The Simpsons

Season 15 Episode 16

Wandering Juvie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2004 on FOX

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  • Quite possibly my favorite episode of all time!

    This was an amazing episode, an episode with Bart getting sent to Juvie was a long time coming. After Bart sets up a prank wedding, he is caught by Chief Wiggum, who sends him to Juvenile Hall. While there, Bart is constantly bullied and is not the popular kid he is outside the prison. Homer becoming a prison guard in order to help him out is no help at all.

    (Bart is getting beat up by bullies) Homer: Not so fast! If you're gonna pick on someone, how bout picking on someone bigger than you with a gun! (gives Bart lollipop) Oh, look at that, my shift just ended. Well, I'll see ya monday, boy! Oh, look at that, Monday's Martin Luther King day! Well, I'll see you when I see you.

    Bart: (bullies advance on him) Uh, you know, this lollipop's really for everyone…

    Then, when the boys and girls are handcuffed together for the school dance, Bart is paired with bad girl Gina, who sees an opportunity to escape, and, seeing as Bart is handcuffed to her, takes him with her. Now begins a sort of half-romance between Bart and Gina, with them kissing twice, the rest of the time being filled with Gina punching him in the stomach!
    When they get to a blacksmith, he removes their handcuffs, but soon afterward they are both caught by the police. Gina turns herself in to free Bart, and when she returns to prison she finds Bart and his family are throwing her a make your own taco party in her cell, as she has no family of her own.

    An absolutely perfect episode with a lot of laughs, a perfectly structured storyline, and a sort of half-romance which i love, because I love episodes where Bart gets a girlfriend but hate it when he sort of has to lie to her to win her or toady up to her in other ways. 10.1/10