre and is not worth watching again. One of season 23 worst. 5/10
  • Disappointing

    A sad sad day that the Simpsons have stooped to fart jokes now in a misguided attempt at Family Guy-style humour. While Homer has done many stupid things in the past at least the writers never resorted to toilet humour before. So it was really disappointing that they devoted an entire act to Homer farting. Lost me as a fan.
  • One of the Worst ToHs Ever

    This was probably one of the worst Treehouse of Horror episodes ever. It wasn't even funny, more like painfully boring. For most of the episode, all they did was parody popular movies. They even had to reference one of their older episodes too. Overall, this episode wasn't funny or interesting. This is an episode you want to miss. 4/10
  • For whatever reason, these Halloween specials STILL haven't improved.


    Ah, the Treehouse of Horror series. This is one of main reasons why I love the show. But I can't help but feel like they've been going downhill recently, and this is no different. Every year I hope that each Treehouse of Horror episode will be an improvement to what we've been seeing recently, but no, same old thing.

    The first segment "The Diving Bell and the Butterball" was in my opinion, the absolute WORST of the entire Treehouse of Horror series, even worse than the Twilight spoof they did in last year's Treehouse of Horror XXI. Aside from there being absolutely nothing scary about it whatever, it has some ridiculous story about Homer getting paralised after being bitten by a spider, and then having the ability communicate through farting. WTF? And then it just ends with Homer being bitten a second time then becoming Spider-Man and saving Marge. Seems to me like they recycled Homer becoming a superhero (Pie-Man) from the episode "Simple Simpson". Whatever the writers were smoking while making this segment I can't even explain. Worst Treehouse of Horror segment yet.

    Now the second segment "Dial D for Diddly" was a slight improvement, though there wasn't anything particulary special or funny about it. Ned Flanders becomes a serial killer basically, thinking he's serving God well by killing evil people, though he is then told by "God" to start killing more innocent people, until Ned discovers that Homer is using a voice warper to sound like God to get him to kill his enemies. Then the real God shows up and kills Homer by choking him to death, followed by Marge asking God to set everything right, though it turns out that he is actually under Satan's control when he shows up with Ned's dead wife, much to his disgust. This segment was mediocre at best. I was hoping for the murders to be more violent and intense. The ending was poor as well.

    The third segment "In the Na'Vi" was a good Avatar spoof that put the previous segments to shame. Like Avatar, Bart and Milhouse are sent on a mission to Rigel 7 (Kang and Kodo's home planet) and disguised as Rigellians to infiltrate the planet and find something called "hilarium". Bart falls in love with Kang's daughter Kamala, just like Avatar. Milhouse ends up ratting Bart out and telling the location of the hilarium to the army, in which they attack. The wildlife on the planet turns out to be stronger and mostly wins. One funny moment is when Superintendent Chalmers punches himself in the face and falls off a cliff when Bart tells him he has something on his face. Despite being more "sci-fi" than "horror" this segment was much more enjoyable and saved the episode from being the worst TOH yet in my opinion (which would go be Treehouse of Horror XXI).

    Overall, the first two could have been so much better, but failed miserably. The first segment was unspeakably AWFUL, and felt completely out of place in a TOH episode, as well as being a perfect example of how much worse these horror-themed segments are getting. Despite the third segment saving the episode, if you compare this to a cla$$ic like Treehouse of Horror V (one of the BEST TOH episodes of all-time), you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. These Halloween specials have been dropping in quality for a few years, and there seems to be NO effort whatsoever in improving them.

    I really did try to like this episode, but it just felt like yet another hit-and-miss. Maybe the staff should take a look at some cla$$ics like "Clown Without Pity", "The Shinning" and "I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did" to find out what they're doing wrong. The problem with these new segments is that they just don't feel suspenseful, in other words, the "horror" just doesn't seem to be there.

  • The annual "Treehouse Of Horror" anthology is usually a highlight of the season, where the writers and animators put logic and continuity on hold in service of the almighty joke.


    The best episodes have at least one segment that tears through a sacred cow or otherwise raises the satirical and comic stakes to a fever pitch. This year's anthology, however, is not one of those. The targets are safe and easy. The humor is broad. The jokes are, for the most part, too feeble to land their punch. I'm not going to lie: It's disappointing, especially since the episode is actually playing the night before Halloween rather than in its usual early-November, post-baseball slot.

    The first segment opens with the Simpson children arriving home from trick-or-treating, only to have Marge, calling herself the Switch Witch, swoop in to trade their candy for healthier fare. Homer is dressed as Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen, a somewhat clever reference, but better is having Maggie, dressed as an alien, burst out of Bart-as-an-Astronaut's chest. The next day, Homer is supposed to go give their candy to the troops, but he drives past the drop-off spot while Hitchcockian music plays. Despite the suspicious eyes of Chief Wiggum and Reverend Lovejoy, Homer heads out to a barren wasteland to enjoy his ill-gotten candy in private, only to have the show shift into a parody of 127 Hours. He reaches 911 easily, but when the dispatcher tells him that the rescue will take 20 minutes, Homer decides that the rational choice is to bite off several limbs to reach his bag of candy. The kids have switched the candy out for vegetables, though. Stupid Homer moment: He tells the kids on Halloween night that their mother is the Switch Witch, but the joke in the very next scene revolves around him being unaware of this fact.

    The next segment, titled "The Diving Bell And The Butterball," parodies another movie that was based on someone's real-life suffering. Homer has been paralyzed by a spider bite, and the only way that he can communicate with the world is through passing gas. Fart jokes aplenty follow. As he becomes satisfied with his lot in life, a second spider bites him. The segment proceeds to parody both Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, although the joke of seeing a paralyzed Spider-Man is simply not very funny.

    The third segment, titled "Dial D For Diddly," starts quite promisingly. Ned Flanders drives through a noir version of Springfield where the crazy cat lady sells "Barely Beagles" and Apu turns several species of endangered animals into hot dogs. In the best joke of the episode, Ned tells a prostitute, "Spend less time on your back and more time on your knees!" Deciding that she is no longer one of those who can do, she heads off to the Yale School of Prostitution. Unfortunately, the segment veers into a parody of the Dexter credits and then a God-like voice is telling Ned to kill people. This segment had a lot of promise for the funny, but it started to sag fast and then sank altogether. First off, Homer is the voice instructing Ned to kill, then when Ned catches on, God kills Homer and blames Ned. Then God is subservient to the Devil, and then Maude appears, begging the Devil to come back to bed. The entertainment world has come a long way to the point where a major network can air that sort of potentially offensive stuff in prime time, but it all seems beside the point when it doesn't bring any humor or even satire to the plate.

    The last segment is a parody of Avatar where Bart and Milhouse take on the appearance of the inhabitants of Rigel VIII, best exemplified by Kodos and Kang, as part of a mission to help Krusty locate the rare element hilarium. Bart ends up impregnating one of the local gals and takes their side when the rest of the mission comes stomping in. As Bart and his new in-laws survey the damage, they remark that they would have gladly given over any hilarium that the humans asked for. "In Rigelian," says Kodos, "there is no word for 'yours' or 'mine.'" Adds Kang, "That's the reason we didn't enjoy the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours."

    It's a shame that this wasn't a better episode. Considering that there will be at least two more seasons of The Simpsons after this one, one would hope that the writers would, at least, nail the annual episode that is usually among their funniest. This episode is like watching someone try to punch soup, though. The writers seem unwilling to mock the more outrageous aspects of the movies they are sending up and settle for weakly batting at the obvious. Some of the jokes land, but none land too solidly. This does not bode well for the rest of the season, nor the next, nor the next.

  • The worst Treehouse of Horror ever.


    The episode was a painfill excuse of a three act halloween special, almost nothing worked as I just sat there zombfied by what boring dreck they thouth we'd want to see, it was lazy it was phoned in, and it was just plain boring.

    The Avatar parody had a few good jokes but honestly a Black Swan parody with Grandpa starring shouldn't have been a mere joke as it sounded like an great and funny idea and I can see that parody being really really funny in my head.

    All in all this one is not worth re-watching ever again.

    With only two seasons left (I assume) can we get some better (new) writers now, please?

    P.S. The show is to short now for three seperate stories I feel it would work better with only two tales of horror, just a thought, fans would still complain but goddman the pacing would be better as would the mini story.

    P.P.S. Or do two long one's and one really quick one.

  • TreeHouse of Stories


    No longer does Marge come on the screen before the show to warn us about how scary tonight's episode is. In fact, she hasn't done that in a long time. You know why, don't you? Its because the TreeHouse of Horror has been replaced with the TreeHouse of Stories. 3 small little tales that do not stretch the imagination nor have the slightest hint of a scare. Did you find the fist act scary? the second? third? Of course you didn't. You were like me, wondering what the heck a spiderman parody is doing in a treehouse of horror episode. Oh no, Homer's farting, scary right... And we are left with an expression of!

    Would it have been so bad to make a hardcore frightfest of an episode where the simpsons are in it, but out of character. Like If homer became van helsing and went across springfield hunting monsters, wouldn't that have been better than this episode. So to recap, the old treehouse of horror is gone, and in its place are simple stories designed to capture attention for a few minutes.

    P.S. Bart has sex, what were they thinking.

  • I couldn't believed what I watched. This was the worst treehouse of horrors ever. It makes me wished for the classic ones from the golden era of The Simpsons. They should go back to horror or drop the yearly theme because it keeps getting worse.


    The opening starts with Homer taking a bag of candy to be dropped off for homeless children. Homer instead goes to a canyon instead to eat it all himself. Instead he falls and get stuck between the rocks. He bites his arms to get to the candy and instead there are vegetables. Back home Bart,Lisa and Maggie eat the candy from the real bag they switched. This was the really funny part but it wasn't enough to save this disaster of an episode.

    1. Homer gets bitten from a spider and can't move a muscle. The only way he can communicate was by passing gas. Really?!! He gets bitten again by another spider and turns into Spiderman while still paralize. I expect Peter Griffin passing gas but not Homer. This looks like it was written by Family Guy writers. Just plain bad.

    2. This was a spoof of Dexter. It had potential with Ned Flanders in the lead. Ned goes on a killing with God telling him to kill certain bad people. The voice turned out to be Homer. Homer was way out of character and when he burned Neds' bible God killed him. That part I applauded and cheered. At the end Maude appeared with the devil at his side all sexy. Maude with the devil?!!! Maude is suppose to be in Heaven. What were these writers thinking? Homer deserved to die but I wished it had been Flanders. Flanders needed a reason to kill instead of Homer tricking him to do his dirty work. Garbage.

    3. An Avatar spoof and I've seen better. Bart plays the lead as he and Millhouse meet the creatures and try to get a certain substance. Bart goes thru a mating which was just plain creepy and gross. The female creature is pregnant with Barts' child and Bart betrays the army.

    Overall, this is the worst THOH every. It didn't deserve a 10. There were signs of Family Guy humor in it that made it gross, sick and disturbing. Bart as a creature going thru a mating was very disturbing. The character he played was suppose to be an adult but he still was a 10 year old. To the writers, either go back and look at older episodes that made THOH so good or drop it. It keeps getting worse every year.

  • poor


    the opening: i liked homer biting off the wrong arm (this was a parody to the opening scene of Scary Movie 4, for anyone who did not know. it might be a parody of something else, too, since the Scary Movie Franchise parodies pretty much anything they can)

    first segment- homer is paraylzed and can't communicate. oh wait, he CAN... by his farts. This was one of the most random and dumb segments the show has ever done, if you ask me. Not only was the plot dumb, of Homer being able to communicate whilst farting, it was incredibly short. all of a sudden he becomes like spider-man? What? The only part i liked at all was lisa reading the note to marge.

    second segment- i liked the yale of prostitution joke, the dexter opening parody, and maude appearing at the end. also, homer burning the bible and god appearing was OK. The rest was disappointing. I would have liked it more if Ned had a reason to kill people, not just him being tricked by Homer.

    third segment- an Avatar parody. I laughed at the woman alien having gotten warts from milhouse, the tentacles/testicles line, and that's about it.

    i also liked the Black Swan line. the rest was pretty boring. little happened. the first segment was dumb, second had potential but did not live up to it, and third was dumb but got a couple laughs. below average THOH. D+/C- or so as my final grade. Only thing keeping it from failing is that I did laugh a couple times.



    People, Tree House of Horror episodes are hilarious, especially this one! It makes me so pissed to see a rating like this for an episode (except Family Guy, I'm alright with that). Like I said, I think this episode was genius and honestly it was better than last years. No, they are still not running out of ideas because they are coming up with newer things that the writers have not thought of before! In my opinion, I loved it. Now the thing is, is that if I see a rating below a 7 after the end of next week I am done going on this site! Everyone seemed to have lost their humor and I'm not happy about that because even though The Simpsons is not what it used to be, it is still as funny as ever and I will still watch this show till the end! So if I see an episode under a 7 I'm out!

  • The Simpsons continues its annual Halloween tradition with the twenty-second installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.


    There have been better episodes of "Treehouse of Horror", but this episode is not too bad. The best segment in my opinion is "Dial D for Diddly." That particular segment was the most well written of the three and had the most clever laughs. The best being the revalation that Homer was the voice of God. The problem with "In the Na'vi" was that it seemed to go way too fast. I guess it's pretty tough to do a parody of a three hour movie in just a few minutes. The closing scene was a clever idea. Overall,"Treehouse of Horror XXII" was OK. If you want to see a truly great episode of this series, go back to the beginning. The first Halloween special is still the best.

  • Halloween Review #15


    Homer takes a dangerous dive into an isolated canyon on Candy Peak, but when a crashing boulder traps his arm, he channels Aron Ralston (guest voicing as himself) to save himself. In "The Diving Bell and the Butterball," the first of three hair-raising Halloween tales, a venomous spider bite leaves Homer paralyzed, but when Lisa discovers Homer's ability to communicate through natural gases, he is able to express his love for Marge. The killer spells continue in "Dial D for Diddly," when Ned Flanders, devout preacher by day, transforms into a cold-blooded vigilante by night. In the final terrifying tale, "In the Na'Vi," Bart and Milhouse are sent on a mission to obtain a sacred extract on a distant planet. They morph into the land's indigenous one-eyed avatars, but when Bart finds love and an eternal mate abroad, he is caught in planet warfare. First of all, this "Treehouse of Horror" episode was WAY better than last year's installment. Yes, I have seen better "Treehouse of Horror" episodes than this one but at least it's an episode I'll watch again every year unlike last year's "Treehouse of Horror" installment. Anyways, I liked this episode. I thought the introduction when we got to see a parody of the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock movie "Psycho" (the scene with Homer driving) and a parody of the 2010 movie "127 Hours" (when Homer got a rock stuck on his arm) was good and impressive. Homer eating off his arms in the introduction was a little bit too violent for me but it was also kinda funny at the time. The first segment focused on Homer being paralyzed and it was enjoyable but not the best. It was funny when Homer can communicate through farts. The second segment focuses around Ned Flanders. This segment is my favorite of the three and more parts in this one made me laugh. Homer using a machine to make it sound like he is God was very funny. This segment might be a little offensive to some people though. The third segment is a parody of the 2009 film "AVATAR" except without the blue creatures. This segment is weakest of the three which kinda ruined my score. I got a little boring and I only laughed maybe twice. The ending to this episode when Moe said "When can I do Black Swan?" was very funny. Overall, a good Halloween/Treehouse of Horror episode of "The Simpsons"... major improvement over last year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode. 7.5/10

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