The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 20

Whacking Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 1993 on FOX

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  • Weird episode (as i think quietly).

    This episode is why homer is an alcoholic.
    Because the only one to care for anything in the show is lisa.

    Note: Evil homer costume to any one that can answer the question. Who wins in homer's mind "good homer" or "evil homer".

    Evil homer costume only availiable in simpsons "hit and run" game.
  • Skinner finally expels bart

    for those of you who have not seen this episode, you may be wondering why i refer to the episode as silly. well, the title of the episode speaks for itself, a springfield holiday actually being a day where all springfieldians whack snakes. however, just because an episode is silly, there is no reason for it not to be funny with great scenes including homer driving into the garage a.k.a. classroom, almost hitting bart, twice and the tractor scene at the beginning. this episode may be extremely odd but it does have some great gags and scenes. i close by saying "Oh whacking day"
  • Want me to whack slow or fast!

    Springfield is a very odd town!

    How a special day for killing snakes evolved I'll never know. I know Bart gave a reason (excuse for beating up irish) but it still sounds completely ridiculous!

    I loved Homers obsession with it. I couldn't stop laughing when he was practising in the backyard with a bunch of fake wooden snakes.

    Of course sanity ruled in the end with most of the snakes lives spared after Barry White (not Larry!) attracted them with his music.

    A weird but still pretty good episode!
  • A little to goofy in parts, but still a classic.

    The people of Springfield are getting ready for Whacking Day, an annual event where people chase down and beat snakes to death with sticks. Homer is very excited, so much so that he's actual quite nimble and in shape as he trains for the upcoming festivities.

    Meanwhile, Bart has been expelled from school for a prank that injures Superintendant Chalmers. Bart is home-schooled by Marge and it is during his schooling he and Lisa learn Whacking Day is a sham and was originally organized to beat up on the Irish.

    The day comes and the snake hunt is on. Bart and Lisa learn snakes are attracted by sounds and use their stereo and Barry White's vocals to bring all the snakes into the house for safety. The kids convince the townspeople Whacking Day is bad and the snakes are set free.
  • Whacking day. An excuse to beat up the Irish

    I'm part Irish, and I take no offence to that. In fact, this is my 7th favourite episode of The Simpsons. Whacking snakes, Barry White, Bart expelled, and an excuse to beat up the Irish. I would love to see newer episodes tailored after all of the episodes of Season 4. Ah Well.
  • Barry White was an amazing guest star, but the whole plot of the storyline was a little unbelievable. I mean Bart learning are you nuts or a day to Whack snakes?? Come on.

    Everyone in Springfield is excited for Whacking Day, but as the holiday approaches, Lisa condemns it as violent. Whacking Day is a decade-long tradition which calls for the townspeople to beat snakes to death with sticks. Lisa decides to save the snakes with the help of Whacking Day's honorary MC, Barry White, who uses his sonorous bass vocal style to lure the snakes to safety, where no one can whack them Guest star: Barry White as himself

    Barry White was an amazing guest star, but the whole plot of the storyline was a little unbelievable. I mean Bart learning are you nuts or a day to Whack snakes?? Come on
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons its the anual waking day that takes place everyyear they go around and wack and kill the snakes around sprinfield. and lisa is tired of this happening so she wantes to do something about it . and bart is kicked out of school because of a sprank he did and marge has to home shcool him. and so bart decides to help lisa and they get the voice of barry white he gusses stars in this show and he sings and the ground shaking gets the snakes to go in the simpsons house and they dont die this was a good ep
  • perfect


    what i liked- Barry White's appearance and him helping Bart and Lisa, "Gentleman, start your whacking!", "Evil homer" scene, "They should call this book Johnny Deformed", the plot as a whole is really nice, the ending, Skinner tricking Bart, Nelson and the bullies in a closet, "Keep stuffing your shirt with dirt till i get back", etc.

    good episode written by my favorite writer of the simpsons, John Swartzwelder. has a lot of funny moments and a good plot. A+

  • The first act seemed a little pointless but it was altogether a fun outing and will be fun for years to come

    The premise is actually very good. It comes from an old short story called " The Lottery". In the story, everyone gathers around the town square for a lottery drawing, and the winner of the drawing is pummeled to death by theory is why continue to perform a ridiculous ritual just for the sake of tradition. The problem with Whacking Day was in the execution and possibly that using snakes lessened the impact of the story. The episode wasn't bad but it was a little dull and besides the " I am evil Homer line it did find the episode to be very funny