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  • Season 18 Episode 22: You Kent Always Say What ...

  • On Homer's "Wall of casual acquaintances who came to stay for a while," Benjamin, Doug, and Gary (Homer Goes to College) were not recognized on the wall even though they stayed at the Simpsons household.

  • On one wall of Kent Brockman's office is a picture showing him on the Berlin Wall. One of the writings on the wall is German for "Kent was here".

  • Music from this episode
    "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang.

  • The following candy toppings are mentioned by Homer with the likely real life equivalent in parentheses:

    Snickels (Snickers)
    Gooey Bears (Gummy Bears)
    Charlottesville Chew (Charleston Chew)
    Nice & Many (Good & Plenty)
    Kat Kit (Kit Kat)
    Hershel's Smooches (Hershey's Kisses)
    Mrs. Badbar (Mr. Goodbar)
    Milk Dudes (Milk Duds)

  • The Simpsons have a "Wall of casual acquaintances who came to stay for a while" which lists Artie Ziff (The Ziff who came to Dinner), Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Homer and Apu, The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemetilons), Krusty the Clown (Krusty gets Kancelled), Groundskeeper Willie (My Fair Laddie), Nelson Muntz (Sleeping with the Enemy), Robert "Sideshow Bob" Underdunk Terwilliger (The Great Louse Detective), Otto Mann (The Otto Show), Kang (or Kodos) (Who have not stayed with them although they are on the picture), Gil Gunderson (Kill Gil Volumes 1 and 2) and Stampy (Bart Gets an Elephant). Kent Brockman (This episode) will be added to it. Kodos eventually stayed with the Simpsons for a while in "Treehouse of Horror XVIII".

  • When Marge and Maggie run through the park full of dogs, one of the dogs is Laddie, the expensive dog Bart bought in "The Canine Mutiny."

  • The evil Leprechaun made another appearance in the St. Patrick's Day parade when Marge stole his beer.

  • This episode isn't the first time Kent has dropped the F-bomb. He said it in the season 5 episode, "Bart's Inner Child", although it was bleeped out.

  • This is the second time that Kent Brockman utters a swear word on live TV, and gets in trouble for it. The first time was in "Krusty Gets Kancelled" when he calls the viewers SOBs, while the camera is still rolling.

  • Season 18 Episode 21: 24 Minutes

  • Ingredients of the stink bomb: Road kill, Burnt hair, Jimbo's sister's retainer case, Six weeks of bottled farts, Possum placenta, Sweat from a walk-around Goofy suit, and TCBY (That Container of Botulized Yogurt).

  • The upside-down newspaper Milhouse is holding is the Springfield Shopper. The headlines read "Mayor's Breath Still Problem", "Corn Less Popular" and "Bake Sale Today".

  • Goof: Somehow, the lettering on Martin's sash reverses so it can be read properly in the mirror's reflection, and flips back to normal when he turns around.

  • In the opening sequence, one of the CTU's computer screens shows Willie making out with Ms. Hoover.

  • Among the professional staff at Springfield Elementary is a secretary named Mrs. Lord.

  • Lisa reads the three missing students on paper and it says:

    -Full name: Corky James Jones
    -Known alias: Jamesbo, Dr. J., Hector Gutierrez,
    -Last known location: Duff Gardens Log Flume (Middle Seat)

    -Full name: Dolphin Starbeam
    -Speaks: Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Latin, Old English, Klingon, Esperanto
    -Friends with Jackie Chan (unverified)
    -Special skills: Horse riding, tap dancing, British accent, stage fighting

    -Full name: Kearney Zzyzwicz
    -Prior offenses: Indian burn (3rd degree), full moon, half moon, attempted purple nurple, hertz donut (acquitted)
    -Owns owns tuxedo.

  • Martin Prince's Ant Farm brand is from Uncle Milton.

  • Jimbo's mom's name is Carol.

  • Season 18 Episode 20: Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot

  • The picture on the sweater that Cheif Wiggum made was of Big Bird from Sesame Street pushing Elmo into a giant saw blade.

  • When nitric acid & ethanol are mixed in this episode it produces a toxic gas. In fact, mixing these two chemicals will make a very explosive mixture, not a toxic gas.

  • The music playing over the scene where Santa's Little Helper, along with the other animals, are in training is from the 1975-1976 television series S.W.A.T..

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