The Simpsons

Season 15 Episode 16

Wandering Juvie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The list of things Bart picks for his fake wedding: A coffee maker, waffle iron, tea service, fondue pot, dish towels, silverware, cheese grater, mellonballer, andirons, china figurine, and chain valance.

    • Music From This Episode
      "Color My World" by Chicago (During the prison dance)
      "White Wedding" by Billy Idol (While Bart picks his fake gifts)

    • People who are handcuffed and waiting for the blacksmith:
      Laurel and Hardy
      A soldier and a hippie
      A cowboy and a Native American
      A nun and a prostitute
      The Sea Captain and a squid.

    • The voice of Kearney appeared in two different boys when Bart was in Juvie and neither were Kearney. First a kid with blonde hair in the yard, and then later in the dance hall in a bald kid.

    • Wiggum just got mauled by a bear, yet his clothes are not ripped at all, and his guts aren't spiling out, he has suffored no blood loss, and he isn't even in any pain (apparently

  • Quotes

    • Warden: You two will dance, and you will like it! Then you will have punch and you will drink it! Then your eyes will meet, and it will be awkward, so help me God!

    • Homer: It's not all your fault. All these years I've watched you turn our son into a time bomb and yet I did nothing. So in a way, I too am a victim. Of you!

    • Wiggum: Take a good hard look at the innocent love in your son's eyes because when he gets out of prison it'll be gone forever. He will have a great bod though, and a couple of those teardrop tattoos. Those are cool!

    • Kent: I am not chipping in on a birthday cake for that jackass Arnie Pie, let him eat... This is Kent Brockman, live at..

    • Lisa: His acting out was probably caused by negative reinforcement.
      Homer: Oh, I get it, blame the strangler! Hmph! ........ Hmph!........... Hmph!

    • [Upon looking upon the Simpson clan, and Gina, eating a huge 'Make Your Own Taco' Feast]
      Warden: (sigh) I guess I'll just be having another lonely night; eating leftovers, watching reruns of "Will & Grace" and crying myself to sleep.
      (The family looks around at each other)
      Marge: Uhhhhh, would you like to join us?
      Warden: Didn't you hear me? I have an evening planned!!!
      (Slams prison gate)

    • (Homer has a fantasy of Bart being led into a spaceship at gun point by aliens.)
      Alien: You shall marry my daughter, moon-Hilda!
      Hilda: I can't wait to lay ma eggs in his brain.
      (Back to reality)
      Homer: No son of mine is going to march down the aisle at the barrel of a ray gun!

    • Bart: Prison Girl!
      Gina: Smelly Boy!
      Bart: No Family!
      Gina: Family Guy!

    • Saleswoman: This is our little hooker line. All the girls your age are wearing it, except the freakishly unpopular.
      Lisa: But I'm 8 years old!
      Saleswoman: So is your look.

    • Homer: I believe that children are our future... unless we stop them now!

    • Gina: There's something I have to tell you guys.
      Lou: Alright, look, my fly is down 'cause it's broken, okay?
      Gina: No, it's something else.

    • Bart: Wait, do you even have parents?
      Gina: They're imaginary, like your brain.

    • Warden: The part of the brain that remembers dance steps is also the anger center. So, juveniles who know how to fox trot are 10% less likely to commit a double homicide.
      Prisoner: Who conducted this study?
      Warden: The Institute of Shut Your Fat Face!

    • Gina: I'm Gina. Touch my fence again and your puberty's gonna be very boring.

    • Mayor Quimby: If anyone asks, you're my niece from out of town.
      Wedding Guest: But I am your niece.
      Mayor Quimby: Good Lord! I'm an abomination!

    • Gina: There's no such thing as cootie insurance.
      Bart: Man, but State Farm took my money.

    • Chief Wiggum: What does it say on my badge? Cash Bribes Only!

    • Warden: You got the guard job!
      (He holds out a nightstick)
      Warden: This end's for whacking, this one's for holding.
      Homer: When does training start?
      Warden: It just ended.

  • Notes

    • Though John Frink & Don Payne wrote this episode together they were credited seperately in co executive producers.

    • This is the second time Chicago's "Colour my World" has been played in this show. The first was in Homer the Moe

    • Itchy & Scratchy: "The Battle of Slaughter-loo"
      Prior to the film proper, we see a notice that the film was edited for prison viewing. Itchy and Scratchy lead two armies against each other. As they run towards each other on the battlefield, they pull out bigger and better weapons. As they collide, the episode cuts to the mice celebrating victory.

    • This marks Sarah Michelle Gellar's first time on TV since the ending of Buffy last May.

    • Blackboard Joke: None.
      Couch Gag: A large undeveloped Polaroid picture drops onto the couch. As the photo develops the family begins to appear in their respective places on the couch.

  • Allusions

    • The Battle of Waterloo
      The Itchy & Scratchy episode, "Battle of Slaughter-loo," is a refference to the Battle of Waterloo, fought on 18 June 1815. This was Napoleon Bonaparte's last battle. His defeat put a final end to his rule as Emperor of the French.

    • :
      The picture Gina showed Bart with her pushing Snow White off the castle and the subtitle below saying, "It's a Fall World" is a take-off of one of the rides at Disney World, "It's a Small World".

    • Gina: Family Guy!

      One of Gina's names in the short name-calling moment refers to the campy, short-lived animated sitcom Family Guy about a fat, idiotic, Catholic man with a hardworking wife, a loser teenage daughter, a slow-witted son, an infant son who dreams of world domination and a dog with a drinking problem and high IQ.

      About a year after this episode aired, new episodes of Family Guy were produced and the series returned to the Fox Sunday line-up after the reruns met remarkable success on DVD and in reruns on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Since then, the two series have taken many good-natured potshots at each other, such as a "Treehouse of Horror" story featuring Homer making clones of himself - one of which being Peter Griffin, and a Family Guy episode in which Stewie runs Homer over in a parody of The Simpsons opening animation.

    • Snake: The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Criminals
      Snake's new book, "The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Criminals" (no doubt aimed at criminals looking to improve their "craft") spoofs the Franklin Covey book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" (for people wanting to improve their success in the workplace and all other facets of life).

    • :
      Comics Laurel and Hardy are among the people in line waiting to be freed from being chained to one another at the blacksmith's shop.

    • :
      Bart considers his wedding day prank his masterpiece, comparing it to the Beatle's masterpiece album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." The cover art on the "Sgt. Pepper" album has been used as an opening couch gag before.

    • Skinner: "The dishes Mother won on Let's Make a Deal are holding up nicely."
      Skinner's mother apparently was a contestant on Let's Make a Deal, the game show were costumed contestants vied to trade an item for possibly a prize or a worthless zonk. China and dinnerware (such as what Agnes Skinner won) were common prizes during the show's run.

    • :
      The episode title is a play on the Middle Ages tale, "The Wandering Jew." According to legend, the story's main character once offended the Son of God before the crucifixion. Jesus, upon learning of the Jew's comments (he goes by various names), curses him to roam the world alone for all enternity.

    • Chief Wiggum: Well, well, well, if it isn't Punch and Juvie!
      Punch and Judy are the main characters in the popular English puppet play. The plays are typically violent, with the two main characters (who are husband and wife) constantly fighting and end with Punch mortally harming his wife and other characters. He then stands trial for his actions, is convicted and sentenced to death; however, he usually escapes punishment.

    • :
      One of Cletus' wood carvings is the Pillsbury Dough Boy (hoo-hoo).

    • :
      The episode owes much of its plot to "The Definant Ones." The basic elements are identical to the classic 1958 film starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier:

      • Two inmates who absolutely despise each other break out of jail.
      • The two are chained together by a common pair of handcuffs.
      • Each of the escapees have distinctly different backgrounds and personalities.
      • The two must depend on one another while on the run from authorities.
      • The convicts come to respect one another as they continue their escape.
      • After they finally have the cuffs removed, both exclaim, "We're free!"

      "The Defiant Ones" was also the inspiration for the classic Warner Bros. film, "D' Fightin' Ones" (which starred Sylvester the Cat).

    • Sign on a wall: His Judgement Cometh and that Right Soon
      When Homer is interviewing for a job in the Warden's office, there is a sign on the wall containing the quote. This is the same quote as the hanging on the wall of Warden Norton's office in Shawshank Maximum Security Penitentiary.

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