The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 4

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 1990 on FOX

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  • First political and Mr. Burns episode

    So, this is the first episode where Mr. Burns is the central focus. Sounds very cool and hopefully more interesting than Simpson and Delilah. Let's see if this episode ends up being better than that episode. Some of the funniest moments in the episode are Smithers holding Mr. Burns, Burns singing while drunk, and Homer scratching his butt. As for the other humorous parts, I chuckled at least three times. I like the part with Burns making his campaign advertisement. Well, the episode overall is sort like Simpson and Delilah. It has some humor while it was boring at times. But this episode was a few times more interesting than that though. Even though the episode gets boring from time to time, I still enjoyed the episode and it story nevertheless; speaking of story, I was more into the story rather than the humor here to be honest. It's actually political, but it's handled well unlike certain Family Guy episodes. Therefore, despite some dull scenes, I still enjoyed watching this episode.

    Score: 8.5/10
  • D'oh.


    The episode begins with Bart and Lisa fishing in a small lake when an investigative reporter named Dave Shutton approaches them to talk. While they are talking, Bart catches a fish with three eyes and Dave Shutton looks off in the distance to see that the nuclear power plant has a runoff for waste directly flowing into the small lake. The next day he writes an investigative story for the newspaper, questioning whether or not the power plant had anything to do with the mutation of the fish. More headlines follow including one with the governor, Mary Bailey, calling for an investigation of the power plant. Later on at the power plant, a government inspection team shows up for a plant inspection. During the inspection, the inspectors cite numerous violations in the plant. Mr. Burns attempts to bribe lead inspector, he ignores the bribe and tells Mr. Burns he must get the plant up to code or he will be shut down. When Smithers informs Mr. Burns that it will cost 56 million dollars to bring the plant up to code, Mr. Burns tells Smithers he wants to be left alone. Mr. Burns proceeds to drink in an attempt to drown his sorrows away. While walking through the empty power plant after hours, Mr. Burns smashes his empty liquor bottle, which wakes up a sleeping Homer who has slept right through quitting time. When Homer goes out to his car he sees Mr. Burns at the wheel of his Rolls Royce crying. Homer goes over to see what is wrong, and Mr. Burns informs Homer of his problems. Homer suggests to Mr. Burns that he should run for governor, then he could declare what is legal and safe regarding the power plant. A revived Mr. Burns likes Homer's advice and they drive off into the night.

    5.5 out of 10

  • politics writen all over this one

    in this ep bart and lisa find a fish that had 3 eyes and a reporter takes a picture of the fish and it spreads through out the town and a safty inspeciton people come they say he faied becasue things were leaking all over the place and parts were falling apart and mr burns tries to brive them with thing full of cash and they say no and then mr burns goes into polictics to try to change the rules he hires the best people he can get with his money and things start to be going good and then mr burns goes and has dinner at the simpsons house and then lisa feeds him the fish that they found and mr burns spits him out in front of the camera and his campaine goes down the tubes.
  • politics don't interest me...

    ...Unless the overall episode is funny, which to me, this one was not. I watched it once and was expecting a funny, clever episode, but i don't remember anything funny or clever, i remember being bored for a lot of it. Could be just me, i just did not find anything entertaining. This is one of s2's weakest In my opinion, whilst others think it is one of the best, sorry but I disagree. My overall grade would be a C or so. It's passable, but only just. I only did not give it a D because it is better than a "D" episode
  • Political.

    Lisa and Bart are fishing near the power plant and find a 3 eyed fish (Blinky). It is on the news and soon the whole town knows about it. Burns worries it will hurt his run for governer so he picks a random employee to eat with to show he is a average guy. Marge doesn't agree with Burns ideas and thinks he just wants more power. So she serves him The fish he spits it out and his chance of being Governer is ruined.

    It is an ok episode I think it was a little to serious and didn't really feel like other simpsons episodes.

  • A episode that centered around politics, but to me it just didn't have the Simpsons feel to it

    While fishing near the Springfield Nuclear Reactor, Bart and Lisa catch a fish with three eyes. The event makes headlines and a Washington regulatory committee sends a team to investigate it. The team tells Burns if the plant isn't cleaned up they will shut it down. Burns runs for govenor in hopes that he can pass laws to keep the plant open. Burns' declares that the three eyes on the fish was simply nature's way of improving her handywork. His public relations people fear he may be losing touch with the common man, so they arrange for him to have dinner with The Simpsons. With TV cameras rolling, Marge places the three eyed fish onto Burns's plate. Burns takes a bite of the radioactive fish and spits it out, sinking his campaign.
  • vote for burns

    this was a very special episode of the simpsons it had all i was looking for a wacky election a devious burns and a dumbfounded omer against a honets marge in all this was another great installlment of seasnon 2.

    the epusode startas off when bart catheces a three eyed fish that was polluted by burns nucelur power plant but when burns tries to fix the problem he sees that it will make him go broke. in a desperate attempt to get passed that law burns runs for govener and uses homer as his average joe man and does every trick book to get what he wants.
  • an episode like non other on TV

    This episode was not the best of The Simpsons, but it was still good compared to many other shows and episodes on TV. Most people wouldn't want to watch a show about elections, and if they did, why not just change the channel to some real election. However, the thing that didn't make this episode the worst was that it included many jokes, and also some serious discussion. It also included stuff you wouldn't see in a election such as the rise of the person and background stuff, if anything in The Simpsons is true. If it wasn't for the jokes in this episode and the odd three eyed fish, which makes you wondering, this episode would be a 5 or less. Of course, it was quite weird how a three eyed fish could happend, but it was also surpirsing how Mr. Burns had to eat the fish.

    Well, The Simpsons did bad in this episode, but they went back, I myself wouldn't have put a election episode in the second season, but of course The Simpsons are going downhill.
  • Although a bit dry by some standards this is one of the greats

    Despite less than a handful of appearances everyone knows who Blinky is. This lovable fish captured America's heart. Great character development on Mr. Burns side one of the most telling is where he is trying to bribe the inspection agents but even more telling is his defeated attitude when his money doesn't buy him happiness. Homer's loyalty to his boss is commendable while he puts his boss up against his life. The political ads and campaign speeches are also great, where Side-Show Mel, I mean where Charles Darwin (listen to it, you'll here it) comes on screen and explains how evolution works. This episode was also ahead of it's time as it foreshadows the Campaign of Crazy Ross Perot. And remember, "Only a moron wouldn't cast his vote for Mon-Ty Burns!"
  • Not the best episode out of all The Simpsons episodes.

    I know that The Simpsons is one of my favourite TV shows in the world. But this episode of the Simpsons is not very funny I find. I think it needs a little bit more of a change up. but this episode is still funny. Most of the episodes of The Simpsons are more realistic though. Anyways this episode was a fine episode.
  • Mr. Burns runs for governor; Homer supports him, but ultimately Marge foils his campaign.

    Very well written; the irony at the end permits the writing staff to reveal a lot about Homer and just how lucky he is to have Marge. This episode is great because it begins the Simpsons tradition of making fun of the Republican party, even though they never say that Burns is a member of the GOP. It also is one of the first episodes to take a wider prospective on the Simpsons universe (referencing Capital City). The joke across the story of the three-eyed-fish (\\\"Blinky\\\") is a good way of revealing just how incredible the writing staff back then was.
  • Not one of my favorite episodes, but it is still a funny one.

    When Bart and Lisa catch a three-eyed fish in a downstream of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, the plant is hit with tremendous santions by state regulators. Mr. Burns realizes that if he becomes governor, he could control the regulations and brings in a team of consultants to help him take on incumbent governor Mary Bailey. His climactic campaign event is dinner at the Simpsons house where Marge who wants Mary Bailey to win, serves Mr. Burns' own three-eyed fish (which is named Blinky) to him. Mr. Burns can't eat it, destroying his image and costing him the election.
  • this is so funny.

    this episode is really cool. its funny as well because bart catchs this fish with 3 eyes and then some reporter takes pictures. its suddenly all over the news. mr burns takes action by sayin that theres nothing wrong with "blinky"(the three eyed fish). he says its more like an advantage. when he eats at the simpsons he chokes on (blinky) then the news media put in the headlines bout burns choking on the fish.
  • Burns runs for mayor

    Its odd that my 2 favourite episodes from Season 2 centre around fish (The other is Homer eating poisonus fish)

    A 3 eyed fish is found in the stream by the Power plant so there is a lot of bad press for the Mr Burns that his plant may have made this mutant.

    To avoid this Burns runs for mayor and of course Homer has to support him or he'll get fired. Marge supports the other side so the house is divided and the is lots of tension.

    Burns looks set to become mayor until Marge pulls a fast one! At the Simpsons house for dinner he is served by Marge 3 a eyed fish. Of course he can't stomach it and he loses the election!

    Its a well written storyline, but the real standout is the fish-spitting part I still get tingles while watching it today!
  • Two Car In Every Garage and Three Eyes On Every Fish

    This is an episode that focuses on Mr Burns. Mr Burns want to become governer and he will do what it takes to become one by having dinner at The Simpsons house. He loses by spitting out the three eyed fish named blinky. Mr Burns goes nuts and destroy the Simpsons stuff.
  • I didn't have an idea what the hell was going on in this episode.

    Apart from the three-eyed fish (that was kinda cute) this episode plot is really confusing which equals boring. I didn't get it. Mr. burns wnats to become a govenor-why? And he appeared on TV and hosted some kind of show. What the heck was that all about? And people film Mr. Burns having dinner with the Simpsons, and Mr. Burns eats the three eyed fish. Very confusing. I still haven't an idea of what that all happened and it wasn't funny either. The only good thing was the three-eyed fihs being cute. Apart from that, this ep made no sense, no one was funny and it was just boring. This is my opinion for this episode taht I believe is just too hard to make out and isn't funny at all.
  • quite funny

    i loved the political satire in this episode and mr burns has always been one of my favourite 'evil' characters so this episode really worked well for me. the chain reaction from bart and lisa going fishing ending up with burns eating at their house to further his polls in the election was brilliantly written and the jokes were plentiful such as the 'actor portraying Charles Darwin' and the simpsons election shirts. mr burns being weak also appeared in this episode where he tries to push things over after his political career is over and fails and homer smashing his own vase because burns told him too. burns' idea of irony was pretty humourous too. all in all, a great episode
  • Bart catches a three eyed fish, which eventually leads to Burns running for town mayor. (Spoilers!!)

    Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish; ( Phew, what a title. ) is in my opinion a very underrated season two episode. It doesn't seem to be in existance for many people; or so it seems. I loved this episode because it was to me another 'atmospheric' episode, and it was well written. Even though I liked those things about the episode, it was still not too great. It was a little slow at times like season one, but it caught speed; there were also a few funny scenes. There isn't much to say about it, but it is still a season two Simpson gem; regardless of my semi-low rating.
  • This is another one of those underrated episodes in my opinion. Doesn't get mentioned much but some solid political satire here.

    We got to see more of just how incompetent the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is. Over the course of the series, I felt this idea got kind of tired but it works pretty well here. Even if they have to resort to glowing neon goop to get their point across.

    There's also some really great scenes with Mr. Burns here. We got a taste of how awful he could be back in the first season, but now he really comes into his own. For example, the scene when he tries to bribe the plant inspector works quite well.

    The dinner scene in the end when Mr. Burns has dinner with "average Eddie Punchclock" family The Simpsons really made this episode for me. The pre-written questions on notecards, Mr. Burns spitting out the three-eyed fish and those photographers taking pictures of it before it even hits the floor--all great moments. And then the icing on the cake was when he actually went around and started destroying the Simpsons house after his election chances were ruined.

    You could tell the writers were loving the Mr. Burns character and having a field day with him. Most of the episode was mediocre. I'm never a fan of newspaper headline montages because it feels hurried. And this episode uses that. So it was average until the end. The 3rd act was great, as I explained above.
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