The Simpsons

Season 25 Episode 2

Treehouse of Horror XXIV

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2013 on FOX

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  • Brillant episode, flawless. Best opening in a decade. 5/5 easy. Probably one of the best 10 of the past decade too

    The opening sequence is extremely detailed. Even though I'm not a big fan of horror films, I really appreciate the amount of effort they put in the opening. None of the references are really overexplained, and there are a lot of smaller ones in there for the viewer to catch. It even manages to follow the regular opening sequence of the show, just with tons of references stuck in there. My only minor problem with this opening is that there isn't much satire or humor; it's just a ton of references, one after the other. The only mildly funny bits were the (literally) Illustrated Man, Milhouse getting hit by the car on a girly bike, and Hans Moleman doing nothing in the pan across Springfield. (Sidenote: I didn't like how the pan was slowed down. It was probably done because they didn't have enough material for the Besides this minor complaint, it was a very creative and well-executed opening sequence, one of the best in latter-day Treehouse of Horrors.

    One of the best post-classic Treehouse of Horror segments. To begin with, it's obviously a full-blown Dr. Seuss parody; however, unlike weaker parodies like Tweenlight, this one really nails the satire. Instead of making obvious nods to specific pop culture icons ("Tweenlight," "Funtendo Zii"), this generalizes the surreal, wacky world of Dr. Seuss and gives it a Simpsons twist. For example, we have the automatic pool table at Moe's (complete with robotic hands), Nelson's automated bullying door (robotic hands break Milhouse's glasses), Lisa and Maggie's hairstyle, and the Fat in the Hat's three-needle mump-curing shot. Of course, we'll also get some direct parodies (The Cat in the Hat, the Bore-ax, Thing 1 and Thing 2), but these are all done with a twist on them, complete with commentary (in the case of the Bore-ax plastering his likeness on consumer goods). (Sidenote: Homer calls the Bore-ax a sellout, but he himself does it later in the season with Brick Like Another thing I really liked about this segment was the use of violence to their advantage. The violence makes the segment fresher and less of a full-blown Dr. Seuss parody. Violence is really used nicely in this segment: for example, the missiles that Homer use to destroy Burns Manor have happy faces on. Or when Homer kills all the Ralphs, the last Ralph dies with a smile on his face. The segment manages to keep the atmosphere of the show really happy and light, despite all of the intense violence. The writing is very well done in this segment, with the entire segment rhyming. The animation is another plus for the episode; if you watch closely, the characters' eyes are drawn differently. The lines and color schemes of the scenes are also done to resemble Dr. Seuss-style animation. A lot of the characters got Dr. Seuss re-designs, with the best being a Barney camel, a purposely off-model Apu, the girlish-looking Sideshow Bob, and a Bumblebee Man bee. I kind of feel like I'm giving the segment too much praise, but I do have to add the jingles that they used in the episode to the positive list. Lines like "You might see his name on an amber alert" and "The Fat in the Hat has some anger issues, and some highly unusual political views" were pretty funny. The segment was a little lacking in humor, but it was still there, with the dead Patty, Selma, and Moe, Homer saying, "Just don't ever let me be played by Mike Myers," the homeless retching when they ate Mr. Burns' corpse, and Apu's torture being an afternoon with eight kids and Manjula. There weren't really any major flaws in this segment, and the violent Dr. Seuss parody is one of the best they've done in the year, so I might as well give this segment a 10/10.

    After a great opening and first segment, the episode starts to go downhill a little. Dead and Shoulders is a rather mediocre segment, but it's still serviceable. For one, I'm actually very surprised that they haven't done a plot like this, even after 70 Treehouse of Horror segments. When they finally got around to it, though, the end result is plagued with problems and some decent parts. The story is set in regular Springfield, which is the setting for many of my favorite Treehouse of Horror segments; again, a different setting isn't the key to a good THOH segment, although it has produced some good ones too. Bart flies a kite, ties it to his neck, and gets his head chopped off after Arnie Pye's helicopter catches the kite. The lead-in to the main plot is a little too long for a 7-minute story, and is stuffed with hit-and-miss filler. I really would have preferred the lead-in to Bart being on Lisa's body to be shorter. Once that happens, we get plenty of hit-and-miss sequences showing Bart on Lisa's head. Homer patching up Bart's fallen head with gum was gross, Bart being rejected from Homer's man cave wasn't that funny, but Skinner accommodating Bart was probably the best joke of the episode. Willie painting another circle on the side of the women's restroom sign's head was hilarious. Ms. Hoover giving Lisa an A+ and Bart an F- for the same project was pretty dumb, as was Lisa and Ralph spinning the globe placed between them. (Ralph saying that licking the globe was his project was pretty funny, So basically, all of this was hit-and-miss filler trying to show us what Bart's new life is like. While it's a good idea, it's not a very smart idea, considering this is a 7-minute sequence. So pacing is already the main problem here, as we've gotten pretty much halfway into the segment, and nothing has happened. Oh wait, something is happening - Lisa and Bart become friends thanks to some minimal therapy (which Homer tries to pay for with a two heads for one coupon - nope, it's a coupon for lettuce). Then another quick scene with Homer saying he should have chopped off Bart's head long ago; not particularly funny, but it was funny seeing Bart stick his head into Lisa's saxophone as a mute. This is where the segment starts to go downhill. At this point, there are two options - one, let Bart discover that he's in control when Lisa's asleep. Or, they could turn it into a Bart-Lisa relationship episode. Unfortunately, the writers attempt to tackle both, causing the end of the episode to really bomb. The writers take off with the fact that Bart is in control when Lisa's asleep (basically throwing away the therapy scene), and despite the fact that they were on their way to being friends, now Bart wants to kill Lisa. We get several scenes with Bart attempting to chop Lisa's head off; first, a scene with pathetic Skinner having a panic attack (just sad). Then, we reach the climactic scene at the sawmill, which isn't really climactic at all because nothing really happened in this segment yet. Quick visual gag with the mill being a double-cut sawmill, Lisa's head and Bart's head are both cut off, and the segment ends on a joke with Bart attached to Selma, Lisa attached to Krusty, and Dr. Nick attached to Dr. Hibbert (?)

    Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of the color scheme used in this segment. The grayscale colors are chosen very nicely and are actually pretty pleasing to see. The episode starts by introducing the characters. The only funny scenes were the freaks; we have a freeze-frame gag of the Spineless Man (Skinner), followed by a showcase of the Human Donkey (Nelson: "Hee-haw!"), the terrifying Callback (Bart on Selma's head), the standard Kang and Kodos appearance (they're afraid of the dark now?), . Just regular Moe. Like the Dr. Seuss segment, this one really has fun with transforming all the characters into freaks; it was fun to see torso Barney, the Human Snail Comic Book Guy, really off-model Lenny and Carl, and no-legs Rafael (aka Sarcastic Salesman), among others. Mr. Burnsum is in more evil character here, but he's not as much of a villain as he can be. Not a major complaint, though. The plot does leave something to be desired; it starts out nicely with Marge leaving Homer because he can't appreciate the freaks, and then Moe falling for Marge. But when Homer comes out with his stupidly overcomplicated plan (Marge marries Moe, kill Moe, Marge gets the ring, Homer marries Marge, Homer gets the ring), it kind of gets overcomplicated for a 7-minute segment. Homer convinces Marge to marry Moe. When he tries to kill Moe, Marge finds out and leaves him. Then the freaks find out get to the ending later. The plot really does get pretty complex here. And for a 7-minute story, it shouldn't get this complex. The jokes are hit-and-miss, with the funnier lines being "What the hell does google goo mean?" and "Why is it company parties always get weird?" My biggest complaint about this segment, though, is its horribly rushed ending. We switch back to normal coloring as a tar-and-feathered Homer says, "And that, kids, is how I met your It's not a big surprise that the ending sucked, though, considering how overly complicated of a plot they had going in the segment. Naturally, time cut short, and the episode just had to falter like that. Really hate that ending. Overall, though, it's serviceable. The plot and pacing are major issues, and the jokes are mediocre. Great animation, though
  • good episode

    I just a like almost ever thing in that episode
  • Seriously?

    This was the most boring TreeHouse episode ever HANDS DOWN. How can people compliment it. If you like the Simpsons fine; but roll with the punches and call out the bad when its bad.
  • Great episode

    Interesting. I LOVED the intro, that was a hilarious strong start. The first story was alittle slow at first but after the murder started it was great. 10 minutes of rhyming is hard to keep entertaining, but their were enough decent jokes sparsed throughout.

    The second, again, the plot line seemed kinda thin till the end.

    The 3rd was good, but mostly because I immediately recognized the reference to the 1932 movie "Freaks". However that's a reference 99% of the audience is gonna miss IMO.

    I dunno, this was a good episode for me but how could it not? How can you mess up Tree House of Horror? These are always my favorite episodes.

    Not my favorite THoH but not bad. A 9 (by today's standards. It's not fair to compare to the original seasons)


    In case anyone would like to see a 2 minute review of "Freaks" from 1932 referenced in The Simpsons 3rd story tonight. 2009/10/05/05-freaks-1932/

  • The Simpsons continues its annual Halloween tradition with the twenty-fourth installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    I am a little surprised ay all of the overwhelmingly negative reviews of this chapter of "Treehouse of Horror". I found it to be one of the funniest episodes of the series in quite a long time. I do agree with some naysayers in that the introduction was great. Very clever indeed. I laughed myself silly watching the opening segment "Oh, the Places you'll D'OH!". The writing and visuals were very clever. The Fat in the Hat was quite funny and the accompanying songs were well written. Like others have mentioned I was not too crazy about the second segment mainly because it was a recycled premise from one of the earliest "Treehouse of Horror" episodes where somebody's head is placed onto someone else's body. The third and final segment was not terrific, but had a few clever laughs to make it watchable. The strength of the intro and the first segment help carry this episode in this long running series. See you at chapter twenty-five!
  • brilliant opening and one of the best non-Suess Suesses ever

    I don't normally bother reviewing individual episodes of the Simpsons, but this one deserves special notice for two things. First there is the brilliant Halloween version of the standard Simpsons opening, which is amazing. Then there's the first mini-story, "Oh, the Places you'll D'OH!" A lot of people have tried to emulate Dr. Suess over the years, and every Suess take-off I've come across failed, unable to capture his unique rhymes. But whoever wrote this episode nailed it. Kudos!

    The next two episodes were less memorable, certainly, but they were still very funny. I don't know what to make of all these people who gave the episode a 1. There has never been an episode in the 25 years of the Simpsons that deserved a 1. These people should be ignored entirely.
  • Yuck!

    Probably the worst Simpsons episode ever, only good part was the intro.
  • It not getting better

    Season 23 was ok, 24 just average. Therefore, I had no great hopes anyway in season 25. As long as the Simpsons makers listen to the money and not the audience we will get stupid episodes like this.

  • Crash And Burn

    They put in a lot of creativity and effort in the intro only for the whole episode to bomb. The first part was The Simpsons take on The Cat In The Hat, But the second part where Bart's head was attached to Lisa's body was done before when Mr Burns put Homer's brain in a robot but failed and at the end Mr Burns was attached to Homer's body. After that I had enough. The Simpsons is now running on empty.
  • The writer of this one need to be fired!

    The intro was great but the rest of the ep was some of the worst Simpsons Halloween content I ever seen!