The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 4

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Opening Credits: Blackboard joke: I will not Xerox my butt. Couch gag: The family jumps onto the couch and bounces up into the air, while a roll out bed springs out, and the family lands back down.

Act One: The episode begins with Bart and Lisa fishing in a small lake when an investigative reporter named Dave Shutton approaches them to talk. While they are talking, Bart catches a fish with three eyes and Dave Shutton looks off in the distance to see that the nuclear power plant has a runoff for waste directly flowing into the small lake. The next day he writes an investigative story for the newspaper, questioning whether or not the power plant had anything to do with the mutation of the fish. More headlines follow including one with the governor, Mary Bailey, calling for an investigation of the power plant. Later on at the power plant, a government inspection team shows up for a plant inspection. During the inspection, the inspectors cite numerous violations in the plant. Mr. Burns attempts to bribe lead inspector, he ignores the bribe and tells Mr. Burns he must get the plant up to code or he will be shut down. When Smithers informs Mr. Burns that it will cost 56 million dollars to bring the plant up to code, Mr. Burns tells Smithers he wants to be left alone. Mr. Burns proceeds to drink in an attempt to drown his sorrows away. While walking through the empty power plant after hours, Mr. Burns smashes his empty liquor bottle, which wakes up a sleeping Homer who has slept right through quitting time. When Homer goes out to his car he sees Mr. Burns at the wheel of his Rolls Royce crying. Homer goes over to see what is wrong, and Mr. Burns informs Homer of his problems. Homer suggests to Mr. Burns that he should run for governor, then he could declare what is legal and safe regarding the power plant. A revived Mr. Burns likes Homer's advice and they drive off into the night.

Act Two: The next day in the kitchen, after reading about Mr. Burns bid to run for governor in the paper, Marge and Homer differ on which candidate they will support in the election. Marge is unwilling to support Mr. Burns because she is a Mary Bailey fan. Meanwhile, at the power plant, Mr. Burns has a meeting with his newly hired a political consultant and crack team of public relations people. Later that day, Mr. Burns airs a live political ad, in which he puts some spin on "Blinky", the three eyed fish, saying his third eye is a result of Darwinian evolution. The next day his consultant reports that Mr. Burns is up to 6 total points in the polls. Cut to Mary Bailey giving a press conference denouncing her opponent Mr. Burns. A montage of public appearances by Mr. Burns ensues, while newspaper headlines show his growing popularity. With his poll numbers holding steady at 42 percent, Mr. Burns' consultant fears Mr. Burns might be losing touch with the common man. He suggests that Mr. Burns sit down to dinner on the night before the election with one of his employees as a publicity stunt to boost his numbers. After scouring the security camera footage for a common man they settle on Homer.

Act Three: During breakfast Homer informs Marge that Mr. Burns will be coming over for dinner the night before the election, Marge reluctantly agrees. On the day before the dinner Mr. Burns' political team prepares the Simpsons' house with pro Burns banners and signs, and his consultant instructs the Simpsons' on how to act at dinner. He also gives Lisa a prepared question to ask Mr. Burns during dinner. That night in bed Marge conveys to Homer that she is upset that she can't express her true feelings about Mr. Burns. Homer consoles her and tells her that she expresses her feelings in the way she serves her food and takes care of the family. After hearing what Homer says, she gets an idea. The next day the Simpson home is under full media attention as Mr. Burns arrives for dinner. Both Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II tackle Mr. Burns as he enters the house, but he handles both instances with admirable behavior. At the dinner table Mr. Burns is informed that his stunt with the pets has put him over the top 51 to 49 in the polls. After Lisa reluctantly asks her question to Mr. Burns she goes into the kitchen to complain to Marge about having to act as if they like Mr. Burns. Marge tells Lisa to give her the benefit of the doubt, as she brings out the main dish to Mr. Burns. She sets down the platter in front of him and pulls the cover off to reveal a cooked "Blinky." Everyone gasps, and Mr. Burns shudders because he realizes what he must do. Mr. Burns reluctantly takes a bite of the fish but can't stomach it, he spits out the fish much to the shock of everyone watching. Quickly the spectacle of the fish is all over the news, his numbers plummet in the polls and Mr. Burns realizes he is finished in the election. As he leaves, because Homer has cost him the election he tells him that it will be the "focus of my remaining years that your dreams will go unfulfilled." Before going to bed Marge successfully consoles Homer who is worried about what Mr. Burns has just told him.

End Credits: The normal Simpsons theme plays as the credits roll over a black background.

Run Time: 23:12